Far far away in the middle of an ocean lies the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

On one of islands and in one of the homes over looking the horizon there stands one of the finest collections put together I have ever seen and rarely I may add as it takes Janet the lovely owner of this collection ages to get the old polaroid out lol.

I have added a small slide show of just a few pieces that Janet had sent to me and the face book group ENGLISH BULLDOG COLLECTORS CLUB and as some of noticed I have pictured these before, I met Janet mainly through coincidence in a great way and this was through a bully action where Janet had donated a leather bulldog and my daughter whom has had a fluffy thing for years won her auction bid and started the ball rolling as in me sourcing pieces to send out to join her collection.

I love doing this for many reasons and I love seeing the comments Janet gives with some of the pieces I find for her but it is the knowledge that sinks in on my searches that I think I get the biggest kick from as this will really help with re stocking and other factors when I start my business.

I do source for others and sell small pieces some times to the occasional client but a lot of time is spent searching and researching whilst getting the site ready and its a great distraction looking for quirky pieces and the unusual as I’m always chasing down branded pieces, Janet has very colourful taste which at the moment has not been to hard as lots of artisans paint their own versions and some brands that are beautiful in colour.

I would like to add Janet spends a lot of money on bully auctions and her donations make the rescues money too and I would hope she is noticed for the contributions she makes to all the bully auctions she supports.

I’m not sure just how many pieces have now resided in Hawaii or how many more will end up there but I love what I’m doing at the moment and I know it is appreciated as chocolate nuts and nice things for Chloe turn up.

Janet if you read this can I say you have one amazing collection from the folk art pieces you like right up to your Royal Doultons and from the girls and myself THANK YOU X