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Reaching out to twitter let me introduce myself

Hi readers I am aiming this blog at the twitter demographic but wish to say I hope all are safe and well, today’s a Thursday so for me that means a few hours of art I wonder what all you wonderful people are doing.

Please note part of this blog is to explain that I’mnot a business even if I promote like one I do not sell and the collection is museum listed.


I started out my media life on Facebook like many others but unlike many others it took me much longer to get used to twitter when I joined its highs and lows and the differences between the two formats excluding hash tags had me at a disadvantage it takes me a while to understand some things.

Due to the massive delay in starting to use twitter I feel unlike Facebook with its amazing excepting groups twitter is harder to use but the growth potential can only be matched by Facebook groups and pages, even second profile accounts as the highest follow count is 5000 per person.


Facebook page,unlike Twitter only 5000 Fs

I’ve really started to enjoy twitter, just like Facebook you end up with a core of friends that you interact with and some folks like myself enjoy the retweeting and interactions on the format and classed as active, as the same with Facebook trust is key when making acquaintances and I’ve already done a swap my first on the format.


So twitterers the premise behind this blog is to explain what Collectibulldogs is, where it’s going, and what it means to me and my family, I’m hoping after I’ve written this more people will understand my posts and fingers crossed the explanation will gain me favour with likes and retweets.

At the moment I’m relying on a small core of followers and hashtags just like #AtSocialRT to get my tweets out and when I retweet I continue till I get a time out, on a good week there’s plenty of blue notifications thanking me for being a top influencer.


We have a great Instagram following even borrowing our posts

I do all my own self promoting, make videos and ads, help others, share urls and do my best to adhere to DM requests the best I can, I also offer blogging for guests and website link exchanges to share online traffic. I also help share posts across medias but you need to tell me 👍.


I’m guessing that most seasoned twitterers have seen bulldogs on the feed and for as long as twitter has been running way before I joined, then all of a sudden ornamental,antique,and quirky bulldog memorabilia pieces just start appearing along side a cute bulldog with a cute name.

It all started and was all down to an incident where I was seriously hurt some years back, it left me with mental health issues and the medication I take meant that I could not be gainfully employed, I have OCD, PTSD, and unstable emotional personality disorder, I take 4 pills twice a day it’s a drag but I survive.

I started the collection out of the blue about six or seven years back and only slowed down this year due to being busy, the purpose of the collection is so that I can put my only daughter through university get her grades and chase her dreams.

Coming from a poor family myself I know what it’s like to struggle and I want more for her (we all do as parents) and as a dad I felt it my responsibility to make sure things like university fees are viable and she’s able to go through life’s normal path.


The collection consists of over 3000 pieces it’s the first to be put online, first ebook on bulldog collecting, and this year Collectibulldogs is part of a display where the exhibiting of these pieces is a world first too, I started out with one brass bulldog and now the care taker to one of the worlds largest collections.


Please Help me show the world this one of a kind

I started a bulldog collectors club on Facebook and it’s current following is nearly 8000 I’m very lucky that I’m allowed to advertise in many a bulldog group to where I find for many my blogs are well received, I’m not looking for fame or prestige I’ve turned my daughters future into a venture and enjoying the passion.


My only motive is to get more interest for the collection I could understand not many being interested if it was just a few hundred pieces no matter the subject but to gain the amount and the quality I have done would take most others around 40-60 years, I took my collection online not just to show and tell but I assist others and restarted an old past time that many


On twitter cute dogs make great follow trains 🚂

have never heard of.

Sorry I nearly forgot to say I do have another motive and that’s to try and urge people of any ability/ disability to follow their passions I did what I did whilst very ill and in therapy and if I can then anyone can, it’s also a healthy addiction that can pay dividends.


Just like Facebook twitter is great, there’s no trolling and very few negative comments I enjoy the appreciation for my efforts and hope once my followers read this they will know what Collectibulldogs is and I’m trying to establish myself there, the only down fall is finding constant content but I’m getting used to that now.

For those that can see the compassion this dad has for his daughter and her future all I ask is that you retweet share and basically help get posts out far and wide, wiggles is great for finding followers, and I’m doing ok with over 40k followers but that following is only good if whom is following is active enough to retweet.


Hoping to reach 50k before display starts

As for myself I do take breaks but you will see my name a lot as I retweet others posts back through the main feed ready for others to see again and hopefully retweet it themselves, that’s what it’s all about and what’s above is me and what I’m about, I will finish by saying I’m hoping to start a social enterprise with the collection and one day hopefully open the worlds first proper bulldog museum and give it to my daughter.

Thank you to all those that have followed me so far I hope you have enjoyed Wiggles our rescued bulldog she’s always a crowd pleaser, all I can ask is for your support in my venture as I would yours, tag me if you want your tweet to go to Collectibulldogs, if your a smaller account tag me and I’ll follow and it’s my wish to get to 50k followers by the time the display starts this may, my media influence will play a big part when it comes to meeting influential people at the display.

Twitter is a great format you do not get weeks of punishment for over posting or frozen accounts for not understanding the rules, the posts are so random and all walks of life post away their loves, hates, passions, jobs, politics , every topic is covered and all on one wall. It would be nice to get a shout out from a bulldog loving celeb but they never answer the call, Shame!!!


The formats I blog and use actively


before I try and see if you will have a nose around the site let me share with you some Twitter hashtags that you may not yet know, these are all tag accounts that will retweet your post 👍




Also still on the subject of helping and sharing I’ve found a free blogging agony aunt  I’m thinking she offers more than blogging advice but I just know through blogging problems myself, just contact Blogging help lady I’m sure any issues can be solved.


So that’s me folks just a humble dad trying to do he’s best with what he knows, collecting, bulldogs, or antiques isn’t for anyone even I remember life before all this but I wouldn’t change a thing, Collectibulldogs is just going to grow the question is how big can I make it.  Stay safe and to collectors. Happy collecting and thank you Twitter

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