Been up to much lately!

Hi there readers and followers of I hope your all safe and well wherever your reading this from.

After gaining my MUSEUM listing I’ve been none stop promoting and trying my hardest to get more interest to collectibulldogs and it’s new status. I will be getting back to aquiring new pieces once I feel there’s a big enough following to ease up on the promoting and it doesn’t help when the new web Designer is pulling a sticky sickie lol, this means I cannot add new pieces acquired for you folks to see until it’s finished and yep it’s annoying but there’s not much I can do.

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Catch the birdie

Im so greatful for all my followers from Facebook and the support shown by tonnes of folks on there and now twitter has to be the next logical step! This is one format I think will be frustrating at first and one I will need support with. Twitter is a fast paced format and unlike Facebook where a post gets seen by lots in a group for example, but on twitter unless you have a great following and folks willing to retweet your posts your kind of stuck but if done right there’s a chance of building up a great following and most of my time at the moment is spent retweeting for others hoping to gain followers connections and contacts. If your a twitterer please could you follow us and show some support my names in my profile it’s @aveashdown44 Thank you 👍

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Cane Creativity

This little of project of mine has taken me ages to make and should of only took one day, due to my sleep pattern reversing I’m waking up at silly hours early in the mornings so doing DIY has been hard it’s not easy trying to silence a hammer blow at 3 am lol.

When I bought the antique cane it was stripped of its bling (before I obtained it) so I thought as it’s so nice I’d make a stand to display it and showcase it better than just putting it into a cane or umbrella holder.

Believe it or not I had paid no money towards this and found all the pieces I needed around the house, my wife is forever throwing out bits n bobs I’ve obtained and just stuck away somewhere but she failed to find these pieces which is great news as it all fits to make what looks like quite a good hand made cane holder but I leave that opinion upto those that see it.

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Museum motivation

With the chance to exhibit at Brighton museum sometime next year its given me food for thought as on how best to display what I have and what installation to go with, I do not think all my pieces will get used so I’m hoping I get some more information soon about this venture so that I know I have the right pieces I also need more info so that I can get all my paperwork in order etc.

I think I’m just being impatient with a hint of over excitement and they say good things come to those whom wait so I will just have to be more patient same goes with the new website.

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Come and guest with us

As we all know sharing is caring and collectibulldogs not only shares its collection Free to all whom wish to see it but we welcome guests to come and blog too, it doesn’t matter if you have a website a base of operations or any media links we are helpful and can help direct anyone to write a blog and send it through and we will do the rest and then you can sit back and enjoy the notion that others from around the world are enjoying your collection and grateful for anyone that wishes to share theirs bulldogs or otherwise.

If you are blogging regularly and have a link feel free to come and blog we are happy to share our traffic and also happy to have a diverse archive for readers that are yet to connect with the website. has had a few blog reviews and I’m happy to say each reviewer has been quite kind with their critic and all mention the same thing which is look up your keywords and get stronger backlinks from your blog!!!

I know nothing of what they mean I just write what I think or am talking about and that’s it and I reassure myself that I’ve only been blogging for a year with lots of time for improvement and understanding…

Breaking Brighton!!

The city by the sea such a beautiful place very diverse wonderful people it really is a city to fall in love with, With such accolades that I feel towards where I live why doesn’t collectibulldogs get the local support I think it deserves, my posts in some local groups are deleted or not even put through and folks do not understand that museum status means it will one day belong to the public with my daughter being it’s conduit. Even local news outlets are saying the same which is come back to us when you sell your collection because that would be more news worthy.

Im not sure how I can gain the support of locals here in Brighton maybe it’s just not a bulldog kind of city either that or my collection isn’t worth thinking about sad really because other than the new i360 making the news for breaking down there’s not much else going on and with the state of the mental health services being dire here you would think they would love to hear about a success story but that’s just my own opinion.

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I’m confident that with time and some support from my museum mentor more and more local people will find collectibulldogs and it’s very local connection plus I have next years exhibition for folks to see so I’m sure my rants about not getting any notice will be short lived.


Other than trying to raise the collections profile and blogging my hands are pretty much tied now till the new website gets launched, this isn’t easy when your waking up at 1am in the morning and half the world 🌎 is asleep but I will persevere hopefully some folks will come forward to guest blog or contact me if you want a guest blog done.

Please feel free to come join me on twitter and help get my posts seen more and also please feel free to use the share me icons that way you can easily share my blogs or pages straight to the other formats we may be in thank you. Till next time folks stay safe and happy collecting.

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