Update on Minnie bat thanksgiving blessings

Before I give an update on Minnie bat Top of the hour to my good friends across the pond. I’m off this week for America’s Thanksgiving Holiday. I’m spending my time cleaning the house, decluttering, getting rid of things with no more use, taking four of my pups to the vets for shots and blood checks, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles for an upgraded driver’s license and visiting my local town office to purchase the yearly dog tags. No fun for me—just work!

Update on Minnie bat thanksgiving blessings

Update on Minnie bat thanksgiving blessings A happy thanksgiving from us all here in Maine

I told you last month about Minnie Bat and her Rage Syndrome—a form of epilepsy.  Although I have been working with her using behavior modification methods, she still needs some help to focus and to “change the vibe.” After consultation with her veterinarian Dr. Mark Hanks of Kindred Spirits in Orrington, Maine, we have decided to hold off on the Phenobarbital, a fairly strong sedating barbiturate and start off with the Potassium-Bromide first.

Update on Minnie bat thanksgiving blessings Continued


P-B takes two months to work and will allow me to see how it alters her impulses. If all works out, I should see improvement by the end of January. Only then will we know if we had to add the barbiturate Phenobarbital to her regiment.

The potassium-bromide mixture has to be compounded by a compounding pharmacy and should arrive here sometime next week. I use two veterinary compounding pharmacies for two of my other pups Babe & Moses. Babe takes Trilostane for Cushings and Moses takes Tacrolite for his eyes. I have good luck with the quality of the compounded medicines so I am hopeful Minnie Bat will receive a good mixture.


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Update on Minnie bat thanksgiving blessings


Well It’s a cold windy day here in Lamoine Maine, with temperatures not rising much about 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be pleasant as it is very sunny out, but the wind is biting and relentless. As you can imagine, the Lamoine crew is roasting by the woodstove. Have a wonderful few weeks my dear friends and if you’re in the states, Happy Thanksgiving,
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Thank you from Minnie and myself.

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