Belt Buckles

Their origin can be traced back to the Roman Era. The Roman soldiers were the first to embrace their use. They were worn on a strap across their chest.

As they wore tunics not trousers, and were called buckle plates. So the military became the early users of the buckle. They continued to evolve and about the 1920s the gentry used them in a more decorative way and the embellishments became more and more elaborate, animals were often depicted in mortal combat.

These were imported by many Germanic peopl , and were predominately made of Bronze, Brass, Iron and Silver.

Below is a sample of the belt buckles we have.

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The silver lent it to its easy malleability and strength. The beautifull shine and polish.

BULLDOGS have found their way on to buckles and many magnificent varieties can be found. A search on Ebay or any of the auction houses will reveal some worth collecting.
Search by categories as the variety is endless. Some can be named belt buckles, shoe buckles, horse leathers etc. Remember to specify bulldogs.

BULLDOGS, polished and mounted they make a wonderful display. The embossing of the Bulldog on many are truly magnificent.