Recently I show cased two artisans whom both paint using the art form called SUGAR SKULLING and derived from the Mexican meaning CALAVERAS DE AZUCAR and this sprang up from the also popular DAY OF THE DEAD or DIA DE LOS MUERTOS which I believe is a religious holiday held at the beginning of November and is also connected to all hallows day at around the same time.

SUGAR SKULLS started out as gifts left for the deceased relatives and placed at gravesides, these SUGAR SKULLS were made from sugar molded clay and painted very bright and colourful using traditional patterns to highlight the skulls shape but painted in a cute none scary way.

This art is now copied the world over, both SUGAR SKULL and DAY OF THE DEAD can be found quite quickly using media tools and the art form is made into a lot of different styles and can be found as paintings figurines and wearable pieces, such as rings and pendants but I would not be surprised if other items can be sugar skulled.

I have some of these pictured on my homepage at www.collectibulldogs.com and would suggest if you want a piece commissioned go for Teresa Hales her work is second to none and her prices are very competitive, but if you require an art piece then as on the home page you can find Bea Roberts whom specialises more on the painting art side.

As you will see this art form looks amazing painted onto bulldogs we all things really but I’m bully bias of course lol.

Please check out my site to see some and how well they are made I also think this is a great way of recycling old pieces that may of cracked or been repaired.

I love these forms of art and hope to start a small collection for myself and its a case of heart over head as I have no clue as to the investment value of folk art over any period let alone 10 years, for info on these artisans can be found on my site or contact me and I will get you in touch.