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Life after discharge

Life after discharge

Hi there readers as usual I wish you well, I’d like to talk today not about collecting but a article on mental Health and more directly life after discharge, what happens when your discharged and how you can help yourselves.

Like with your own relatives and friends you strike up relationships but just more clinical with the staff looking after your care plan and that dreaded appointment where discharge back to your dr feels like you just lost your life as you know it.

life after discharge can be Harrowing

NICE Guidance for mental Health now in the U.K. is short term intervention I myself spent nearly two decades under the watchful eye of the East Brighton Mental Health Team so I too was in despair when I got my marching orders.
My discharge was abrupt and was appealed but under these guidelines there’s nothing more A psychiatrist or a psychologist can help me with and I will be seeking intervention privately just for a course of CBT.

Life after discharge it’s not the end

IT CAN BE THE BEGINNING it’s true even though the hurt from the emotional detachment is a really hard process I can promise if you were discharged with all normal factors there is life out there or even in each of your own minds.
I do have my collection to keep myself distracted that’s true but do not forget I’ve only been bulldogging for a decade I’ve been with mental health diagnoses and my own hell for much longer now and have had first had experience.

Life after discharge a new start

Once your back to your drs and it’s raw I do believe you can ask for counselling especially if you don’t get any after care / Community support, once the Bereavement (that’s how some can feel) you can then start to pick up your own pieces.
Everyone is different due to individual circumstances And everywhere is different to but help through the dr could see you getting more psychiatric support but community based and even better social interaction which for me was very important.

Life after discharge life goes on

Two years ago I was in bits I definitely had deep depression and suicidal ideology, a destructive fall back option and now I’m doing ok every day is a challenge but from then till now there’s been a change in my self some days are rainy others sunny if you get my point.
I’m now involved in the art group facilitated by Brighton museum my art skills are crap but due to being articulate I am the voice of those in the group that don’t feel that they can speak I also help there on a Friday in the role of a volunteer.

Life after discharge you can do this ✊

Where do I start ? It’s your journey and only you can follow its path just see it as a story which has the three main parts the start (discharge, useless feelings emotionally confused and scared) a middle part (seeking help away from discharge, learn to be you again, engaged community support, things you want to do) the end part (the end result is how you pull yourself through to hopefully contentment and happiness.
There Will be those that wish to contest the decisions about their mental health care made and there’s many ways to complain “believe me I’ve done so” but most cases or appeals are lost and you cannot get the service back till you lapse that’s short term intervention.

Katie from agreed “It can be a difficult time following discharge, but making the most of the resources available to you and talking to people can make a massive difference to how you feel.”

Life after discharge why I wrote this

Why did I write this ? well that’s easy I’ve just lost my case through my own mp my discharge was disgustingly abrupt and discharged due to human error, this institution is so big when it’s minds made up that’s it even if they are in the wrong.
So I lived in false hope and do not want you too, don’t waste your life away from clinical help fighting it but embrace who you are, holding grudges and bad thoughts towards people have just eaten me up and I learned to move on which I’m hoping this can help others too.

Need to talk about your discharge

The mental health campaigns like heads together headed up by the young HRHs is doing amazing things but this does not reach you or I even when tried on twitter I had no response so not everyone wants to chat about this or stigma is still quite high.
Have you been discharged recently or in dispute with your team no matter the stage feel free to get in contact my email is on the website and I’ll happily chat with you either about what your going though, what I went through and or ideas on where to go next.
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