What a wonderful lady selfless and true

Wonderful lady

What a wonderful lady

Hi readers I hope your well What a wonderful lady selfless and true is in dedication to Wynne a lady from Twitter whom I’ve never met but does so much for us on the format as well as tasks most others wouldn’t even think about helping with.


A Wonder Woman 👩 is our Wynne no one dares pick or troll on Porcsha now and the peace and not having to defend a puppy from idiots every day has been a blessing! We do share each other’s tweets and I shoutout Wynne in the hope her Twitter page receives more followers.


Obviously with a heart of gold Wynne has her own agenda too she is an animal advocate this is anything from stopping the puppy mills that breed badly bought up puppies that are sold on with many issues these end up in what some call kill shelters.


A place for animals to be stored before rehoming but as I’ve seen on the format many of these beautiful dogs and other animals have a stay of  execution prefer a predetermined amount of time and then euthanised, I would suggest the laws in different country’s treat their domesticated animals differently.


A wonderful lady a true task master

Wonderful lady

My aunt Wynne is a wonderful lady

I often go one to the format and see Wynne has been posting and communicating with other advocates plus the lady works a job so to help a fellow Welsh named individual from across the Atlantic Ocean is something special to us.


Due to my own issues and not my disorder Wynne took it upon herself to help get our blogs seen more and using Skype helped us submit our website for blog directory submissions, this wonderful lady has no search engine optimisation skills that I know of but just wanted to help.


Another of of our surprises from Wynne is either website reviews on Trustpilot using our front page icon and also leaves blog article comments, both of these tasks are magic and will help to improve our connections with other bloggers get more guest posts in and out plus our DA and PR shouldn’t suffer either.


Procrastination is something we all have to live with, those that say they will do something then either don’t or just carry on saying they will Wynne isn’t one of those people and we here at collectibulldogs wish to thank this wonderful lady and I’ll be mentioning all her help to the museum whom look upon people like Wynne as online mentors.


Our residency offer


We have recently offered Wynne a resident position here at collectibulldogs as an article writer and someone to help with a monthly newsletter, access to the website and blogging platform collectibulldogs would love for someone like Wynne to come and write for the website.


Mentioning Wynne’s own agenda collectibulldogs could be a platform for Wynne to use for her own ends whilst contributing great content on dogs antiques the collection Porcsha the list goes on, we are waiting on a reply currently and if it’s a no then so be it but you have to ask to know.


French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol


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