The collection is on the move AGAIN !

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

Hi Readers how are you ? The collection is on the move AGAIN ! It’s true we are moving not just the collection around but to a new home one where we can redisplay


The new apartment came up at the beginning of the year and after having a newborn princess in December our luck could not get any better


We were in the process of seeking to change accommodation after the birth but that would’ve taken either months or maybe years and in a city dominated by student Accommodation there is emphasis on getting lifelong residents to move out of Brighton


Luck is really shining down on us this 2020 and when debs should we take it I did not hold back it’s a chance of a new life and compared to where we currently live the specs are fantastic making for a real cozy new pad

Empathy for others

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! Nice long hallway for cabinets

Before I talk about The collection is on the move AGAIN ! I’d like to state a fact that’s been burning ever since I was told, seeing the homeless on the streets is hard enough but knowing you’ll be ok as others suffer is quite heart wrenching


Brighton council has jumped into bed with Sussex university and student accommodation is springing up everywhere they are squeezing as many students into square footage as possible and pushing out local residents


From incentives to move west or north have been known to be granted and owners / tenants of larger four to five bedroom council properties are being financially persuaded to move as far as Scotland or Wales many to towns and cities now failing themselves.


Not having to move town Means I can breath easy now but when we do move in I will spend a few days reflecting on how lucky we are compared to the thousands of families waiting for a decent home, 2020 started big for us and we hope Lady Luck is on her way to those that deserve some luck.

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! A new home 🏠

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

We get to stay in the city of Brighton

After the loss of wiggles and before our beautiful sienna came along I was miserable I had no mojo and did not see a future past the current situation we are in, so when my wife said we had been offered a decent spec apartment I got very excited but pessimistic.


It was to good to be true we had been told sienna would bring us good luck this year but the 3rd of January is starting early lol, the chance to bring up sienna in a nice apartment with room for the collection too it’s all very thrilling.


We’ve started packing already the tenant there leaves on the 31st and then the keys are ours ALL OURS and we get to live in a cozy home that not only has a nice open plan front room / kitchen but also has a GARDEN omg a garden the first ever home with outdoor space.


The implications to this move are very beneficial to the whole family, with supermarkets parks drs shops bus stops a taxi rank and a ten minute walk to the beach it’s perfect! I can go back to Brighton Museums to work and debs can again be part of the local school our first daughter went to all those years ago.

Never give up or in !

The reason I say this is for one important message I’ve always wanted to awake to a bright sunny morning sit outside drink a tea read a paper and think how I can make the most out of the next 16 hours ! I’m now nearly 42 and my simple dream is finally becoming a reality.


I never thought I would be able to display my collection again or any time soon but the fact that I can now means renewed vigour in both collecting and the article writing side my wife has been helping me hold on, it’s easy to dismiss your own identity when a new born appears


now I was ready to really give on a few occasions and why I still have a Community psychiatric nurse to oversee a care plan, the anxiety of living in our current place made me ill very ill ! PTSD sufferers have triggers that can create destructive behaviour and the communal stairs have become my trigger.


So unlike me I urge anyone not to give up if it’s deserved it will come to you just believe more (unlike me) there’s now a future in my head that does not consist of giving up giving in and I’m even starting therapy to pull my illness back from the abyss I was pessimistic and weak you should show more resilience than I did


The apartment specs ! Lots of room to display

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! Perfect for our little family

Our current apartment is in the sky yep we live up many flights of stairs in a two hundred year old building and the stairs are so narrow and twisted we could not move in with our own furnishings, the new apartment comes furnished or we can ask the landlord to take away.


The apartment is a two large sized bedroom apartment with storage and a back garden there’s also a street patio perfect for catching the late after noon sun as it rises over the house, the spec to the home is a cross of modern and a little dated we’ve been given permission to make it our home


separate bathroom and toilet is a game changer our daughter lives in the current bathroom/ toilet and now she cannot be in both at once giving others access to either room when she’s not using it, the wooden flooring throughout will help with breathing and is easier to clean / maintain than a carpet especially with pets

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

2 decent sized bedrooms


The bathroom I said I’d update and the landlord is going to refresh the kitchen other than that it’s a ready made apartment brilliant for a young family with two cats and an over excited mini bulldog whom will end up loving more freedom and playing with her new sister out in the summer sun

Our very first outdoor space !

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! With a garden great stuff

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! And too a home with a GARDEN! Why the excitement over a garden? We’ve never had any of our own outdoor space if you ask my wife about the garden a reply would involve how much she’s wanted to actually hang washing in the fresh air


The garden like the apartment for where the collection goes will get broken up into segments and landscaped so that sienna is playing in an area we know the dog would not use as a toilet, I’d like to raise up a compost bed too and teach my daughter how things are grown.

Im also excited to be able to get the camera back out and shoot the wildlife that life’s among the many trees behind our garden! There will be a Wendy house a swing and maybe a little trampoline added to the garden but not until our baby is ready to venture into the big outdoors

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

Lovely and secluded

Taking the shed in the garden or using the storage shed means I can also get back into woodwork I really enjoyed limited editions when I was there and would like to emulate the person I was then making furniture and useful objects from scratch, I’ve never had a shed before again excited

Re displaying the collection

2019 wow what a year at collectibulldogs

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! It will never look this cramped again

With so much new space and storage collectibulldogs can be displayed throughout the apartment with each space taking up a sub section of the collection, the venture has been a passion of love from the whole family so our collection is our identity.


Being able to see the pieces will help with inspiring new articles and the visitors from those articles will spur me on to keep adding to collectibulldogs until I think one day it’s time to stop or hopefully the girls may wish to take over

The collection is on the move AGAIN !

We cannot wait to get the keys and move in

I remember articles like Snapping it then packing it where I was complaining about having to photograph the collection then pack it away after and at the time I was really annoyed but as I see my collectibles all packed ready to go there’s a sense of relief where it’s all packed away


This apartment was never going to be ideal for owning a collection like collectibulldogs wether it was the lack of room the bowing floors and even the washing machine vibrating all the pieces on the selves we encountered issues whatever we tried.

Lastly and most importantly

As a father a collector a curator or just me I’ll still be taking my mental health issues with me to this new place so I’m really pinning my hopes on a new lifestyle equals a new life I’ll never get over the disorder I have but to be happy truly happy would be a blessing and complete my family.

A new home is always exciting but to someone with issues like PTSD EUPD and other complex disorders a change can be harrowing, not knowing the place or neighbours ! whom to trust, all the new noises that will have an effect on my Hypervigilance even the fact there’s two entrances to the home will have an anxious effect at first

There is no real reason why we cannot bring our girls up at the new home in peace with the school so close debs will make more friends our eldest will be off to university that gives us plenty of time to get the baby settled and do any cosmetic work to the home before I return to work.

So here’s to a fresh start we are humbled by this opportunity and grateful to stay close to the ones we love, A new year A new Baby A new home and the Doris Linder pups in the post life couldn’t get any better, see you over there folks.

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