Thank you Brighton Argus

Thank you Brighton Argus

our Second appearance in the Brighton Argus

Thank you Brighton Argus, Hi there readers I hope your all well and safe out there after being knocked for six it’s time to put the professional hat back on and say a proper thank Brighton Argus for giving Collectibulldogs the coverage and in record time.

The online insults from locals we so driven towards trolling I felt my last article was a bit to ungrateful and I’m here now to say Thank you Brighton Argus it was kind of you to cover me again with the offer of ongoing coverage if Collectibulldogs grows.

It’s all great thank you Brighton Argus

It does not matter what people think it took me a few days to get my head around this I felt like a complete failure for a while and it’s taken mental tenacity on a new level for me to swallow this and continue, so with saying that the article itself was a complete success and goes in our media portfolio
Adding to heart FMs interview and another of our local papers (online) as well as being seen on TV I cannot grumble as most wannabe social enterprises, start ups or even entrepreneurs find it hard to get advertising and we all know bulldogs are not the easiest to promote but I shall endeavour.

Thank you Brighton Argus and the public too

Thank you Brighton Argus

Hopefully the paper will regulate comments a bit better online now

I got tonnes of support the days after the article published from friends on Facebook vocalising the dismay at the discussed some of the comments left to Brighton museum getting involved as some comments had breached the papers own ethical standards the paper has been totally cooperative.
So a massive thank you to social media, my own little army that know me better than others and even strangers thank you for having my back, I did write down a few daily routines and apart from needing to move more I have a busy day most days it’s just how it’s perceived and I also take many meds which doesn’t help.

Met a similar me so was worth it

I was contacted by a gentleman after my article had gone out I admit it felt intrusive at first but this gentleman has the rarer OCD magical thinking disorder like I do so after a first meeting with this fella with my carer there just for risk assessment I hope that we can help each other.
So to me there’s positives to come from the article my back just went up and instead of doing a blog saying Thank You Brighton Argus I felt bad so reacted maybe to strongly yet I’m a serious advocate for mental stigma so I let my anger get the better of me.

Moving onwards now

I’ve had my man tantrum I’ve thickened my skin and I’ve learned from all this so let’s move onwards and upwards, I think this is the second time I’ve got back up from being knocked down I still have everything I just know now the extent of naivety and negativity that can come with trying to get exposure.
Silly me No! I’m exactly knowing why I have to work double hard there’s quite a few to list but let’s just say mental health and the Bulldog breed in its promoting is like trying to sell insurance or make your commission as a door to door sales man it’s not impossible but very hard work 😓


Well I hope this Thank you to the Brighton Argus will go a small way to showing my true appreciation and next time I’ll be ready for any negativity, your kind to cover a hobby collector and other than regulating your online service more I recommend you to those in Brighton and further afield.
Thanks again to my super group you bunch of die hard friends really helped my shoulders to get the shrugging needed and now it’s back to finding normality and get some content moving on this site, please remember we appreciate all blog comments and urge you to leave one thank you.
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