He will raise you up on eagles wings

eagles wings

eagles wings










Hi Readers from across the globe ! Firstly congratulations to the Vice President elect I believe this democratic Multi ethnicity and female are new phenomenal times for the USA 🇺🇸 it’s been a very weird tiring four years.

Id like to start with that a political view that’s mainstream is ok you shouldn’t need to fear those that have opposed opinions on policy these are just ideas, I could understand anger if someone got hurt and in this case that should just be the president Donald Trump.


Congratulations to America as Biden stated in he’s speech He will raise you up on eagles wings and this hope is felt right around the world we have had four long years of hardly any real dialogue with America lots of things changed when Trump entered his term.

America first. There’s nothing in Donald Trumps Arsenal to actually say that he will always put America first it is understanding that there are many conspiracy theory is about what this president has and hasn’t done but it doesn’t seem that within four years he has done much other than create business for the country.

He will raise you up on eagles wings Continued!

President elect USA Joe Biden on eagles wings

From a world stand point we have never seen the behaviour exhibited before like we have with the president previously elected. Don’t get me wrong but when I’m restricted from Twitter for a mistake fair enough A a president should be above social media whilst in office and B be under the same media laws as everyone else.

It is stated that Joe Biden is the Lesser of two evils apparently both of these elderly gentlemen have many skeletons in their closets but as a virtual visit her in to the 2020 united states presidential election we are fed certain propaganda videos which I’m sure are used to sway minds of the American people and the rest of us get a back seat.

There’s going to be change in the air if the American people can put their political agenda aside and work as one nation again, the country is seeing very bad environmental issues and also with big business involved this will take awhile to sort out yet it’s nice to hear the USA will re commit to the Paris accord !.

The combination of youth age wisdom and a degree of normal sanity levels the president elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris seem like a great team to be put up together, I’m not sure how the Vice President is elected but I am sure this lady will bring a lot of new youthful ideas to what is quite an aged power house in business and Congress


He will raise you up on eagles wings Was uplifting

He will raise you up on eagles wings

He will raise you up on eagles wings AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IN ACTION

Joe Biden did he’s upmost to show his a family man he does have traumatic loss in his life and wanted to quit politics to be with his family, on most occasions this is deemed appropriate regard in the circumstances but Biden is such a great democratic they needed and wanted him to stay.

The 46th president in waiting said and I quote “He will raise you up on eagles wings” and there’s no one more deserving than Joe Biden to astride that that eagle 🦅 and sore, a new kind of thinking was definitely needed in the White House and Americans did the job. An American political record


Just think 🤔 even if America wants to put itself first we all know we can rebuild the relationship we had four years ago, the implications could be astounding even reversed polices that trump had signed off if reinstated would significantly change the outcome of many major organisations around the world and charities included.


There are so many Things that one thinks now trump won’t be in charge anymore ! Sanctions back on groups and or countries means less money going towards things like terrorism agreeing to listen to real science in regards to Covid could save thousands and Americans I think will pick up the pace when it comes to being honest about climate change.

No more tariffs

He will raise you up on eagles wings

4 years of expensive products He will raise you up on eagles wings fingers crossed for a better tomorrow

Even the consumer like you and me felt the wrath of trumps polices and these we not even aimed at us at first, trumps ride into power saw companies that were not usually taxed (most were popular auction site users ) and due to the tax the laws were changed even down to shipping.

In 2014 for example I could of bought Bulldog memorabilia from America and if it was a few pounds (in money ) over your stated allowance it was given the courtesy of being sent through no problem, this all changed not only had auction sites like eBay capitalised on shipping fees but they offered to do most of their clients work thus not building up any relationship with seller


Japanese Tagua nut Netzuki went from ten pound if bought up-to forty pounds and higher, Grafanthal was another example this German make sold at about seventeen pounds when I grabbed one but to then see others years later at one hundred and seventy was astonishing.


So as you know we were very dependable on the USA for a long time and I’m hoping vice versa and I know things will not get cheaper because a new president sits in the White House come January but there’s also hope  that severed relationships between buyers sellers can get back to an even playing field.

What are your thoughts on Joe Bidens win !

Im in the U.K. I’ve never been into politics until I felt it was wrong I was being governed by the Prime Minister that I didn’t vote for and this is how I got into the way the American democratic electoral system works ! I am by no means a politician or know much about politics but I do feel when things are right and when things are wrong.

there is talk that the best of the bad apple was picked to become president elect the 46 president of the United States of America but I don’t know about backgrounds even if I wanted to know about Trump I would have to watch Netflix or research on Google because this so much about this man from his past and his familydealings dealings with real estate and how they have treated people over the years.


so I was thinking maybe you could write and tell us what country you’re from and how you feel about the American election maybe you could describe how you feel this could benefit your country maybe the lifting of sanctions new trade deals or even old trade deals reinstated.

it could be that you’re not happy with the decision and that you wanted President Trump to win that is fine and totally valid please feel free to fill in the same form as everyone else and your views will be appreciated there is no victimisation here we just won honest accounts on the last week and maybe some different opinions on how America goes forward and who they take along with them on a four year ride.

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Thank you to anyone that contributes their views on the 46th presidential election it would be good to hear views from across the globe 🌎 history has been made have your say here.


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