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Third time lucky

Third time lucky wow that’s a great selection of pieces

Hello readers I hope your well and safe, this article on third time lucky is about how the right contacts can make your day and others not so much, without sounding rude I’ve had two previous engagements I’ve had to turn down.
It’s not nice being told how much your collection maybe worth and when approached I am honest so two deals have not happened due to the massive gap between the seller and ourselves a collection is truly worth (in private circles) what a buyer is prepared to pay.

So about this third time lucky

Third time lucky

Some really interesting pieces

After turning down these deals one wanting two thousand pounds for which we could not pay we got a message from a collector / seller ie a contact and he wants funds for a vacation to America so instead of trying to sell at fairs he came to us.
We have met this contact before “he taught me something actually” I never knew huebach the standing piece came in different sizes just like the seated version and I bought his pieces completing my set of three.

Third time lucky very lucky indeed

I’m happy to be open from the offset and say I’m paying one hundred and eighty pounds for this collection, the seller wants 150 and is delivering so I’ve added 30 pounds on top and ten is for delivering and the extra is to say thank you and for him to enjoy a beverage on us whilst on his travels.
There’s a part in my ebook about contacts and how useful they can be and it’s great to build up a type of prestige where even if I’m not the buyer people are coming to Collectibulldogs to find information on selling their pieces which we help for free but alas two sellers did not want such help after I turned down the amounts wanted.

All sorted and ready to go

Third time lucky

Pieces from the offer

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton

The logistics of moving so many pieces is brilliant when the contact offers to deliver it can save money on hire purchase for the day and saves hundreds from going to a delivery company that just shrug their shoulders when your pieces turn up well in bit and pieces.
With this hoard and the Royal Copenhagen piece I might leave getting more pieces in till next year I get offers all the time but they are either too expensive or just not what Collectibulldogs is looking for, we can’t wait to add these to our ever growing object family.

Needs a ladies touch

Third time lucky

From antiques to resin pieces some will end up in charity shops

Bulldog museum Brighton

Some great pieces mixed in

Bulldog museum Brighton

So now that’s over 150 new pieces which most of will go into the collection and in another article I’ve described how the room will end up looking with an area in the middle for more pieces and for Display purposes ( I’m fed up with sending the paper second rate pics lol).
Debbie will go in once the delivery has arrived with the task of Re arranging pieces so all or as most of the collection can be put into segments, this helps with my blogging for pictures and of course putting the same antiques together looks good especially when they are all different.

Articles still getting published

Third time lucky

Cannot ever give up dad you’ve got something here don’t quit on bulldogs dude

Even though I’ve been ill recently and needed to push myself to get these articles out I feel as a blogging website it’s a duty of sorts to keep publishing, if there is a lapse in blogging it’s because I’ve had a lapse myself and blogging would be the last thing on my mind.
Saying that keep the faith as this article and others show I bounce back, for example this article will have been written with two others and I’m publishing all three at the same time.  This I hope makes up for any delay in my continuing quest to get my promo out I hope you’ve enjoyed the articles shown and happy collecting.
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