Time flies when you wiggle your thing

Hi there readers I thought the title time flies when you wiggle your thing was quite catchy considering my blog is about our rescued bulldog and her first year here, firstly let me welcome you all and I hope all are safe and well where ever you may be at this time.

Come here for a kiss!

one of wiggles doggy days bus hopping she loves rides

The time really has flown by we love our new bulldog and we cannot believe its nearly a whole year since that day Debbie my wife was shown two very cute pictures of her and instantly fell in love.

Before I continue can I say if your going to rescue a bulldog then lots of research is essential, may I suggest bulldog rescue, the Edward foundation or you can get the details for the Dogs Trust in the UK from a previous blog  find dogs trust details here or contact them directly they are nation wide.

All mistreated animals are of course traumatised and in many different ways according to the suffering they had to live with prior to a rescue so many come with added responsibilities, I don’t like to use the words issues or problems as anyone willing to rescue will know these and still love any said animal.

I’m talking a little in general as I believe the same is across the board for all creatures but for this blog I mainly mean bulldogs.

Who is lily?

Wiggles Takes A Nap

wiggles AKA lily don’t let debs see lol

So we have had wiggles our beautiful rescue bulldog for a year now she is a favourite online, wiggles has even been in the news and is loved down at the charity shop and when going for walks.

The little known fact that only a few may know is that wiggles is just an AKA her real name is actually lily, when she first arrived she would not stop shaking her bottom and every time I mentioned the word wiggles she would and still does go crazy in a very cute way.

The woes of wiggles

We have not been the luckiest when it comes to bulldog health wiggles came with her own issues and the hardest part for me is she prefers female company and to the point she tried to scare me away from debs a couple of times and to some this could be scary, but due to owning previous bulldog I have learned you need to be just as stubborn, you have to show them who is the boss or you end up wrapped around their paws so to speak.

Cheeky wiggles - Wiggle on Blog

Cheeky wiggles

Wiggle on

Wiggles has over come obstacles since her arrival she now goes for her wee outside, this took us ages but we are still trying with her on the subject of number 2s, we put down puppy pads and one of us has to stay up as she is used to doing her 2s at night and best disposed of ASAP.

Actually if you have any experience here we would love to hear any ideas and getting past this would be a great achievement that even I would have a little wiggle.

For contact about this request or any other please email me at ask@collectibulldogs.com I will not tell wiggles it can be our little secret shhhh.

Wiggle it even more

It would be wrong of me to speak about wiggles past, we got her in a hurry as we pined for a dog to be back in the house, our bulldog friends obliged and it was not long before we had another bulldog and I believe her past was not anything like a lot of rescues out there.


Wiggles says Boo!

In my opinion wiggles came from a household where gentlemen were scarce and why she gravitates towards the ladies of our household.

Even though the website is dedicated in honour to my fallen comrade Scruffy Louise wiggles is now the face of collectibulldogs and I am very sure her previous owner had no idea what was in store for her.

Wiggles is loved the world over, social media laps her up and she is so cute she does help me with all my self promotion using her squidgyface to try and get you folks to come see my site I do not sell so have to think up other ways to get my views.

Her wiggly routine

If you lived with us you would soon notice wiggles has a daily routine which recently changed a little when Debbie switched jobs to do more hours for the
Dogs Trust.

Wiggles Belly Rub

Wiggles – Belly Rub Please!

She sleeps down by Debbie of a night time (I can hear her snoring atm) and she will get up when Debbie does, she has her breakfast then after her morning wee its back on the sofa next to debs for a power nap.

On the days Debbie goes off to work wiggles does not power nap on the sofa, instead she goes into the bedroom acts like she is sulking and stares at the wall and I can hear you saying give her attention, believe me I have tried from nice walks to chicken treats but all she wants is her mum.

Daddy and Wiggles

Daddy and Wiggles Share a moment frm all the collecting!

She does spend time with me but its mostly when Debbie is indoors and I have food i.e. wiggles loves me at dinner time and any time I’m near her kibble bag so am I the first to be belittled by a chunky yet adorable bulldog.


A funny quirk with wiggles has to be if I give her treats she then trots off with said treat and eats it either by Debbie or as close to where Debbie sits as possible, I’m not sure why she does this but watching her trot off with the goods can be very funny to watch, as a mother, maybe she thinks she still needs to feed her family which is mainly now Debs.


Did someone say food?!?!?!


Wiggles also comes to me for food first every dinner time and goes round making sure we have all eaten after and then goes and eats her own dinner.


From rugs to riches



From the life she had to the life she has now wiggles has landed on her paws bless her she has found a forever home been turned into a star & is still loved unconditionally even though her traits are alien to me, she will continue to be on the website.

Lee the web designer does not mind changing the videos and I’m sure there is many more blogs to come staring our cute little wiggler.


Until next time

I had best start getting back to collection blogs for content and updates but I know wiggles is loved world wide and some folks enjoy reading about her.

So from wiggles its wiggle on and from me, until next time folks stay safe and happy collecting…