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Wiggles finally settled, blogging prayers heard

wiggles and her first full year

Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well I myself is poorly ATM with a chest condition so instead of going indepth about collectibles I thought I would write about wiggles, I want to show commitment but as I’m left handed and the problem I have is the same side I cannot really go streaming all day or have the mental strength to put to much together.

As stated wiggles arrived a year ago last December so she’s been here nearly 14

Out and about with wiggles off the lead

Out and about with wiggles off the lead

months with us and things we’re not as easy as life is with her these days and I believe she’s had so much to contend with she’s finally settling down properly. From operations to snappy attitudes she’s come along way since with some noticeable changes.

Wiggles and her achievements

when wiggles first arrived and until a few months ago her quirkiness was one of a confused bulldog sometimes cute and sometimes sinister with my face being her target on occasion, this was when giving her her kisses we learned after she doesn’t like surprise encounters so we learned to take things slower now indicating firstly before showing attention.

Wiggles biggest achievement in my eyes is her quick tolerable attitude towards

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

A mutual peace of sorts

A mutual peace of sorts

Bonnie our daughters cat, when she first arrived she hated the cat and scratched up our flooring with her claws and leg muscle trying to catch that cat, as you can see both animals are ok now together, it’s not love yet but you never know one day the cat may get to rub up like cats do to dogs they grow up with.

Sitting and no2s were we fools

The two main social problems we wanted to deal with was wiggles going to the loo and the Command SIT! in which we had no luck with either, she wouldn’t sit and her routine again was damaging the flooring. Then not so long ago both of these problems were over come I managed to get her to sit for me (funny because Debbie is still trying) lol.

The other problem with the wee wee problem was overcome by the bulldogs own lazy trade mark it was staring us in the face the whole time, if Wiggles has her night time wee outside and then allowed to sleep on the bed she would get so comfy that she would wait till the morning for her next wee instead of 2am trips to the puppy pads.

The bed idea proving wiggles is settled

If we go back to when we first let Wiggles on the bed with us she was snappy and very defensive when awoke or if we moved in our sleep we believed this to be some kind of problem as Wiggles would realise where she was and stop the aggression, this was quite scary at first a new dog (big too) on your bed inches away and you do not know the back ground but it was to work out amazingly well.

To get here you have to become a good bulldog

To get here you have to become a good bulldog

Bedtime routine is now part of wiggles everyday life that’s not to say you won’t catch her in the front room snoring away during the day she even wants to spend time with myself if I’m resting and Debbie is out.  Wiggles now gets lifted up each eve where she has a routine of washing us then goes and finds her spot for the night or at least for 10 mins before turning around to another position.


This routine is a sign of change but where I think I’ve noticed the changes is I can now stroke her while she’s asleep and she will not even flinch if anything the more love she gets the better (obvious yet unachievable till now) and the only trade off to this minor miracle is myself or Debbie awaking with sore knees as her tripled weighted head has been using as a pillow all night.

Shes protective of the house now if the door goes or the buzzer she’s straight up alert and barking away so that tells me this is a sense that she feels this is her home now for good.

just in, Debbie’s view on wiggles first year

Wiggles first year has been varied in different ways.when she first came she was introduced to the sofa.She loved the comfiness off the sofa as she had spent the last few years on a hard bed in an outside kennel.
She had never come across stairs either and found them tricky at first,but soon got used to them.

Wiggles was very jumpy in her sleep when she first came to us,you couldn’t stroke her when she was asleep as she would go for you.It got to the point that me just

My face my sofa

My face my sofa

sitting next her when she was asleep would make her jumpy.So I had to move away from her as I did think she would go for me.Now though she is fine,you can stroke her loads when she is asleep.

She wasn’t good with commands and has only just learnt the sit command,but she tends to do that for sausages.
Wiggles never used to like resting her head on anything when she was asleep.Now her head has to be resting on my legs.If I move my legs over to try and have a break,she will slide her whole body over to get her chin back on my leg.Sometimes it can get uncomfortable for long periods.

Wiggles had never come across a cat before coming to us,so when our daughters cat first appeared she did try to go for it.Wiggles is territorial of my space when the cat is around.If the cat comes near me,she will try to get her.
She does not like her rear end being sniffed by other dogs,she will go for them if they do that.She generally didn’t like other dogs coming near her,from behind.She is fine now with other dogs as long as she can sniff them first.

