Unreal bulldog figurines cause real empathy 2023

Unreal bulldog figurines

Unreal bulldog figurines create empathy in humans

Hi readers

I’d like to start by wishing everyone a very happy 2023 let’s hope for peace on earth a stop to war and more open dialogue with each other. Chains to much for some of our fans is looking into our own empathy levels for innominate objects

There will be links and some Research into this phenomenon I just thought it would be interesting to see why many not just a few turn away from liking posts that depict the bulldog wearing a chain a muzzle even a working bulldog from Spains past pulling a milk float does not appeal to our fellow bulldog antiques and collectibles collectors and enthusiasts.

Even if we agree that the bulldog in the past may of been more aggressive to other dogs or even that the bulldog has been taken for a walk and chained up outside a pub or a shop my point being due to the age of some pieces all history is doing is showing the Bulldog as it was two hundred years ago.

Common knowledge in the bulldog world and that’s the Bulldog club being formed to partly stop the breeding of English bulldogs with their larger Spanish cousins, this is not the sole purpose of the club but it was tasked with this, one piece here shows the Spanish bulldog pulling its milk cart but not idolised for what it is the opposite in fact if I’m correct.


Unreal bulldog figurines chains to much for some of our fans

Wanting to explore this idea of chains to much for some of our fans it was not the bulldog figurines in chains that prompted the idea but a watch and my bulldog bible that have or were misplaced I’ll tell you ! So for nearly two years I couldn’t find certain pieces to my collection and the for mentioned collectibles were the last to be found.

Crazy is a brilliant word to use when my watch was misplaced I spent night after night week after week trying to find it, I looked everywhere more times than I remember and the bonkers part is I looked in places a watch would never fit let alone get there, guess where I found my watch.

This summer I was clearing out my back garden and upon my shed roof was old plastic crates with some 3D pieces and a few other things, there was also a Mouldy black box and when I opened it eighteen months of soul searching let alone looking for these pieces just Blew away. The watch had been in water for two years and has started to corrode and had stopped working.

No I feel I’m very lucky because I have a architect and a civil engineer living next door and upstairs is a lawyer home in his spare time fixes watches and clocks so you can guess where I headed, yes I’m still waiting for this new look bulldog watch that has been changed the watch now works has a new outer face and a custom strap from Marseille in France is on its way to finish off the restoration.

So what makes us have these emotions unreal bulldog figurines 

Bulldog pulling a milk float

Unreal bulldog figurines here’s a stunning piece it’s just the subject matter

Let’s start with a bit of official information empathy for inanimate objects can be linked to a number of things including personification a form of (synasthesia) where a personality or emotion is attributed to an object, OCD or as a result of excess sensitivity or a Projection of feelings that can’t be given to a human being devoted to other things

Another is anthropomorphism this is the attribution of human characteristics and emotions into inanimate objects, so imagine anything from Toy Story to AI (artificial intelligence the film) this is the feelings emotions we get even rooting for something like a cartoon character CGI robot and I’ll say it here even Wallie is a very cute little fella.

Bulldog antiques collection

Unreal bulldog figurines
There’s empathy for pieces like this

So it is viable to say that both these traits are similar but look at the bigger picture ! we can watch and look for emotions at films which we know have been made to evoke them but what is it about the innominate objects that brings out empathy sympathy or anger, so now it gets interesting?


Post a Gif of Wallie the robot and there would be lots of likes wherever he got posted, do the same with a metal dog made two hundred years ago wearing a muzzle or chain and no one wants to know, so in fact people have more empathy for a CGI made character than they would a real object,obviously skill used making it and the biggest fact is that’s it’s depiction of the time it was made.

BREAKING CHAINS BREAKING GROUND unreal bulldog figurines 

Bulldog antiques

Unreal bulldog figurines
This bulldog is chained to the post. Maybe to protect from hurting other dogs who knows.

Where do I fit in this conundrum I think to myself, but as I know I’m diagnosed with OCD or excessive compulsive disorder and I am waiting for an assessment for Asperger’s these are two brilliant reasons why I cannot let go if I’ve lost or misplaced a part of the collection, it was the relief from the watch that gave me the strength of mind to have a break from searching for that last piece the bulldog bible.


Looking at the other angle yes of course I feel for any dog that’s mistreated I even rescue dogs so my empathy levels for real dogs is well real ! But if I saw a huebach puppy with a muzzle or a bronze Vesta of a bulldog with a chain on the object somewhere I’d look straight at the artistry.


Meaning no offence I haven’t got any issues with antiques looking like antiques even if this means that the object look like the depiction of how are you bulldogs may have looked or been used as a working dog in the 18 and 1900s, when I’m cleaning and I am polishing the bronze piece with the bulldog and the chain I feel proud that I own a beautiful piece of bulldogs history I don’t look at the inanimate object i’m not thinking to myself I really need to take the chain off that dog and let it go.


