Oh look my little brothers coming

Oh look my little brothers coming


Today was the day that I witnessed my first ever bulldog meet/ walk, this meet up is in Lewis and run by Angie Sherwood walker Official BDR Fundraiser and Melita Brett Volunteer for BDR, Home vetter, and a breed shower phew!!! (and of course their man folk) whom were there to help set up and run the raffle and tea table. It has been a beautiful day and the turn out considering some couldn’t make the walk was amazing. I’ve never seen so many wonderful bulldogs all in one place before I mean i see them all the time on face book groups but to be out and about amongst all these cuties was so cool I had trouble trying to hold in a brimming smile.

I knew some of the folks that turned up which helped with the initial anxiety that goes with meeting new people for the first time, I knew helene as we had met before but hadn’t met any of her bulldogs so that was nice and Simon and princess winter were there but alas no Olaf, I was hoping to meet Simons show dog as I’ve been following he’s journey in the ring and totally adore he’s bulldog. It was nice to eventually meet princess I have been advertising her services on the website for a while now and only just got round to meeting Simons wife, princess does doggy grooming microchipping and overall fantastic pet care her details are on the links page but if you wish to see her group or contact then here’s a link you can use as a short cut.

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Getting to speak to people proved awkward as wiggles did not really enjoy herself (bless) and I was needed to keep her company but I managed to say hi to a few owners, and I do not want to come across as brash but it was nice to see my donations being raffled and going off to new homes with much needed money raised for a wonderful cause. I thought as its a bulldog walk and about the bulldogs I’d try and get every bulldogs name whom arrived and I was choked when one couple said their bulldog was called missy (missys owners I hope I spelt name right) as our boxer before scruffy had the same name which brought back old memories.

Ok so to thank the bulldogs for making this walk possible let’s start with missy, then there’s Lilly, Georgie, Freddie, Frank, Marilyn, Jessie, Faith, Taylor, Sherman, Tank, Diego, Lexi, Bullseye, Red, Fletcher, Winston, William & Clyde.

If I missed your bulldog out I do apologise many of you would not of known whom I was and most properly thinking who’s this chap going round asking weird questions about our bulldogs but as I get to know folks better I hope to do more blog and help the walk with the social media skills I’ve utilised.

Thank you to those that took my card I hope you do check on the website and see what I’ve been up-to in the name of the bulldog breed.

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The pictures I took do not do the afternoons sight justice, there were bulldogs of all sizes everywhere, from the cute little puppies right up to the young and not so young big lads, bounding around butt sniffing and playful natures were the order of the day.

Wiggles did partake for a little while but the commotion and all the dogs playing was too much so we had sit out with her but I’m hopeful with the help of the folks at the walk we may be able to integrate her with the others, without fear of any upsets in the future.

Myself and the girls wish to thank everyone for letting us come and join in the bulldog fan and antics and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

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Angie and Melita

Both the ladies Angie and Melita wish to thank you all for coming for your generous tea and coffee donations and of course the great amount you raised for BDR this month and I would like to add by saying, I wish to thank the ladies on behalf of the walk not just for the responsibility of taking this event on once a month, but for getting this stubborn blogger out for some much needed air.

I normally finish my blogs by saying happy collecting but I think today I will just say WHAT A DAY!