TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST My life here was a wonderful one ☝️

Hi readers near and far I needed to save face somehow and thankfully 😅 I can do that here where FREE SPEECH is still allowed as well as cute bulldog videos, so at collectibulldogs we were surprised to find out TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST !


Now Oe this is not even a recent post nothing morbid it was a post I tweeted over eight months ago when she was poorly, it’s embarrassing I’m getting emails and messages from friends across the world asking what’s up and why would Twitter do this.


The video in question could of been of me videoing wiggles before the knuckling and a song must of been playing on TV 📺 yet I was not told about this and awoke to find TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST, I was  I know I was annoyed and disgusted but not surprised 😱 in the slightest.


Twitter has had a vested interest in this for a while now, they’ve chased me around since wiggles died unfollowing my followers removing posts and the weirdest one ☝️ the automatic lockouts, like a peeping tom they seemed to know when I was asleep and lock my account stating suspicious 😒 behaviour, When is going to bed suspicious.




We love you super star sweet bulldog wiggles TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST

The reasons to us are infantile but whether or not you are a mental health sufferer I think it’s only fair to warn everyone that this format is more than just the like and retweet algorithm based format you all think it is, I have in my inbox contextual emails stating I’ve broken American federal law by copyright infringement


now I have complex mental health issues that may never go away but I’m not so stupid that I would go copyright in other peoples music and then posting it as if it was my own on social media that’s dumb yet apparently that’s what I’m being accused off.


In my my defence I have reached out to Twitter support from day dot when all the issues started I got no response whatsoever I even expressed if I were in the wrong for them to say so and assist me in being a better tweeter but NOTHING.


So to me me this is a smokescreen to get off of Twitter and the formats been systematically cyber bullying my page until our suspension, for those that don’t do Twitter my tweets were of wiggles until she passed then he let her lie in peace and started posting Porscha instead.


Twitters removed material and us too


The cheeky part to all this is we never heard anything until we saw an email stating they had taken the material down if this is the case then why suspension after and without warning ⚠️ either one minute it’s emails stating who’s best to follow the next is Sumall saying you have no impressions for weeks and then that email 📧


we have suspended your account mr Ashdown ! That’s all I got with lots of law jargon now with the seriousness of online influence and all the bad people out there could any law be bothered chasing up a misplaced or retweeted post I do not think so.

Google business account project

Twitters format should be ashamed like I’ve stated when I realised there was an issue I reached out but Twitter nether and now my page sits idol as I lose the trust of over two hundred thousand followers but do not fret my core will come back when I decide what I want to do and most of the other followers were to satisfy an OCD wish of 200k.


Our web designer 👩‍🎨 has said he will create pages where I need them on the new website so I’ll be back on Twitter but this time only collectibulldogs related and just keep to retweeting my mutuals then come off there’s no life to be had stuck on social media platforms and now I’m going to be a dad I have much more important responsibilities now.


Let’s break sick twitters algorithm down then !


Lets break it down then ? I started my Twitter account in 2015 and by last year I was at 216 thousand followers a decent retweet count and lots of likes ! When wiggles died the format changed and I went from a confident account to one getting automatic lockouts and loosing followers.


Ive seen it all on Twitter and it’s not pixelated the dog meat trade cruelty to animals even animal spieces fights, natural disasters don’t count but a video of a snake eating a puppy is ok 👌 in Twitters eyes or war torn countries with heads blown off (yes it’s that graphic ).

Why is Twitter so toxic?

Then theres the politics OMG I’m not sure how the Americans keep up but retweet the wrong American parties tweet and you can easily loose a few hundred followers, there are the bot accounts the fake news accounts the Phishing scam accounts even webcam has found its way on Twitter.


And TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST now I think that’s a total shambles and I hope you think so too, Twitter should be safeguarding us against the accounts I’ve mentioned yet they have directly taken it upon themselves to oust us instead of the pervs and dweebs instead.


What’s my point then


Well it’s easy Twitter caters for wrongful behaviour it harbours pornographic material and shows death 💀 in all forms, it allows political views to rule how the format is run and if your not verified on Twitter unless your one of these gross pages then twitter couldn’t give a monkeys 🐒 bleep about you.


My wiggles was poorly eight months ago I wouldn’t of done any parodies or things that  constitute copyright infringement and it makes me so angry 😤 that after the year I put into looking after her that her passing has caused us so much more grief and by the hands of Twitter a place that’s meant to be safe.


So in summery Ary you can post sex violence political agendas even hate campaigns but you cannot post pics or posts of an ill dog (I really feel for wiggles memory over this and would like to swear but that’s not going to help, I hope others see the injustice here too.


This is was a video put up 2 thirds of a year ago it was of a bulldog and as it’s wiggles she was most probably doing just that and wiggling her behind, I’m also thinking I’ve posted so many over the years why have they picked now to flag anything up but yet the depravity on Twitter continues whilst I’m suspended.

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