What a collection what a website a guest post article for Collectibulldogs may 2018

What a collection what a website wow Bulldog collectibles have become the new trend of the town by the looks of this website wether you love the dog collectibles or maybe even both, then there must be many collectors throughout the world.

im guessing Many have entire lobbies / rooms dedicated to antiques related to bulldogs. Every inch of space must been covered with amazing antiques.

My new favourite what a website

If the my intro fascinates you it should as I’ll be the first to say collectibulldogs.com is the site you need to visit. You’ll land in a place that’s full of love for bulldogs and amazing pieces vintage and antiques encluded

Collectibulldogs.com was started by Eiffion Ashdown and has a vast collection of lovely antiques , that’ll only increase your love for bulldogs and its collectibles. You just need to go ahead, and you’ll be lost in an amazing bulldog collectible land for while.

Collectibulldogs posses a large amount of variety in bulldog collectible, below are some of my favourites it’s

What a collection

Fine huebach figurine


What a collection what a website

Small piece from Japan


What a collection What a website

A lovely Gesture to loan pieces out for free this piece is at Brighton toy museum


Not easy when there just so much variety and there always seems that There is much more to go through in collectibulldogs.com

What a website other pieces include

Doulton, Royal Copenhagen bulldog figurines, Crown Devon, Porcelain bulldogs etc. The antiques are a perfect example of some excellent artists skills combined with the love for bulldogs

To get the best piece the artist must consider the bulldog to be exquisite in itself.The antiques are crafted with all required details and most are close to perfection.

Collectibulldogs is one of the fastest growing websites in popularity because of it’s uniqueness and excellent antiques. The venture is on a positive agenda and promotes bulldog love in an effective manner.

The site has ended love in life of bulldog and it’s antiques lover, thus creating a whole new bulldog world. A world where people show their kindness, love and affirmation to bulldog collectibles, inspiring those who have just started their collectibles journey.

What a website to get an exhibition

The museum exhibition held in 2017 looked amazing, this adds to the prestige which is way better or  provenance and it not only preserves the idea behind memorable pieces but also passes the legacy forward. It must of been an honour to be part of the Brighton Museum Exhibition and experience its helpfulness towards showing affection to Bulldogs and helping Collectibulldogs

Below my pick of fine antiques

proper antiques from before 1900 but the passive kind like the collection on this website 

Great names from around the world I lost count when I was reading one of the German pteces articles 

That nodding bulldog lol  I’ve seen this dog from the advert talking with @collectibulldog on twitter 

How to use the website effectively

collectiblbulldogs offers free E-book to help it’s user to know more about the equities. Download today to grab your free copy. In the E-book you’ll be provided with every minute detail and will tell you about some lovely and amazing collectibles.a small example below.

The tips offered on the site will help the individual to maintain and create their own collection.

By following these basics you could well be on your way to creating your own collection,

now if it’s because you want to invest or if it’s for the love of it that’s up to the individual

entirely, the premise behind collecting could change your life change your mind-set or for

those wanting to lose vices like smoking this is a healthier addiction to have, collecting can

also be engaging good fun and people can meet other likeminded folks from around the world

whom love their collecting passion and we all know socialising is also good for us.

The last tip no matter what you decide is be happy and have fun with it these are guidelines to

help those that want to grow a collection but choose what you love and love what you choose

no matter what, till next time happy collecting.

Find out more about collecting and see what Wikipedia have to say about this amazing past time some of us are harmlessly addicts too lol

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