Keep reading for more info on our latest donation

Keep reading for more info on our latest donation

Hi folks OMG!!! 70th blog…

A big special hello to all the Collectibulldogs readers I hope your all safe and well where ever it is you are around the globe, OMG!!!

This is my seventieth Collectibulldogs blog and I only went online last August.
I think that has to be a deserving milestone and shows the commitment and passion I have to be able to warble on and on about one subject.

So looking back to my first blogs I now get what people mean when they say break up your content as it looks to blocky and as I was not the best at reading and writing growing up I’m sure there’s a few spelling mistakes too as I do not have a proof reader to edit my work.

My first blogs were crude in comparison to the content I put out now as weebly a year ago, had no blogging features for IOS so I had to use a half dead web book that took a week to warm up and frustrated the headache out of me.

Since the new features on the iPad for weebly I think my blogs have become better I have broken up elements of block text and I can add gallery’s and images now but still struggle as to when I start paragraphs etc.

Having a friend like Jools stone whom has written for the main national papers and freelances as a travel journalist comes in handy and I’m always Direct Messaging the fella for advice which he freely gives even though he can be busy he always finds time to reply and usually with much needed help.

Really chuffed at 70 blogs

Really chuffed at 70 blogs!

One of the downsides to all this blogging is the lack of responses to the subjects and topics bought up in the Collectibulldogs blogs.

I’m thinking most are to shy to respond or I’m not quite reaching my target demographic yet, with most readers being avid (and wonderful) admirers is brilliant but it would be nice to be needed more sometimes.

I have a wealth of knowledge that if correctly implemented could get you a cracking collection in less than a decade but as its early days and we are only eight months old, I’m sure my assistance will be needed more in time and as I get more established.

I will let you read on as there’s two mini blogs below with two collectors writing for Collectibulldogs…

Guest Blogger Australia


Hello collectors, I have often pondered on the price we pay for our collectables.

First and foremost the dilemma in deciding.

  1. What a pieces True Value is?
  2. What the sellers asking price is?
  3. What you are prepared to pay?

I know when I shop for anything, be it clothes or Jewelry or any item you may name, I like to have the information displayed, I can then make a decision of buying or giving it a miss.

If not ticketed you may be forced to engage with the sales person and endure the sales pitch.  I guess this is my desire to always like an up front aproach, hit me between the eyes with the facts and I’m happy.

I really admire the seller who puts a price on their items,  I see it as a win win for both party’s. But that’s only my opinion.

It’s also the sellers choice to perhaps barter and come to a Mutual Agreement that’s agreeable to both.

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To ascertain this is all so important to serious collectors. And help to find this out is readily available .This site is the most
Valuable to extract genuine help. You only have to ask . Eiffion has a wealth of information ,that’s there for the asking.
The age . Rarety. Value. And Branding .


I can’t say that I have ever bought a piece that I felt was overpriced as I believe I have made my choices by what I see and Love In front of me at the time. And that seems to always have made the cost come a last choice.
So have a happy time searching for those Special Pieces. Decide if your Heart or your purse guide you. I am sure you won’t Regret it which ever choice you make.

Guest Blogger New Jersey USA

Ed’s blog



Greetings fellow Bulldog fanatics!

This is Ed Hendlowitch from New Jersey in the USA, please remember I still have pieces I want to pass on and you can find a link to my facebook page through this website if you’re a collector and after some good vintage items, I post world wide!!!

I wanted to blog today about collecting.

Many people have collections of Bulldogs, but I often wonder about the focus of collectors.

I myself collect many things from Pez Candy to coins to toys and records. I always find myself going to garage sales and flea markets looking for stuff.

I also feed my habit by turning over items at flea markets and have tried having booths in some antique co-ops, but have not been successful at that.

I have also tried selling bulldog items at shows and that has been fairly successful.  I am in the process of exploring online sales and contacts, I have made thru Eiffion’s wonderful Collectabulldogs site.

His knowledge of Bulldog antiques is amazing and his collection is remarkable. There are pieces that I have never seen anywhere else.

[supsystic-gallery id=202]

To get back to the topic of collecting, what drives you in your collecting?

I have met many collectors who will collect anything with a bulldog. Others will specialize in ceramics by one or two manufactures.  Others only Royal Doulton. Others will specialize in new pieces made by an artist.

There are also some incredible paintings and watercolors and prints available. With all the choices what do you collect?

Please drop a line or post a picture or give a shout out about you collection.  Hope to post again soon.

Anybody know any good flea markets?

Me again

Thank you very much to my guest bloggers for wanting to contribute with your own views opinions and thoughts on the subject of collecting, it’s great as readers get to see more than one point of view namely mine.

I do so hope others pluck up the courage and want to do a guest blog I can say it will be read in over 30-40 different countries so far and a great way to show the world your treasures your views anything you wish to blog about really.

This Months Thank YOU’s

Bulldog museum Brighton

Ok so April has been really good to me and without the support help and assistance from others it would of made for a headache of a month otherwise.

Thank you to Norman Davis the book is a delight you sure are respected by us here at Collectibulldogs and the fact you thought of us when signing limited editions of your amazing book to give as gifts I think shows Collectibulldogs is starting to be taken seriously in the bulldog world.

Thank you to Theo and all at bullish mag we love seeing our adverts sitting side by side with the worlds best in your magazines and for those interested you can find links to Theo’s magazine in the links area Theo your a top fella.

​I cannot go without saying a big thank you to the Boston Terrier Network for allowing me to guest blog for your website, yes it is a different breed but that’s what makes guest blogging so good as the content is always fresh and informative and why I wished more guests blogged on my website.

Heres a link to the Boston terrier network the website is cool with a fresh layout and ease of use, a breed I would like to learn more about in the future

I have three thank yous left and two of them go to the two journalists currently working to do features on Collectibulldogs, I know one will be pitching hes story soon and I would be more than happy to send word out should we get the piece commissioned.

My last thank you is to all you great folk that read my blogs that have put up with my sloppy start the weebly date fiasco and other menacing issues, I do this as I know someone out there somewhere is reading well fingers crossed.

Till next time stay safe folks and happy collecting.

Please remember we love to be liked and shares are magic thank you