WordPress users let’s connect

Wordpress users let’s connect


Hi Readers I’m reaching out to all those out there that are currently using the WordPress format for blogging or website interface, I’ve had an account for ages I took a year out and now wish to grow and help others do the same.


Firstly I need to find followers and how I can follow too and if I see a word press user anywhere on the dashboard I will try and make contact ! My website is a bulldog memorabilia collection that has blogging and other features but I do not sell antiques


as everyone can tell the world is changing rapidly and blog articles are finding themselves as spam rather than information content this is mostly due to where are you post for example most online social media format will slowly a new towards the ads section and you will pay for the same kind of boost that you would’ve got for free a few years ago


I am looking to connect with WordPress users that are active that don’t mind reciprocation and I happy to help each other, I myself more than happy to read your blog article share it with my social media format and comments on the article itself with a relevant comment that suits the theme of the article


To all WordPress users let’s connect continued

Wordpress users let’s connect



WordPress users I do understand many article writers do not have a website but do you have a WordPress account this is totally fine with me I’m happy to collaborate with anyone that wishes to collaborate with Collectibulldogs we can help each other to get more views more clicks more impressions and hopefully more of everything.

formats that are social media related Pinterest Instagram Facebook tumblr Flickr Bloglovin and other blogging formats are home to us we can be found in the daily scoop and other directories have linked themselves to the website and given us an award too


altogether we have five awards for article writing and one award for Best Buy they voted us in the top five most trusted websites on the Internet, we have an article writer I have guest blog section and we really wish to collaborate with others and feel WordPress would be a brilliant place to start


we already know the layout and all use WordPress to create our content and publish it so let’s connect push our articles much further than we can now, I would prefer to contact WordPress users to connect in a different way rather than hope that the keyword is relevant and users read my blog


WordPress users and writers we can grow together


I know I may seem new to most people from WordPress that see this and that’s ok 👍 Hi I’m Ave I want to grow my blog and help others grow theirs too, i’m not coming in as a total amateur I understand some search engine optimisation I understand social bookmarking and I have been social media content marketing and content creation with Pinterests new creator pins at the moment i’m up to nearly half 1 million impressions per month


on Instagram even though I do not use the account much I have over 50,000 followers I have a full profile on Facebook and four pages as well as a group and due to my bulldogs background i’m allowed to post in over 5000 Facebook groups with up to 1,000,000 members in some of the groups and I am admin of others.

my main page on Facebook for Collectibulldogs has over 7500 members I also have similar followings on the formats that I posted above this means if I share your content you are assured to get a visit to the link provided, I will not leave the contact form at the moment as there is someone on my website that uses it for a different purpose but if you are interested and you know how to contact people through WordPress then please do if not I will give work email address


That’s my pitch if you want blog minutes visitors comments and other types of collaboration then email me at ask@collectibulldogs.com and once connected through WordPress we can start the fun of sharing reading and passing on amazing content that may not get as far as the road we have laid I mean no offence and I hope your followers become my readers and vice versa

WordPress users Continued

If your on Pinterest in one of the blog boards then pop over and join another, The other option is to create a free Pinterest account to massively boost your visitors per month or just ask Collectibulldogs to post on your behalf there is no difference you will still get the same amount of views to your website or article FOR THOSE WITH PINTEREST INTEREST


I am also hoping that I make someone or other people that have a clear knowledge of WordPress thank you teach me how to make the most out of the template are use the blog infection but apart from that lives in pictures I’m right in the bloke I do not know how to use the actual dashboard itself.

There is a host on this website who does all the updates and also we have a article writer who is very popular and is very good at getting her blogging SEO spot on, It is good because I can post my articles here in the UK and have my article writer publish in the United States says the website get to the best of both worlds


Wow amazing blog at Brighton museum 2022

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Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two


year off ? would I recommend it No way !