Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star

Wiggles you star

You star wiggles Look at that face not fair I hate the world sometimes I really do


Hi readers Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star has taken me over a month to even think about writing, on the 26th March wiggles had an X ray she previously had knuckling to the front paw, under  veterinary advisement and medication I nursed wiggles for nearly a year


The day wiggles went was peaceful she was already asleep ( for the X ray) when we got the phone call, actually debbie my wife took the call and took a few hours to tell me I knew anyway that it wouldn’t be good news but still broke down.

I’ll be playing running free when you wish to come join me

We let her go whilst under anaesthetic it would of not been fair to bring her round say good bye and then put her to sleep, wiggles had developed aggressive bone cancer in her shoulder and as she had womb cancer previously the vet suggested it may be hereditary or just unlucky as wiggles could of lasted longer due to her amazing breathing.


Thank you to every one thats shown support and most on here will of only just found out the Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star has been like those phone calls or emails you put off only to find it more intense but I have been in no state to blog.

Wiggles you star

A nice memory Wiggles having mum time




After speaking with a Facebook member I’d like to clear something up regarding an article I wrote I do not wish to lose my best friend

in this blog I express the fact due to the disorders I deal with daily safety measures were put in place I suffer from psychosis when a trigger happens, for this i was called self indulged WELL IF YOU THINK THIS YOUR NIAVE TO MENTAL ILLNESS and this website is definitely not for you.


Physically and emotionally broken I can fix the emotional part but with two fractured ribs and a left knee that may need surgery now due to constantly lifting wiggles and near falls with her using my legs to stop any falls I think the only indulge meant that went on was the bank balance at the vets so shame on those that thought anything other than here’s a fella a bit messed up and he’s dogs Ill #SomePeopleAreJustSick

Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star

Wiggles the star

We love you super star sweet bulldog wiggles


Firstly I’m sorry it’s taken this long to write this and I apologise for the paragraph above I was not going to muddy The wiggles bulldog memorial page so waited to express this on here, some people just do not care about whom they hurt just as long as their 💩 keeps flowing it’s not want you want to hear as your watching your best friend dying and you trying your hardest.



As you can see above I’ve created a memorial page I created this before I wrote Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star not out of any kind of secret way of palming this off but as I created the page I need Sean my host to sort out any issues and add a wall paper I’m thinking rainbows 🌈.

Wiggles the star

My life here was a wonderful one ☝️


It has not got any easier since our wiggles went as a family we cried (together on more than one occasion) and I still see wiggles in dreams flashbacks and memories too, the shallow minded will think she was just used to better the website even though views have dropped considerably since we changed host, I’ll say wiggles made herself a star people are not silly they know behind a picture of any dog and caption is a human (if you find any animal that can social media themselves AMAZING LOL.

We love you wiggles forever in our hearts


Wiggles became a star on and offline, before she was ill our walks would be long she made friends with some folk and furry friends and was arrogant to others that was just how Wiggles was, she didn’t want to play with toys or run about wiggles was after comfort, a few weeks after DFS delivered two sofas totalling just over two thousand pounds wiggles took one for herself lol.


Loved around the world wiggles was mourned !

Wiggles the star



I have asked people that loved wiggles to say something to add to her page which has started and we were gobsmacked by the inpouring of love when wiggles passed Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star was not even a thought at the time the hurt was unbearable and we had to share our sad news with some people just to let it out



I’m not exaggerating if I say if you can think of a country there’s at least one person from that country that wiggles engaged with, when the news broke it was  surreal and No one want to believe it true, sadly it is but we are touched by the love shown to wiggles in the time we had with her.


Wiggles now a force for good



i will not lie when I say wiggles/ myself have been torn to pieces on social media formats I’ve blocked more accounts then I care to remember and then I found @moshiesmum a lady called Wynne, this lady is a heavy animal advocate and a bit like an animals online hero.



