What's going on

What’s going on

Hello there good people I hope all is well and your all out there looking for the next perfect piece to adorn your shelves, I wanted to use this blog to speak a bit about the website and myself at this moment in time.

The website has become a labour of love to me and a little addictive in trying to make it as perfect as I can but that comes with some really frustrating downfalls, and as a novice at search engine optimisation and the techy bits I find myself red faced and getting so angry I often want to just give in and wipe the website from existence.

As I am new on the web creating views is very hard and there’s more than just the one issue to deal with let’s start with keywords.

These are put into the site to help search engines know about your website when they crawl it yet as you can imagine even though my own site is unique there are literally thousands all using the same keywords to try and get rankings and views to their sites too.

Finding my own special keywords is proving difficult and original keywords impossible.

Another big problem I feel I’m fighting is the age old bulldog stigma you know those are the folks that tut at you when you walk past with the dog like it’s your fault the breed is the way it is as in health issues etc and other dogs to many people maybe more popular.

I don’t care what people think but I do believe it has an effect on the views that I get and even when I ask new people I meet if they want to back link the first assumption is that I’m a breeder of sorts that collects real bulldogs (yep had that one a few times now).

I believe I have issues regarding my home page I had thought that the clicks over to other pages and the description was ok but as my bounce rate is still a little high it must be the case that others do not quite get what the click prompt does nor using the hamburger icon situated on the top left hand side, I had hoped the new view this and translate bar would make things easier on the site but I see not so back to the home page.

The views and opinions of my readers would really come in handy to format a new user friendly home page, yet I do not seem to get any correspondence from my blogs so I cannot see this idea of readers writing in and making suggestions going any further than me writing about it, so I may have to just admit to myself that the sites not as popular as my mind thinks it is and not suggest that folks write in and it feels like my dream of making an online bulldog community with both owners and collectors is nowt but a pipe dream.

As some or most know I do have a mental health disorder and it was suggested that as I had disclosed this it may stop certain people with shallow minds from wanting to look at my site and see for themselves the achievements I had made, can I just say I Do not care for these people and social stigma for folks with mental health issues is so out of date it’s actually laughable, I was asked to take down my statement to see if views increase but there’s no way I’m doing that my site was to inspire not knuckle under to the views of stupid people with hateful hearts.

There’s hope on the horizon if I can just hold on for long enough, I met a fella called Jools Stone.

He’s a freelance journalist and has offered to help me where he can and I’m humbled that a person has come forward to want to help me as I have done all this solo so far with limited results I hand from a professional is like a god send to me I may be working with him on a piece about the website that we hope will get commissioned by media’s for Jool’s to go ahead with the story.

Being the new site on the block means I have to climb the ladder like the other sites and as I’m not Ecommerce, it will take longer to get myself established which I totally understand and I wished I could get into the urgency of getting things perfect but somethings I have to keep confidential.

Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow I think is a good thrash to use at the moment.

I cannot make folks love my site that would be wrong neither can I do anything but ask nicely that my content gets shared out.

I would like to ask one more time that if you do visit the site please have a look round at the differing pages and if you have suggestions and can or want to write in about changes that would be great and please make use of the social icons provided, I need the help of those that love the site to get the word out around town just until my SEO is fixed properly and I will finish by saying thank you to the other websites and orgs that have either back linked my site wrote a blog about us or referred the site to other directory sites.

Happy collecting folks!