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Wife’s eye view lol

hi there readers, I hope all are safe and well, after some really hot weather and a bump to the head I’m struggling ATM to write up good content for you folks to read so I thought why not as for my wife’s view or opinion on the exhibition currently running.

My wife’s blog really

My wife’s views are her own and I did take both my girls down to the museum to see the display, understandably my daughter was a little embarrassed to see the pieces she either bought or made me there but overall I think it was a success, my wife’s pride was noticeable.


The first ever doggiest of dog Bulldog collections went on display at Brighton Museum on the 26th May.

The lead up to the exhibition was long awaited, but when the day of the launch arrived, well what can I say.It was AMAZING! It was a lot better than I had imagined.

The dogs exhibiting

My husbands collection can be found by visiting Brighton museum

Eiffion’s collection was up on display for people to see.All the pieces were carefully chosen.There was some special prized bulldog pieces that were chosen especially for the exhibition from our daughter that she had either made or bought for her dad.To see this pieces on display made it even for special.


To see Eiffions display start like this

Bulldog museum Brighton

Each doggie piece was carefully displayed on there own shelf behind glass doors.Time and carefulness was used to place each piece on there own separate shelf, on mounts if needed. Each doggie piece was labelled so you knew what country it was made in or from and the date of when it was made.

There was also a Bulldog slide show, which made the exhibition even more great.It was showing slides of how the bulldog breed has changed over a number of years. It was really good to watch the slide show and finding out how much the breed has changed over the last few years.


To seeing a full cabinet of he’s pieces was a little emotional

Bulldog museum Brighton

My favourite doggiest dog pieces of the exhibition was of course the pieces from our daughter.To see these on display in our local museum for many people to see was very special.

There was also the biggest doggiest of white bulldogs for visitors to sign, that had come to see the exhibition. Seeing it with lots of signatures in different colours was amazing. This piece is going to be auctioned off to raise money for the museum mentors which Eiffion is a part off.

I am really proud of Eiffion’s achievement of having some of his bulldog collection exhibited at our local museum were many visitors come from all over the country, world to see different displays. To be given this opportunity is amazing. I couldn’t be more prouder.


Ive asked ave to input some pics but he’s waiting to cover the whole exhibition

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton

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please note there will be some upcoming changes to the website the forum wasn’t being used so with new formats to find interest in I put the idea forward to my web designer for a YouTube page instead, we will not swamp you with clips but as I enjoy making them it’s a good way of showcasing the collection and making funny videos of wiggles.

I will post one before I go it’s being used ATM to tell folks I’m happy to do these for them (I used my own pics) and to be honest these formats are the way forward if I want to reach out, the other page Funny pics I’m torn about. My friends helped me start up this page hoping you folks would submit your pets but it never materlised and I don’t just want to wipe the page out, one idea is gather the pictures up make a video and have it as a permanent fixture on the YouTube page.

My last idea I think is a good one but I’m still not fully sure if I will be going ahead with it, COLLECTIBULLDOGS owns what is called the standard of the bulldog and this 16 page booklet from 1913 is the Mecca of books in bulldog world, wouldn’t be nice if I could get it scanned and put out onto the interweb world each having THIER own copy, anyway just food for thought at the moment.

We got our first comment come through today I was actually excited lol and now we have a certified website with additional safety features and cookies 🍪 it’s as safe as ever to send in any messages and I’ll respond when I see them thank you.  Till next time folks happy collecting

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