When wynne first heard a bulldog page was being trolled i do not think she thought it true (who picks on animals) this was until I showed her a couple of reaction posts which got her rather red faced Wynne is quite the influence so now because of this any trolling to the @collectibulldog page will be met with a crew of good people ready to give these monsters as good as they get.

We love you wiggles

The wiggles bulldog memorial page

Wiggles the star








We do not have any paintings of wiggles and wanted one for her memorial page we didn’t expect the worst to happen so had not gotten round to getting one done, we found this brilliant artist called Emma on Twitter and after striking up a  Conversation we started talking about wiggles and the lack of any art and 24 hours later this amazing piece appeared.


We did want to get the original Emma’s prices are very reasonable but we felt we didn’t want anyone making money off Wiggles passing and we are to proud to ask if it could be donated, we are in talks with Emma about her joining the Collectibulldogs team but until then THANK YOU EMMA and I urge you to go see EMMAS ARTWORK BE AMAZED BY THIS PAINTER GRAPHIC ARTIST AND LOVELY LADY WITH A FANTASTIC SKILLSET Contact Emma through this link for  any kind of interactions regarding your own pet Emma can work free style or from a photo etc. If you know me then I’m saying I’ve not found a better artist since loulabelle hales.


I set up this page so we can all remember wiggles I have over 4000 pictures on my iPad but others do not so I thought this would be a good idea to honour her I’m just sorry Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star wasn’t written before.



we are asking for folks to write in or comment on this article I can copy and paste any sentiments to her memorial page if you wish to be part of her page the time of life when she was around when she made you laugh anything nice will be submitted and go towards showing her just how loved she will always be.


Life now without wiggles about !

We had fun didn’t we plz remember the good times

Ill start by being honest i have masked my grieving so far I had to double up on my pain medication and I noticed the numbness if I took double the clonazipam, foolish I know but I’m so physically and mentally drained it’s been a quick fix, it means I can live day to day without 24/7 intrusive thoughts or lapse to the point of suicidal ideologies.


Now wiggles has gone gone over the bridge of many colours I’ve gotten myself to the Drs, I’m in so much pain without the medication I doubt I could get up, my chest my arm the left hand and the left knee all need looking at we never once asked for help and I did all the lifting myself.


Life will go on without wiggles the earth still rotates and we live out our lives until its our time, we plan to re adopt we are not a family without a dog running about and will still have fond memories of wiggles both from our old home and good memories from the short time she had here at the new home.


I hope the memorial page shows just how deep our love is for each and every dog we take on I’m sure wiggles would want us to carry on but for now I do not think much will change concerning the website, I do have other things to chat about but that’s for another time.

Wiggles the star

Star struck by pawsruck !

From: Emma Nolan
Subject: You made our list of the Top 50 Dog Care Blogs!

Message Body:
Hi there,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Collectibulldogs has been featured in our recently published post: 50 Blogs Every Dog Owner Should Follow

You can view the blog post here:

We found Collectibulldogs to be a great resource on dog care and wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise. We included a link to your website which should hopefully help send some extra visitors over your way.

Congratulations and keep the great content coming!

Bulldog museum Brighton


Wiggles ! We always worked as a team when it came to article writing my inspiration sat in front of me some days we made magic from nothing other days we had bloggers block, well my princess I’m proud to say we went and won our third award 🥇 and I’m dedicating this one to you girl.


Pawstuck picked our website to be in their top 50 all time doggy websites wiggles how cool 😎 is that and without you this wouldn’t of happened, just like a humble celeb dodging a ceremony I have excepted the award on your behalf and will proudly show it to all that visit us.


So you run free now my friend your time with us was beyond precious it was an it was an honour to of had you in our family as a big part of our family and we will think of you always, enjoy your freedom now and I’ll see you again one day you star of a bulldog  A consummate professional till the end your going to missed 😢 WE LOVE 💖 YOU WIGGLES !

The wiggles bulldog memorial page please feel free to leave a comment and they will get copied and pasted directly onto Wiggles memorial page thank you 🙏

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