Happy 2016 everyone!
It’s about time for an update on wiggles and how she has been getting on since her arrival late last year.

Firstly we have noticed wiggles is very much a ladies dog and prefers time spent with females I only bring up this point as all past beloved pooches have been by my side so it’s a bit of a change but I don’t mind as I can stretch my legs and do more now.

We were hoping to have some nice shoots of wiggles in and about our local city but the weather has put heed to that for now.
Wiggles will be starting her training soon I have taught her the command Sit but as she needs toilet training due to her past in a kennel (I won’t get into her habits) she will need to see an expert or a trainer at least and that’s where s friend of mine comes in.

I’m lucky to know many doggy folk and have a matey whom will see what he can do with wiggles and if I can get her to sit using a bit of chicken I think I would bet against the old thrase and go against you cannot teach an old dog new tricks but we will see.

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Wiggles is very much a early morning dog and as you can see by the pictures she really puts it on me when Debbie goes ou., It’s funny how dogs can have you wrapped round thier little furry paws isn’t it.

I do my best to entertain her and it works for a while but I am forgotten about when the Missis comes home she goes wild and is so happy to see her.

Everything is A ok with wiggles she’s had a vets check up and all is well we just need to get her out and about.Bring on the better weather…