The Very Best Bully Sticks for Dogs: What To Consider When Buying Them

Dogs, regardless of their breed and size, love to chew. For puppies, chewing is their own way of exploring and learning new things. Chewing is also an avenue for dogs to relieve themselves from pain which is usually associated with tooth eruption. Additionally, dogs resort to chewing whenever they’re bored, anxious and even depressed. However, when your dog chews inedible items such as your shoes and furniture, their behavior can become the reason why you’d experience unwanted stress and pay for additional costs – you’d be stressed because you’d be worried about their health and you have to shell out money for the repairs of these damaged items. If you don’t want to get caught in the cycle of scolding your dogs for chewing inedible items, consider giving bully sticks to them. These treats might be the only solution you’ll need to stop your dog’s excessive chewing.


Bully sticks are made from 100% beef muscle and only contain one ingredient – beef pizzle. Unlike other treats, bully sticks provide a long list of benefits to your canine friends. Bully sticks are healthy treats, can promote your dog’s dental health and because these are made from natural ingredients, bully sticks are also digestible and safe for all dogs. If you’re planning to purchase bully sticks to alleviate your dog’s chewing issues while taking advantage of other benefits, consider the following when you’re buying:

1. Free-range beef: If you want to buy the very best bully sticks for dogs, look for ones which are made from 100% natural free-range beef or grass-fed beef. Usually, these are cattle from the United States, Canada, and Brazil. When you buy bully sticks from these countries, you can guarantee that these were made from high-quality beef and have passed the necessary inspection from food authorities. Lesser quality bully sticks are made from cattle which were raised in China and India.
2. Chemical-free: Carefully read the information provided in the packaging of the bully stick to make sure that it doesn’t have any chemicals. Most often than not, cattle are given antibiotics or growth hormones in order to achieve the weight needed for production so stray away from those. Additionally, you should also avoid buying bully sticks which use chemicals to preserve the product or hide its natural odor. You can also consider looking for bully sticks reviews to make the process easier for you. Always choose bully sticks which are naturally made and chemical-free rather than inferior products which used chemicals to fasten the process.
3. Size: And while bully sticks are healthy treats, you should still pay attention to the size you’re giving to your dog. Bully sticks contain very high protein. An excessive amount of protein might cause loose stools which can put your dog’s health at risk. This can become a problem especially if your dog isn’t house trained. Always consider the size of the bully stick you’re buying. This size should be appropriate for your dog’s age and nutritional needs – buying a bully stick which is either too big or too small for your dog can only cause more harm than good.


When you’re about to give the bully stick to your dog, it’s best if you do it in a gradual manner. Have your dog chew the bully stick for about 30-60 minutes, take it away and offer it again some other time. Doing this allows your dog’s gut microbiome to adjust to the diet which helps prevent any digestive problems.


4. Calorie content: Several businesses produce and manufacture bully sticks. And while these treats are made from the same ingredients, the calorie count of these products might vary. If you own a dog who’s overweight, you should be keen on the calorie count of the bully sticks you’re about to buy. As much as possible, opt to buy bully sticks which have low or minimal calorie content. You don’t want these treats to cause weight issues to your dog.


Bully dogs chew

5. Price: As a pet owner, you have to allocate a budget for your dog’s meals, medicines, and routine check-ups. Compromising any of these might adversely affect your dog’s well-being. When buying bully sticks, only buy ones which are suitable for your budget. High-priced bully stick products might seem like an obvious choice, but if it’ll require you to make drastic adjustments to your dog’s budget, like skip your dog’s check-up, it’s not the best way to go. Look for bully sticks which are made from high-quality ingredients and has a reasonable price tag – these two should be proportionate with each other.


Consider New Solutions


Living with a dog can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. It’s rewarding because you’ll have a companion who can share your happiness and struggles with you. Dogs can also be your source of happiness especially if you treat them like family and friends. And during challenging times, such as when you’re having problems with your dog’s chewing, you should exhaust time and effort to look for possible solutions. Giving your dog bully sticks might seem like a new practice but if it does correct your dog’s chewing problem, go ahead and give it a try. You’ll never know how bully sticks can help you unless you try, right?

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