Hi fellow bulldog collectors and readers in general I thought that I could turn the tables on you wonderful people in this blog, I would like to ask or invite you to write in about your best and most adored pieces.

They can be bias pieces that we have from our own nippers school efforts they bring home to that special something that dangles around your neck or wrist.

It could be old vintage and sentimental or even a new modern piece you found at your local super market or tat store.

I know for most its our real furry friends we adore the most but this is for the not so furry pieces you have. As I know some of the readers I would love to see your comments come up you all put up fantastic posts on face book and I’m still hoping some of you come forward for me to do a blog.

For those that have a collecting tale to tell or like me has purpose behind the collection then please write in and share your stories with everyone and share some inspiration to others, I feel when I’m asked for advice or to assist in selling pieces its because I’m starting to get known for what I do but I do not have all the knowledge and other long term collectors could tell a bit about how they started and how they got to the cabinet full of their beloved collectibles that they have now.

Its a shame I cannot name people and call them out as I know a lot of folks with great collections the world over I just think they are unsure of this word we call blog, I do not mind starting and as a father I have to start of course by saying the pencil holder and metal bulldog object are my bias daddy pieces but beyond that my I do not actually own the piece I have liked the most any more.

I sent over to my friend Janet. I did this as I would rather sell it than accidently chip break or drop it  and deal with collectors heart ache, this piece was the ROSAL girl and her dog piece everything about it the piece just screams quality with a little of the cute factor to set it apart from all others I have known or owned…