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Hi readers how are you I see our new doggy article writer Wynne took us into a new world her passions and I for one am looking forward to more of this writers content but we also need to put out Antiques resident article writer wanted 

I can write about research and bring you the latest on my pieces or new bulldog memorabilia but for other antiques I’m not the person with the know how, so collectibulldogs is offering the same platform as our other resident but with antiques in mind.

Anyone can apply for the position I’m up for sharing my website so even if your a novice maybe a collector of sorts as long as your willing to research to show factual originality then experience is not essential.

When I started most of my time was spent learning about the breed, why there’s so much memorabilia for just one breed and how pieces connect with history, if you feel you take an antique object then the post Antiques resident article writer wanted is yours.

Antiques resident article could it be you


Could you research antiques

What you’ll get is a platform in which to establish yourself your articles will be permanently published, novice article writers will get an SEO catch up class so you know how we operate to rank.

The website fees are paid for by us and the on page SEO that needs outside help is covered by us too, the idea is not to give away a residential placement so someone can make money we are a non profit so any position is volunteer based.

Our placement is on a DA 32 website our domain authority is rising fast and the higher we go the more readers will be able to find us and if your with us you’ll be featured on the upcoming brand new collectibulldogs.

I would say to anyone to start off aim low in the niche but create the best content possible, coins,stamps,toys, these are the more mainstream for hobby collecting so as long as the content is original these demographics are a great place to start.

Could I be an antiques article writer


Beautiful bulldog antiques

Anyone can take up this position from a consummate professional to anyone wishing to start blogging but doesn’t have a platform, antiques article writers would be asked to contribute at least one article a week.

The format comes with blogging tools maybe you feel you cannot explain away your thoughts just YouTube what best defines the article and add it just one of the perks to making the article better.

Just like Wynne’s impressive blog article your antiques article will get the same kind of audiences just from a different stage, some click us for the dog side others visit to see what’s new and look at the antiques.

If you want the job just email with a bit of background why you feel you could do the job and except we don’t pay to give others a platform we just want to share but looking for someone respectable and willing to help our collectibulldogs venture.

please note pictured are new antiques for the new website most are from France but all bulldog related if you could research these pieces and write over three hundred words on said antiques then you can do it  we will be waiting  

our other resident is doing great see

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