Very busy week

Hello there folks I hope all are well and safe where ever you are in the world, I see on my analytics that some new readers have started reading my blogs so I thought I’d say a bit about the collection before I move on.

The collection was started about eight years ago my goal being to use the proceeds once the collection was liquidated to put my daughter through university and maybe a nest egg too.

The collection spans over three pages at the moment and I hope to be able to find a better way of formatting the website in the coming future for a better experience for the viewer and I hope the collection gets as many views as my blog does as I believe it’s quite the hoard for an eight year collecting spree…

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I was hoping to get a voluntary position at a auction house here in my home town and the owner of the establishment had asked me to go in and see him, I popped in at the beginning of the week and was asked to pop back the next day.

As it was the day before the auction I thought it best to phone them and see if it was ok to pop in and I’m not sure if was just me but the owner answered said don’t bother coming in as I have all the staff I need and sounded very offish with me even saying it’s not a good idea me bringing any bulldogs to his sale room as the prices he thinks I want he says is very unrealistic telling me that I would not get more than £100 for the 1928 Nymthenburg bulldog.

This has led me to believe that this establishment works more in the house clearance sector and only finding proper antiques every now and again.

I would rather give my free time to a place where I’m going to learn about proper antiques and the industry behind it and feel this fella has lost out on a very competent person that has lots of skills to offer and for free, but it’s ok I don’t mind waiting and I’m sure the right voluntary position in the field I love will pop up one day.

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Please note I have not stated which auction house as my own opinion should not reflect their business or how it’s run and I would only suggest that my collection is a specialist collection where prices rise and fall but anyone in this trade would be barmy to say that a lot of my pieces are practically worthless when in 2010 one of the largest collections was auctioned off in NY bringing in around 200k in American dollars so some folks however professional they may seem do not know everything and should at least do some research before making snap judgements.


I was so fortunate today to have the company of Jools Stone at my own home.

Jools is a freelance journalist and occasional travel blogger, I met him through the museum mentors and he’s been nothing but a total star so far with the help he has been giving me with my blogs and website ups and downs.

I did start answering questions for a feature that Jools wants to pitch to national papers but as I got a bit tongue tied I think we may have to meet up once or twice more to get everything he needs to send the feature off and I personally wish to thank Jools for noticing not just me but the fact there’s a good viable story behind the collection and it’s fingers crossed that the piece is commissioned so that Collectibulldogs can have some exposure here in the uk.

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Jools had a quick look at the collection but as I had not woken in time to clear the space I have for the collection we could not go through the different cabinets so I could show him how it’s all categorised and what pieces come from different countries and dates etc.

I promise to have it all cleaned up and ready for the next visit be it Jools or another as I felt a little embarrassed and it didn’t look at all professional but I’m sure Jools was fine and it would be great to here what he thinks about all that he saw whist he was here today.


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Lastly I’ve added the two pieces that turned up recently I had done a deal with a lady in the states but had forgotten that heavy boxes meant extra shipping fees, there’s 5-6 more boxes to come over and a bit of a slow process as I need to save for each of the boxes to be shipped out to me.

The good news in a weird way is I do not quite know what I bought as it was a job lot deal and was pleasantly surprised to find the brass Jennings pipe holder in the first box and now hoping for more surprises as each of the boxes arrives and you should be able to see the new pieces soon catalogued with the rest of the collection.

Jools asked a great question today that had me stumped a bit and that was when will you stop????

Happy collecting folks…

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