7 Things You Didn’t Know About The EnglishBoston Bulldog

English-Boston Bulldog

7 Things you didn’t know about the English-Boston Bulldog English-Boston Bulldog Guest post article


English-Boston Bulldog hi readers If you have an interest in kennel friends, you must have heard about designer breeds. Due to the unique needs of every owner, designer breeds are high in demand. Some pet parents love to have an innocent companion, while others desire a stout pooch. No matter what your requirements are, getting a designer breed is now possible. 


We will shed light on one of these breeds today, which is the English Boston Bulldog. The breed enjoys great fame but most owners are not fully aware of their personality. For those looking to bring this breed home, this article is a must-read!


History Of The EnglishBoston Bulldog 


This hybrid breed is a combination of the English Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. Both of them are official breeds. Bulldog has a vicious nature while the English Boston is known for its gentle attitude. When combined, they present a personality with a moderate temperament. 


English-Boston Bulldog here’s some facts so let’s go 


1. You Will Find Them Naughty And FunLoving 


If you love a playful companion, this dog is the right choice for you. They won’t let you get bored as they keep you busy with their mischievous acts. Don’t be scared after seeing your shredded shoes. It’s the dog at your home who did it. This breed wants plenty of toys and attention. If you fail to fulfilthis, they will take other things to play with. 


Furthermore, people often call them social animals. They are family dogs and may get depression if you leave them alone. If you are doing a full-time office job and don’t have others to take care of the dog, don’t bring them home. 


2. They Cannot Bear Extreme Weather Conditions 

English-Boston Bulldog

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English-Boston Bulldog

Though these dogs are known for their stout personality, they are sensitive. Since their coat is not too thick, facing harsh weather conditions becomes difficult for them. If it is an extremely hot climate, make sure to keep them indoors. And keep them in a cold room by turning on the cooling system. Otherwise, they can easily get hit by the heat stroke. 


Even if is an extremely cold climate, they can get sick. In this case, too, you need to keep them indoors and provide a warm temperature. Thus, in harsh climatic conditions, these dogs should be kept inside the house. 


3. They Have A Sensitive Stomach 


When you want to understand a hybrid breed, always look at their ancestors. Since their ancestors used to have stomach problems, they are also prone to it. Therefore, refrain from giving them scrap or trying out new things in huge quantities. 


When you want to try something new, always start slowly. Keep an eye on their digestion and then ass them regularly in their diet. You cannot try out meals filled with heavy carbohydrates; they won’t digest it. 


Stomach disturbances will make them frustrated and they won’t like staying in your house anymore. 


4. Their Intelligence And Emotional Support Are Remarkable 


You will be amazed to see how intelligent these adorable are. In no time, they can detect your emotions and start showing love. For couples who stay at home or singles who want a companion, English-Boston Bulldogs are the best option. 


Because of their emotional attention, they are known for their loyal nature. They won’t leave you in difficult times and always show support. Therefore, if you want to have a dog with whom you can spend the rest of your life, you can consider this hybrid breed. Show love to this dog and you will find more love, empathy, and care in return. 

English-Boston Bulldog let’s keep going

English-Boston Bulldog

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Porscha is a mini bulldog but has been mistaken for both the Boston terrier and the English-Boston Bulldog

5. Training Them Is Not An Issue 


Thankfully, training these smart and loveable dogs is not an issue. But you need to show patience and love. Positive reinforcement is the right tactic to deal with them. Like other dogs, they also make mistakes in the beginning. Don’t show frustration. 


Ignore their mistakes and show love. Treating them like a small baby can teach them many things in less time. Remember, they are people-pleasers and will try hard to make you glad. 


When training these dogs, keep small treats with you. Also, don’t forget to stay patient and calm. All they need is encouragement and affection.

6. They Change When They Grow


As a pup, you will find these dogs more playful and mischievous. However, they display a change in their nature as they grow. Adult English Boston Bulldogs are more serious. They don’t always rush to play and want a comfortable place to rest. 


Therefore, if you are fed of winding up with their toys, it’s just for some time. And if their serious nature is making you feel bored, you can always bring another pet at home. After a few dogs, they can mingle with others and have a good time. 


7. You Need To Take Care Of Their Facial Skin 


Their ancestors used to have wrinkles on their faces. That is why you will see the same wrinkles on them. These wrinkles block the blood flow from getting into their eyes. But the folds of the wrinkles require acute care. Any negligence can result in infections and other diseases. 


Be careful of the signs of infection. Their nose tends to fold when the infection begins. Always take them to the vet when you notice any of these symptoms. Also give them a regular bath, dry them with a soft towel, and maintain their hygiene. 


Wrapping It Up 

English-Boston Bulldog

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English-Boston bulldog guest post article

In short, this hybrid breed displays a loveable and affectionate personality. All they need is your love and attention. They are ideal for big families where giving them time is not an issue. 


And, for those, who are looking for dogs that are easy to train, they are a good option. Show some love and encourage them, you will find these intelligent pets quick at learning. 


But they require a lot of maintenance. In harsh weather situations, you need to keep them inside the house and provide an appropriate temperature. The wrinkles on their face also require proper cleaning and hygiene. 


If you are ready to have this high-maintenance breed and want to enjoy their companionship, think no more about taking the decision!

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