That’s how my emotions are mixed up in this crazy collecting world ! I’ll go stir crazy if I find a piece is missing and I understand that some pieces collected will evoke different emotions from different people and that’s all part of the joy of collecting, if you feel a certain way towards these objects or have issues around object loss write in I’d like to know I’m not alone.

Your own love of inanimate objects or unreal bulldog figurines 

Bulldog antiques

Unreal bulldog figurines
This piece may feel normal as it’s missing the chain. See ?

It’s unfair to always attribute or delve into the realms of mental health when these questions come up so I as someone with a mental health diagnosis have looked a little into the lives of so called normal people or those not diagnosed with a disorder to see what attachments are un deniable for them.

A home a building of bricks and mortar an object taking up ground but something billions of you absolutely love simplicity says for the ladies it’s about family,nesting those special memories and without sounding sexiest a home for the dad means hard graft a sense of future security for his family. No matter the excuse this is one of the most loved things in most lives.


The easiest one for the majority of the world is the Digital phone and gadgets that are Wi-Fi dependent, I’ve seen my own wife go stir crazy because the WiFi running half the home went off, it has eased off with The emergence of iCloud Google cloud and other storage servers so we don’t feel like someone has passed away when we lose our phones but that sense of loss is a mountable to the same emotions as having a wallet/ purse stolen or credit card used.


Taking us out of the other realms into sentimentality this could be heirlooms presents (people are not objects so they cannot be added) peoples cars tools of a trade even wedding rings all carry this sentimental value and it hurts if one was to get broken or lost, most people wouldn’t act like someone with OCD but would feel that awful feeling of loss. I remember spending hours down on Brighton beach when I lost my first ever dad ring and until today it feels gutting.


Many other dogs and dog jobs we don’t blink at !

Bulldog antiques

Unreal bulldog figurines another chained bulldog

Starting with the obvious and one of the oldest ways to travel is by sled that’s pulled by a pack of dogs ! How many celebs have been on your TV on a travelling program in a cold country being pulled about by dogs, the puns and situations are funny but no one thinks “hey that’s cruel to dogs”. Then there’s service dogs from police German shepherds put into the front line of crime often facing down criminals and getting hurt in the name of the service, when that car goes past no one thinks that the dog in the back could die today.


Australian cattle dogs that are trampled every year as the cattle drive is in full swing and when people go on holiday to say Australia and a dog is sniffing about folks think that’s a cute collie not “I hope he doesn’t ruin he’s nose today” as drugs and contraband often disguised with potent chemicals that ruin the dogs nose and sense of smell, I’ll quickly mention the dog meat trade as an example of modern cruelty to dogs and lastly the strays


Every country has them those dogs with no owner no life and an existence on the street they get hit by cars hurt by humans and you can see the terror in their eyes one documentary about strays in India had me in tears (that’s my empathy ) a dog with three legs and a torn off leg with bone showing was enough to make me think there is no justice and the world is a nasty place.

Stereotyping is not something that I do and I wish this segment to be seen as generic because these are the dogs that I have thought of myself that either have work or do you work in the public domain and are seen by the public every day, this segment I believe also shows that date has come into the equation if we saw A milk float that used a bulldog Today we may still feel angry about the fact but we see Dogs all the time working around us even on the TV in some kind of fashion or another


Movement could be the answer ! Unreal bulldog figurines!

We’ve looked at some facts and opened our eyes to why we love the objects around us to the point they cause emotion but to pinpoint between the differences I think movement has a part to play, it’s Jan 2023 and ironically there’s a movie out called MEGAN a artificial intellectual young girl, the same as many films that have come before unlike The longest day bulldogs on the beaches these films show the relationship between man and machine, the machine moves like a human and this is familiar to us but as a photo of a chastised dog or animal and a different feeling or emotion takes over.

When I post these to my SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS there’s hardly any interaction engagement not even a boo or negative comments it just sits there until you post on top, now do not get me wrong a few will look at the piece and think Wow these people are usually or do have an interest in the older bigger bulldog look and I suppose lots from that time look like the pieces shown.

Maybe I should leave a comment section box for people to answer with their own opinions around this subject as I feel it can be debatable specially in today’s world when we do see working dogs, also mental health is close to me and my life so to find out more about myself and the way I feel around situations it’s obviously something I am going to find interesting but I want to hear from my readers. not only will get getting comments help with the websites metrics it will show that people have understood the article I have written and in the way that I have written it.

lastly I would like to leave a couple of broke calls I’m hoping that people will click onto and read I am lucky that I am getting more organic traffic but it would be nice to have a better balance rate my domain authority is only 23 and I would like to start pushing that upwards by creating great content that is good enough for Google to see fit to add Us to the first page or help us with our keywords, thank you very much and until my next blog keep safe and keep well.

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