I do not wish to lose my best friend

I do not wish to lose my best friend

I do not wish to lose my best friend

Hi readers new and regular, it’s taken all day to compose myself I do not wish to lose my best friend it’s that simple ! Wiggles had her check up yesterday, we took her back after I noticed a lump, she was on bedrest with social interactions before hand hoping there would be some change.


Her Knuckling started ages ago she would fly of anything she is laying on when the buzzer / front door is pressed and I for one am very angry with our neighbours as our buzzer is none stop I Nick Named it The DoorBell from Hell


So Down the stairs again but this time with more empathy I found carrying wiggles easier plus it felt like she has lost some weight, this was asked for by the vet in case she needs to go under anaesthetic which she now does,


We were not expecting the news that wiggles may have bone cancer in her shoulder we thought at most she may of dislocated it whilst un watched but the vet used a needle to check for puss there was none, our world feels like it’s crashing down around us with Debbies parents illnesses we were not expecting this at all.



I do not wish to lose my best friend


BPD or borderline personality disorder is what I fear second to losing wiggles I tried to go when my last dog did I’m not sure if it’s my disorder or I just prefer dogs to most humans and feel suicidal when this happens I do not wish to lose my best friend no one does.


I had a full blown panic attack at the vets the combination of the news seeing blood and not being able to control my emotions set me off, I was left to compose myself before we booked wiggles in for next Tuesday the anaesthetic is risky at her age but it’s needed to get a look at the shoulder.


The vet did give us options and scenarios depending on the X Ray results but I cannot remember he’s face now let alone what he told us (so glad my wife was there) to listen and write down what was needed, I cannot handle places of high empathy it’s why I’m trying to help Brighton’s homeless this year as it’s a trigger to those with BPD or even just high empathy or nice folk.


I live on one of Brighton’s most famous streets and I know less than two hundred yards away three or four homeless people will now (12-49am) either asleep or defending themselves from drunken idiots just like that fool in the news just lately.

I do not wish to lose my best friend


anyway let’s get back to I do not wish to lose my best friend, wiggles is now on tramodol for any high density pain and antibiotics to try and help with any swelling, until next Tuesday Wiggles will get treated like a queen 👑 I’ve already boosted her chow with fresh meat 🍖 (cooked) fish 🐠 and veggies too.


Less time on social media and more time with wiggles (I was not to know) and if we were truthful wiggles did take to debs on arrival and has gone for my face on three occasions with me being very lucky 🍀 indeed yet I’m the tech geek so created wiggles into a social media minor celeb.


I wont lie writing I do not wish to lose my best friend ✍️ has bought a few tears 😭 but I know she’s loved across the world 🌍 and all those that show real love for a bulldog theve never met whom cannot talk but has made such a stamp on people’s hearts ♥️ Collectibulldogs on twitter was dismal I put wiggles up and within 3 three yrs I went from 256 followers to a whooping 209k and still growing.


My CPN is on high alert 🚨 for next week I’m honest about my illness so in saying that my wife has taken all sharps away all my medicines and even asked someone to take my tool box, if it’s bad news there’s a small chance of inpatient admission I’m hoping to have more self control say this and still end up going down hill.


Keeping people posted

I do not wish to lose my best friend

Look at that face not fair I hate the world sometimes I really do

It’s a week away so I’m going to spend some quality time with Wiggles I have had a reverse sleep issue just lately but I’ll happily stay awake for a few days watching her helping and supporting her from eating to number ones and number twos.


Bad news means the next article maybe delayed I mean have you tried doing anything constructive grief stricken it’s not easy, I will of course get an article out at some point if it’s bad news IF and it’s a big IF she’s able to be saved then I’d never complain again about anything as I do not wish to lose my best friend and star 🌟


im just glad I got to adopt such a beautiful loving creature whom came with issues that we’ve overcome this time age Is not on her side even thoughts of a three legged wiggles is far from my thoughts please send love prayers (not money) and any kind of hope I’m of the OCD magical thinking type so believe in more things than you may think.


Surely theres enough love 💖 out there that if channeled this way could do good or am I living in my own world again, I have the funds now to complete my test and get on the road I was asked by both my wife and CPN to put this on hold until we know what’s what and when we do I’ll let you all know. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT BECOME A PART OF WIGGLES LIFE Check it out Twitter loves Wiggles is just one article showing the ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ For this super cute bulldog.

How is wiggles “bulldog extraordinaire” Doing


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