Awww cute puppy

Awww cute puppy

Howdy folks

Hi there good people I hope everything’s A ok and everybody is safe and well wherever you maybe.

I write this blog today whilst feeling a little bemused and it’s all down to a to an email I received after I chased up a website called, (please note do not do this to site names your not sure of as it could be spam or worse).

Now at first I thought this site to be a spam address but found out it’s a proper trading company so I thought I would email and ask why they keep popping up on my website and in higher numbers than even my Facebook views.

I was surprised to find I got a very prompt response from a gentleman explaining why they are showing up and put my mind at ease about any spamming worries.

Beautiful patina

Beautiful patina

Who’s a good lad

When I read the email from this gentleman he stated that I have become an online influencer and that all the numbers were leads and them correcting my shortened version that is was the hits I was getting on the readings, this company points people or its own clients in the direction of their interests etc. and it seems due to all the self promotion I have done, I’ve become what’s known as an influencer and my tweets, posts and followers, basically everything I post is counted for its likes, shares, comments and monitored by companies like the one above to watch my growth as I try to branch outwards with my venture.

Stunning bronze match vesta

Stunning bronze match vesta


I take myself back to when I was a youngster and a very naughty youngster at that I was never into really bad stuff but I remember the other mums and dads saying to my friends whom were their children “don’t you go playing with that boy he’s a bad influence”.

Obviously my reputation had been one of a mischief maker but in all honesty the estate I grew up on was a mess and I did my best to survive, so a lot of my time was off the estate camping, fishing, camp, building, exploring and occasionally trespassing unwittingly.

These are the tales of most young lads I think (maybe not so much the gangs and violence) but I did what most of the lads my age did I was just easily influenced by my friends so maybe my reputation came from all the dares and pranks we did on each other, that may sometimes of been very thoughtless and on the odd occasion out of control.

I will finish this part by saying I grew up lol I don’t want my readers thinking I may of turned into anything but a loving father and hubby.

Beautiful bronze bulldog

Beautiful bronze bulldog


Expressing my youth as I have and as all know the story that I have battled with mental health for many years years now so it’s with great pleasure that I announce I got some real firm good old fashioned self affirmation from hearing this news!!!

Me an influencer, I had to read it twice just to make sure I got it right, my influence score isn’t as high as many out there and for the high flyers the numbers maybe laughable, but I am so proud and did not even realise at the time I was doing all this, I just thought my posts were promoting the website I didn’t think anything else would come other than the views I try so hard to get each day to the website.

Ok so I have a reach of over 11k that’s accrued over the past year and I would love for this good influence to keep rising so it’s to all you great people I politely ask.

If you see my posts please share if you see my tweets please share and if your tech happy please may you add some hash tags too, I too myself share others posts even jumping different formats to get them more exposure but I’m not asking for that much just a like and a share on social media sites will do wonders for and if you wish you can contact me specifically if you want a particular post or tweet posted on a multimedia basis I do it for others and can do it for you too.

Pearly King with he's bulldog

Pearly King with he’s bulldog

Poor Lee Website delay

The new website is going to take longer than originally expected my good friends my webmaster, Lee has come up against a few problems and the main one is recoding each picture from the old website so it’s suitable for the new website format and with nearly 3000 pictures he really does have he’s work cut out.

I cannot believe this amazing fella is building me a website better well much better than the one I made (keep coming back though lol) so I did feel for him when he Facebooked me with an apology, there really isn’t any need for any kind of sorry, I know he’s good at what he does and the end result will be one brilliant site still free for all but much better looking and with a come back and see us vibe.

My weebly account finishes on the 9th of sept and Lee has said the website should be ready by then but I think where we are one of a kind, unique and only a year old it’s fine if he takes all the time he needs.

When Lee has finished I will add all the new pieces I have found but I doubt it’s fair on Lee if I keep adding pictures whilst he’s having problems with the ones currently listed.

Doris Linder bronze bulldog

Doris Linder bronze bulldog

Finally and a bit of fun

Finally, please keep an eye out as I have found some guest bloggers that will start posting in soon, these folks are antiques based but not directly bulldog related this form of blog sharing is to help each blogger reach more viewers and find more interest for their own blogs websites and ventures.

I will be appearing on their websites too guesting about either what they love (better do my research right) and or writing about my passion.

Before I go I have placed some bronzes on this blog can you work out which one is the hot cast reproduction go on have a gander and see if your right you can leave a comment if you wish below and until next time folks and from one happy chappy happy collecting folks…

Bronze mack the dog

Bronze mack the dog

If you like the pieces shown may I draw your attention to the main website where you will find thousands of pieces all related to the breed its history and everything in between there’s also a funny pics page to muse too.

At it really is a one of a kind website a labour of love if I may say…