The Doorbell from Hell


That doorbell from Hell done me again


Good day / evening readers I hope as always your all well safe and warm now winter ❄️ approaches, The Doorbell from Hell is not a tale of some antique bulldog piece with a story of woe behind it but our actual doorbell at home.


After we moved to the new place we did not think we would have neighbors that’s friends are so stupid I’m using such words due to being tired emotionally drained and fed up, we all have a buzzer type doorbell and there’s only three apartments so how can so many get just three numbers so mixed up.

Why the Doorbell from Hell


I had to carry wiggles down the stairs where we live check the pictures in this article and imagine carrying a bulldog both down then back up from the vets, Yet again our buzzer / doorbell gets pressed by everyone except ourselves and it’s never for us, either flats two and one or the postman, we cannot deny them access but the landlord should really have a tradesmen button not us as a butler service.


When that noise goes “so does wiggles” with new found confidence she leaps off or runs too the Buzzer or stairs leading to our door and in the process damages her paw 🐾, the first and second time was bad enough but this problem is causing wiggles pain and us out of pocket each time.

Backbreaking wet nursing 🤱


Yep yet again one lame wiggles


If you have a bulldog you’ll know keeping the more mature bulldog rested is easy they like to be pampered even when poorly that’s the easy part, hand feeding and giving water 💦 is doable where your / our wiggles lies but toilet 🚾 matters are completely different.


Thankfully we live in an open plan so I don’t have to travel to far carrying our Bulldog to the toilet 🚽 pads (she cannot go out at the moment) so we use them and dispose of ASAP, I stay up all night waiting for the sign she needs the loo then it’s the back breaking task of getting to the loo and back.

How to deal with the doorbell from Hell


So I’m not the violent type I never have been but I have to admit that continually seeing my wiggles in pain and often having to double up on my own pain relief as well as deal with the unstable emotional personality disorder I am inclined to go have a word with them, politely like.


Our landord can only help with one apartment and the one flat that this so called mistake happens with he does not own so has no control, we’ve put up our name by the doorbell from Hell and it still happens I feel like I’m losing the will to live not being able to do much about it plus the lack of rest isn’t helping.

Get well soon wiggles


Get well soon wiggles folks are sending their love 💗


Please send love 💖 and prayers to wiggles even if your not religious she needs to get better and I personally on a mentally ill level cannot take the empathy the frustration and sheer tiredness, I wished sometimes we moved somewhere else but as it was a quick thing we had no choice.


Hopefully by resting wiggles best we can (remembering things like nails fold) she will get over being lame we can learn from this even put in a complaint asking the RSPCA to advocate between us the landlord and the neighbors to get their friends to hit the right bell and not the DOORBELL FROM HELL.

While your here


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Lastly to collectors

Collectibulldogs recently kept to its Christmas commitment and donated Two full boxes 📦 of Bulldog memorabilia and some jewellery from a silver business venture we once had, this is for our local bulldog auction and raffle and all will make money for the bulldogs.

Have a gander yourselves right here to see what’s been donated and how you can get to the page where this all takes place, there are other donations from others so there’s lots to look at bid on or buy tickets for, ideal for those on a budget but lots of fun all round and a great cause, happy collecting.

Check us out at Collectibulldogs on YouTube



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