The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

Nymthenburg bulldog

The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

Hi Readers As per articles recently we firstly would like to state our sympathies go out to all families effected by Covid 19 my own daughter is on the front line as a care worker so I’m just as anxious! The swap of the year ! Would you though ?


I met a man of importance recently and until I get he’s permission to add his name let’s call him Mr K for now, and mr K is a breeder a shower and a world renowned judge that contacted me through Facebook with one question!

The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

It’s overall detail is 10/10

would I be willing to do The swap of the year ! Would you though ? This gentleman wants a specific piece from the Collectibulldogs’s collection and in return we are allowed to pick a puppy coming from a litter.


now is this this seen as The swap of the year ! Would you swap a high end collection piece for a purebred bulldog thats DNA is not that far from our very own WIGGLES not just a bulldog but a dog that became my best friend.

The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

Would it be a fair ethical swap you let us know


Would you though ! The swap of the year

Rarer White Doulton Bulldog Collectables


The piece in question is the Nymphenburg bulldog it’s one of or possibly the The most extravagant exquisite English Bulldog porcelain figurine that can be bought today for around €3000, ours is dated 1928.


This bulldog figurine came in at a great price and to us was a bargain at the time to loose it for a real puppy means we get a beautiful cute pup but wouldn’t have the budget for quite a while to even start looking for another piece.


So what would you do in our place we’d love to know ! Getting replies and true answers could tell us if this is a moral problem or any other pros and cons that we could use to  weigh up the options open to us.


When he contacted us recently it was a hard decision to make and till this day we haven’t given a proper answer, As a family we have talked about a second dog (our article writer was going to do a blog on what breed ) but we are still deciding.

One two others comes close to the real deal


I believe The word generic it’s too feeble for the Royal Dolton pieces they all seem to have the same expression on the face wether a seated or standing, we do not know much about the concept pieces yet these expressions last mainly right through the range unlike other makers and artisans


Doris Linder was Commissioned to create 500 bulldogs for royal Worcester the bulldog was special because the client was Mack Trucks and this Brindle beauty set in wood is a stunning realistic version of the English bulldog detailed in every way no funny feet no mishaps just perfect.

The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

Doris Linder Royal Worcester bulldog as true to life as they come

Now let’s take you back a few more years remember these artisans were lucky to see the early to mid 1900s so their work in many eyes was as they say “before their time” and this next piece is no exception it’s a Huebach seated bulldog but not in a conventional pose to many.

Bulldog antiques

Rare Huebach bulldog check out the arrogant seated pose !

Bulldog owners across the world will Recognise this posture it’s where the bulldog is seated and does appear to look like it is sleeping but he’s actually in a dozy stay even though the bulldog is still awake this is part of the funny yet arrogant characters you get from these sometimes lazy softies.



To be fair all the artisans have had a good crack (no pun intended and touch wood) but as you can plainly see there’s nothing that really compares to these three Or for each artist for showing the realist in themselves and by doing what looks like a professional job.

Rare piece by Huebach Germany

Rare piece by Huebach Germany

The huebach is the more realistic looking compared to the Doris Linder piece her study was of a real bulldog chosen to be a mascot for a truck company the huebach brothers most properly had studies but didn’t want to capture how the bulldog is normally portrayed as you can see.



A puppy for a piece of porcelain pros n cons

The swap of the year ! Would you though ?

The swap of the year ! Would you though ? Imagine two lol all we want is green green grass !

I’m guessing those pro to getting a puppy and doing the swap are wondering “How can there be cons” and I was just like that but time has shown us reality and what it’s like having a garden now which changes things.


Porcsha is using this space to her hearts content and this has created issues in making the garden over and turning it into something nice that attracts wildlife and a save place where our daughter can see this wildlife and learn about growing as she grows.


Fencing off the lawn to give it a chance and fencing off the pond for Porschas own sake she’s not got the same space she first had, the silver lining is ‘I have managed to finally grow a lawn so the fence will come down soon.


Indoors can be the same Porscha can be feisty especially for her size she’s safe around the baby but we do have to keep her toys away from the baby just so there’s no accidents, now imagine two dogs like this.

A swap is it Good for the family


So to have two bulldogs both below eighteen months old and a baby together in a flat would be a MASSIVE responsibility and undertaking it’s not even a financial issue our thoughts are all around safety both for the baby and the collectibles that are lower to the floor.


I personally would love a second puppy I even had enough when we first moved to spend money on a puppy but we’ve always been an adopt don’t shop family this is why your comments are important to help make a moral decision.


would this swap be a good deal ? One that the family would be grateful for or would it all be to much with a feeling of regret after when you see a chewed up antique or a scratch on the baby that just would not do.


The upside is bulldogs are what we are about the breed is in good health so our daughter would have this puppy around her for a good few years (god willing ) and Porscha would have a playmate finally giving our two cats alone.

The form below


So I’ll leave the default form and hope people reply it’s an easy question and as long as critic is constructive it will be posted publicly, if your reply is genuine on the article The swap of the year ! Would you though ? and use a business url we will strengthen your backlink


just leave an answer and we will reply (you betcha) it certainly will be interesting to get other peoples perspectives after I’ve explained the pros and cons in my mind of having two dogs instead of one I mean does cuteness beat a floor full of mud you let us know.

Not much has been said about the nymthenburg bulldog so I have left pictures for people to study, the artist was German and ours was made in 1928 with no export stamp, Harry as he is called has a beautiful collar on that I’m not sure is there on today’s version.


Harry the white bulldog was modelled on a bulldog that was believed to of lived in the White House Germany had not yet met its nazi stage and was working to try and restore the country after WW1 only ten years previous in peacetime.

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Why is this bulldog special !

Not knowing if Germany was a free nation or under occupation from WW1 in 1928 does not really shed any light on why Harry was created but to a collector he epitomises perfection, this is one of the only dogs in the world where the artist has truly captured every part of the dog from nose to tail.


Does this porcelain masterpiece justify a pricetag of over €3000 I’ll leave that down to you to decide and I’m not sure whether Nymphenburg get many orders for this particular porcelain wonder and it’s understandable why others may want him to own themselves.


People requiring a price for Harry are dumbfounded when I send them the link to The manufacture and they see the price and that’s after offering less than £100 for the bulldog figurine, we wouldn’t sell Harry for cash and never have for any pieces.


Before I go I’ve been trying to get out a couple of articles I think of some importance whilst we face another lockdown for three weeks, I collaborated with YouTubers to bring a crafty article Wynne wrote a Covid 19 article and I wish to share Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas and politely asking you nice people to share it and those below.

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