Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog


Your vote don’t count if you own a bulldog

So the vibe we are getting is if your vote don’t count if you own a bulldog


Hi readers it’s hi how are you, too the many readers in the UK Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog especially if it’s English Bulldog and here’s why, a new trend for English politics regarding Brexit Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn getting through into the into 10 Downing Street as a labour prime minister for 2019 I’m guessing a election of some kind I’m not to political myself.



Im happy to say that I voted for Lloyd Russell Moyle (Labour) and before him the green parties Mp for Brighton and since this English political phenomenon has hit twitter people have changed their bios and the Labour Party and it’s supporters and members are out in force, we want to support too but we keep getting BLOCKED!


Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health


we all know I use twitter and have done quite well since starting in 2015 and the reason why I say Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog is becouse our page is getting blocked by so many labour followers ! Now analyse this deeply as there’s omly two reasons for this to happen, one ☝️ is my disability I’ve made it public and maybe labour has Closet haters of those with mental illness.


OR I own a bulldog it’s as simple as that ! Again stigmatised shallow minds that see the breed and think of those extreme groups that use the bulldog and other breeds I hasten to add as part of their symbols of hatred or they take the dogs to rallies I don’t even know all I can think of is these two stigmas.


Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog


Your vote don’t count if you own a bulldog

Blocked there’s tonnes of these WHY




Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog or it might when they are canvassing door to door just make sure your bulldogs are out of sight becouse since I was younger this party has changed so much ! If twitter is anything to go by they have more to hide regarding this problem than I do, it’s a shame as I’m having to report labour folk to their own party headquarters which isn’t looking good and if it isn’t delt with I know a journalist whom is always happy to cover a story.



So does my vote count like it did before before both votes I did got through and I owned bulldogs at the time maybe it should be called a mis count the way these labour folk are treating us on the format, NOT everyone is blocking us and are thinking straight and I’m putting up posts to show that we are a harmless bulldog memorabilia collection museum just trying to create something more and as stated have never been approached by any groups (except bulldog Facebook groups) where Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog






If any young supporter or member took the time to know this breeds history they might not have that notion that Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog, these dogs that get enough stick as it is LISTEN bulldogs were a part of our FREEDOMS they are celebrated so much the USMC United States Marine Corp have one as a mascot.



many of these labour folk wouldn’t know about the propaganda machine that had the BULLDOG BREED as it’s symbol fake shows were created to get codes across to the resistance, Mack truck in America was nicknamed the bulldog and bulldog show events and the selling of puppies to thousands of landing forces helped boost the economic drive England needed at the time.


It’s not just wrong it’s DISCRACEFUL



There’s hundreds of these making my page look mad I lose the right to follow others if I spend all day blocking them back SO CHILDISH DISRESPECTFUL AND STIGMA AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL





To be in 2019 and be being blocked by so many of my own country folk is actually hurtful and gives me the thought that MY Vote Don’t Count becouse I own a Bulldog a bulldog collection and adopt the breed I have had no interference by any third parties to say it’s making me want to change my vote maybe the conservatives love dogs for what they are and not scared of bulldogs.


I will email Lloyd Russell Moyle just to let him know that this bulldog bashing or mental health stigma is coming from he’s own party maybe he can arrange something but till things change the feeling I’m getting well it’s a fact on twitter I don’t know about other formats but Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog that’s what the message that’s coming over loud and clear there.

Talking Mental Health

Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog summery


Its not all doom and gloom I have had hundreds of new followers some are labour some are for the American politics and whomever follows from my time on twitter and follow sprees it’s just this coincidence with my bulldog page and labour supporters, if I saw someone with a bulldog I’d think hey that’s cute or aww what sex NOT HEY THIS FELLA MUST BE AN EXTREME ACTIVIST I mean I’m on 7 medications and cannot be to mobile.



Lets see if this continues let’s see if all UK labour are afraid of dogs especially our bulldog breed they are obviously not remembering the past that the breed played a big part in and anyone worth their own pinch of salt would say and know it’s the owner of any breed that determines the situation not the breed there’s no such thing as bulldog clan or party that meet and plan violence anyone that thinks that shouldn’t be in politics and or not think at all it’s best for everyone.


It’s all good !



Unlike my page this trend will pass and I will keep growing people around the world love wiggles and my last retweet reach was 74 million and that’s before this problem started, with 20 other formats and a website I’ll keep growing but as a labour supporter they would want my reach to be used to help the cause not the opposite



nearly 200 thousand on one format and many thousands on others is brilliant and can be used to spread good words yet I’m sitting here putting two and two together making four and letting you all know Your Vote Don’t Count if you own a Bulldog so it’s your choice when the party comes knocking, I’ll add any statement I get regarding this issue it would be interesting to see why this is happening.


The world could clarify



I’ve got friends around the world that know me personally they know my heart is in the right place and ido not make stupid or foolish decisions, they’ll say I have a deep love for the bulldog breed and it was a good idea to put my collectibles online (that’s all I’ve done) Australia America Poland South Africa and even Africa there are friends everywhere that can clarify you are all barking up the wrong tree.



Labour was in government when the home invasion happened and I got seriously hurt labour were in government when the person got away with it and labour were in government when I lost the ability to gain employment to fed my family did I get bitter towards labour no I didn’t, the fact it’s a conservative government now and I own a bulldog breed I’m not good enough even on a  virtual format that Is not properly real.



Ill continue collecting my bulldogs thank you and any more blocks labour will lose my vote and those of my friends and bulldog owners that would read this and boycott any election I’m sorry but the power of social media that’s getting to me at the moment can be used to sway others, in saying that I hope  that Mr Jeremy Corbyn sees this blog article and is impressed I had the guts to speak out and that I added educational videos for his party members and supporters that block bulldog owners can learn from.

our blog articles since Christmas all great harmless content 

we need more views since it’s the beginning of the year please copy and past one out of the choice below helping the pages roo rank independent of each other and each leaving an impression great 👍 for Google’s search engine stats, all our articles are family friendly and we encourage others to come write here just not this type of article Thank you very much everyone and to the UK labour supporters that have a brain 🧠 thank you for not jumping to silly outdated conclusions I think the party as a whole has had enough of all these  shenanigans so it’s left me to say #GTTO and let’s support JC4PM2019











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