Such a cutie

Such a cutie


Wiggles loves her strokes and will constantly paw at you to stroke her chest,this has only been a new thing she has done for the last few months.
She has found the luxury of the bed very comfy,and will bark at you to tell you she wants to get up on there.
If she has an itch she likes to rub her face against the sofa.
So as you can see the her first year has been different in many ways.

Blogging help and prayers answered

if you don’t know or not into blogging a great way to gain interest for your venture is to appear on other sites and for other bloggers to come and tempt you guys to read their blogs it’s an age old trading tradition between bloggers well it’s been around since blogging began. Firstly thank you to Allen and he’s website From the dogs paw I met him on linked-in and for such a high spec doggie website I was surprised he even asked, I’ve written a draft copy and hope it’s good enough to get

Empathy and compassion ooze from this site

Empathy and compassion ooze from this site

published and even better if my style is liked and I’m asked back.

My Heroine Donna Curtis from the Boston terrier rescue network (which is now forever in our links page) and a brilliant website as well as cause came to my rescue and surprised me with this attempt blog at trying to get a group going or even some interest towards bloggers to come and guest or vice versa.

I hope it has some kind of impact you can see that here Blogging shout out Donna has kindly done this because they as a team believe in Collectibulldogs and for that we are forever grateful and the world needs many more people like Donna that prefer assistance and understanding over greed and want.

Boston Terrier rescue network a great cause

I do attempt to reach out there’s been many an evening where I go trawling websites that could be relatable and my problems are either websites that are overwealming to folks like myself and if I do get to the contact part the anxiety starts and my message just becomes a blabbed essay which I doubt I would want to get myself let alone send.

I am hoping with time that Collectibulldogs has its own great blogging richness with views coming from far and wide and like many people have stated I just need to be patient and things will fall into place eventually.


Thank you so far for my views I cannot go without showing what could be one of the first ever lazer printed bulldog and it’s original counterpart

The original and laser version

The original and laser version

I wont insult you by asking you to guess and as you can see the laser is great at its job of re creating the shape its only problem is it doesn’t pick up the patina the tiny hair like look isn’t seen on the laser reprinted version.

Thanks and wiggle on folks

The reproduction is  courtesy of Brighton museum and I’m also hoping they are taking me up and reblogging my article on museums and mental health, I’m hoping for practical blogging help soon and I think I maybe able to start adding videos soon and give the blog a new look with some of the pictures being clips of pieces in their  entirety.

If those with media accounts like Reddit Digg or others like BlogLovn could you please think and where possible find a home for some of my pages that would be great I think some are relivant and interesting yet posting myself is classed as self promotion.

Its not easy on some formats and now when even posting pictures the anxiety is palpable yet I will persevere as I know some just troll for the fun of it others don’t get what’s going on here or the actual achievement I have made and some are just naive but on the whole most are very nice indeed loving wiggles and guiding me on.

Thank you again to those supporting from around the world Collectibulldogs cannot achieve its goals without you folks and the kind things some are doing to help us grow, please feel free to contact me if you want to blog here  Until next time folks happy collecting.

Our furoms need you



Finally Some Sun!


25th Feb 2026

FINALLY YAY!!! We have some sunshine here in the south of England it’s a bit nippy but still nice enough to venture out, I went to art group today and Wiggles and debs came and met me after.

Debbie loves going out out with Wiggles as she gets so much attention due to her cuteness our only problem is having forgotten to take any Collectibulldogs cards out to give to other bulldog owners we meet when stroking wiggles.

I think wiggles is very photogenic and has a natural show pose as you can see while standing for debs in the gardens of the Royal pavilion.

Lets hope the weather stays as is or gets better so we can show wiggles off in other parts of town and show other parts of town to wiggles.



Full recovery!

Great news full recovery

Wiggles is back to her sofa humping self again folks we have to stop her when we can as it may rub her stitches but it shows her energy levels have inproved ever so quickly and the vet said and I quote Wiggles is one of the healthiest bulldogs she’s ever treated under the sleep.

Wiggles will need 6 monthly check ups now she’s one tough bulldog X



Hi there folks and any followers of our rescue wiggles,unfortunately wiggles has become poorly she contracted an ovary infection and had to have a small operation.

Wiggles is home now resting up with Debbie and the family and should be back to her licky wiggly self in a few days or so.

