Loving bulldogs Hi this is Debbie…

Delilah our new Bulldog arrived at 5:30pm today, (Sunday 6th December).

As soon as I saw that face I fell in love with her.
She investigated the flat, has had a brief meeting with the cat.
She is a lot bigger compared to our last bulldog Scruffy, but after a few walks she

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

will trim down.

I took her for a small walk round the block but as it was dark but didn’t keep her out too long.
She has licked us to death. She has made herself at home by falling asleep on the sofa. She’s a beautiful bulldog.

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We are so happy the transition went as smoothly as it did and she enjoys all the spoils of living with us here.

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from boxers to the bulldog

Before we started owning a bulldog we actually had a boxer dog called missi-moos, she was pure white and very naughty with tonnes of energy.  It was by chance we started owning a bulldog when Ave first bought one home from a friends house.

Stay posted to this website if your a wiggles fan as I’m sure ave will be blogging on her life with us here, so now the hard work starts we need to suss out wiggles her quirks and whether she’s bought any emotional baggage with her.

Due to her age we are not expecting much in the way of physical commands like sit and stay but it’s still worth a try, wish us luck as we take on this beautiful dog and let’s hope she settles down and becomes a special part of the family and aves venture too.

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