We are the white hat seo kind of website !

We are The White Hat SEO kind of Website

We are The White Hat SEO kind of Website A stunning beauty pre 1900s England

Hi readers our sympathies go out to all those effected by the recent pandemic and we send out hug’s We are The White Hat SEO kind of Website is an article where I can actually talk about something beneficial and maybe earn my supper (backlink)


There are two kinds of SEO (Search engine optimisation) out there in the online world both have similar expectations where your hoping that your website experiences a surge in visits views time duration and other metrics but mainly for sales


collectibulldogs would like to think it’s a white hat website when it comes to the technical side of getting backlinks guest posts and basically more interest this is part of creating white hat


It’s all about honesty really ! If you choose white hat seo your choosing an organic way of growing your websites domain ranking and trust flow online, we do have our reasons for our advertising Features page that came about when everyone wanted one way backlinks.

How to white hat SEO yourself !

Communication is key and getting yourself out there it’s essential to the White Hat techniques, unlike the black hat techniques we can discuss later you have to do a fair bit of online work but it’s worth it in many ways.

By politely asking others to reciprocate backlinks is a start many will not understand the beneficial properties of swapping urls or creating anchor text but there are those out there if you can find them that would be willing to swap backlinks.


Blog comments that are true in word where you have read an article and written a comment that’s reliable or Relevant usually leaves your back link and the sites owners have the choice to either submit your comment with or without backlinks.


Forums are a great place not only to add your url but to join chat rooms make friends with others and swap backlinks anchor text and so forth, it’s always best to have notifications on if in chat rooms if not you’ll be in them 24/7 and not realise

White hat seo try guesting !

Another white hat technique involves creating content ! This could be a pre organised guest post where two site owners have come together to drop articles on each other’s websites or you write something special and send it to niches of yours in the hope someone will appreciate the Free content and use it .


Its not easy to reach out believe me I’ve tried but for every no there will be a yes and I hear finding blogging syndicates can help you find others that may wish to carry your content, collectibulldogs loves fresh new content and only adhere to the rules for back-linking.

social media sharing is a great way to improve your standing online you can ask others to bookmark your website on their social formats even blog articles ask to add hashtags related to the site your wanting better exposure for


do not forget you can leave backlinks that will be crawled even in anchor text form on your own websites, this is a great way to get renewed interest in articles written back in time but are still a big part of your blogging history

Good old Honest reviews and comment chains (white hat SEO)

Free listings are shouting out for businesses to advertise and these also have review sections the sections are great for showing trust in your website and places like trust pilot are a great resource but Be warned even reviews that look honest can be fake.


By asking your following to check out the website before they make that with you to trust pilot should ensure that the review will be published trust pilot light many other reviewing platforms have certain ways that they don’t share to find out whether or not a review is true or fake

if you have a website that has a comment section this has a brilliant little trick in its self if you can get a chain of comments going Google crawlers will see this as new content and these metrics will go towards helping your domain authority raise.


Interaction is key you can do as much white hat SEO as you like buy without viewers and visitors to your website there’s no point so get out there research as much as possible and do not by sucked in by apps that carry persons that only know black hat 🎩 seo

Yucky black Hat 🎩 is is worth the money and hassles ! (White hat SEO)

it takes someone in the know to black hat properly but this is usually through an agency and is paid to a person whom will black hat your website using SCO techniques that Google and other such servers penalised.

if you pay for black hat the person involved will do the job but the expectations can be a little misleading to very misleading and the outcome is not always the best outcome you’d expect for a service that you’ve paid for.


The kind of techniques used are basically cheating whether this be comments added to different websites on your behalf but using their own or fake IP address this is then flagged up on the website use and classed as spam so your money is wasted there.


another technique used is to reuse old back links now if receiving 500,000 backlinks and you paid a few bucks that must bring up red flags, Collectibulldogs is not saying all seo use bad ethical techniques but there’s a far few that do and google penalise for bad seo

Lastly here’s some information by Nomvo future sponsor (white hat SEO)

There are companies out there that are working on the good the bad and the ugly within website seo and Nomvo.com contacted collectibulldogs after seeing our organic links page, nomvo com  so we must be getting something right.

You can find these folk on Twitter and the website is packed with lots of useful information but our excitement comes with them asking if they can sponsor us ! With Coronavirus wasting 2020 rather quickly we have not been able to achieve much.

That was until we were asked by nomvo and we have never had a sponsor before, we are hoping it gets set up and there’s collaboration between us as they seem to know lots about the online world even pointing out my own downfall with keywords so I’ve written to see if anyone understands and can give tips

If this collaboration goes ahead we at collectibulldogs will class it as this year’s achievement as the ideas once running through the synapses is now stuck whilst we are in lockdown and local advertising that I had thought of is now a distant memory.



We love great reviews at collectibulldogs thank you

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