It was not an easy thing to spot as she was acting normal but I had a feeling something was wrong and any bullie owner that knows their dog well would pick up on small differences in behaviour.

Im hoping wiggles will back at work soon to help me with my 50th blog.

11 Jan 2016

11 Jan 2016

As stated Wiggles prefers the company of females over males she does love me and plays a lot with me and lots of kisses are thrown to and throw but When the wife goes out I do my best to keep her entertained and this works for a little while and then she goes all quite till the Missis comes back.

I do not mind the switch around and I believe it’s for the better she puts a smile on the wife’s face every day so that’s good enough for me.

I do not think there are separation issues afoot here I just think there were more females around at her last home or previous homes, Wiggles is so loving and goes crazy when I say her name but she does have some bad habits we are changing like eating midnight meals (now regular bowl times) and the other bad habit has to be the times she wishes to have attention or play.

I’m all up for playing but not during the night I really need my sleep and so does she. The weather seems to be turning now so more daily excersise may knacker her energy (and mine) and then it’s a good nights sleep all round.

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 everyone!
It’s about time for an update on wiggles and how she has been getting on since her arrival late last year.

Firstly we have noticed wiggles is very much a ladies dog and prefers time spent with females I only bring up this point as all past beloved pooches have been by my side so it’s a bit of a change but I don’t mind as I can stretch my legs and do more now.

We were hoping to have some nice shoots of wiggles in and about our local city but the weather has put heed to that for now.
Wiggles will be starting her training soon I have taught her the command Sit but as she needs toilet training due to her past in a kennel (I won’t get into her habits) she will need to see an expert or a trainer at least and that’s where s friend of mine comes in.

I’m lucky to know many doggy folk and have a matey whom will see what he can do with wiggles and if I can get her to sit using a bit of chicken I think I would bet against the old thrase and go against you cannot teach an old dog new tricks but we will see.

Wiggles is very much a early morning dog and as you can see by the pictures she really puts it on me when Debbie goes ou., It’s funny how dogs can have you wrapped round thier little furry paws isn’t it.

I do my best to entertain her and it works for a while but I am forgotten about when the Missis comes home she goes wild and is so happy to see her.

Everything is A ok with wiggles she’s had a vets check up and all is well we just need to get her out and about.Bring on the better weather…

14th December – Squirrels?

14 Dec

The weather has hampered any ideas of getting out and about today so (wiggles) and I pinched the Christmas nuts and went up the park to feed the squirrels.

Before feeding the squirrels I let wiggles of to see if she wanted to stretch her legs but she stayed by my side, maybe she’s unsure of the surroundings or typically lazy not wanting to exert any energy.

Wiggles seems to of settled into a routine and she enjoys her walks it’s just funny watching the wife trying to urge her off the sofa.

12th December – sleepy weekend

Sat 12 Dec

Due to the really bad weather we have not really done too much with Delilah we have been to a couple of places for excersise but not as much as we would like.

I have got a nick name for Delilah now and that is WIGGLES it’s very popular at making you popular with your dog, I’m not sure why but when I say it repeatedly Wiggles goes mad wanting a big fuss made of her.

We have ventured to the park where wiggles likes to watch the squirrels and into town where we have given out a few cards for the website I’m new at it so a little anxious.

We would like to say a big thank you to wiggles old owner for letting us have her there’s nothing quite like her little head snorting at us in the mornings, We just wished it was not at half four…

9th December – promoting walkies

9th December

Today we went out to promote the website locally I am building a good name for myself online but I do not think many local persons has heard of

Thank you to the pet shops that let me put some cards on the side I also offered to do a blog on a cafe near here where you can take the dogs inside and there is also an antiques area down stairs, Delilah was popular whilst out and about with many folk giving her a stroke and maybe she’s a little chubby as most that said hello thought her to be a male.

If you are local follow collectibulldogs feel free to walk over and say hi Delilah needs the socialising and to be honest I need the excersise.

8th December Walkies!

8th December

Yesterday was Delilahs first proper walkies and it is the first dog we have had that walks to heel without being prompted and has a proud bounce in her stride.

As we do not know her limitations it was just a short walk but Delilah enjoyed the walk and also the wildlife at the park intrigued her and she spent time just staring at what a squirrel was upto.

I think her next walk should be in town where we can show her off…

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