Steiff bulldog

Original Steiff bulldog plush toy

It’s a Steiff Bulldog and original

Steiff bulldog

The Steiff seal of approval Steiff bulldog


Hi again readers hoping your all well and safe, well I did say I’d do my research and then present you with information on the newest investment that is our Steiff Bulldog, buying teddies is not our collecting niche but it’s a famous Steiff.

I’ll continue below why you should be on the lookout for one of these or even better an earlier version, I was never one for plush toys but with this and a surprise coming up from churchie the bulldog yep that dog on the TV has struck up a friendship on twitter and sending out a surprise.

The famous German plush toy maker

Steiff bulldog

Our first Steiff bulldog

So This is a German toy company. The lady whom invented this toy was called Margarete Steiff and she began by starting off making her wares as elephants that could be found in a magazine and this were sold as pin cushions

It was around the time that Margarete noticed Children started playing with them that her brother fritz joined the company and with a new idea in mind Margarete Steiff decided to turn them into stuffed toys,mainly animals for children to play with

The toy gets upgraded

Steiff bulldog

Attention to detail is so true for Steiff products

It was not till A nephew joined the company a few years later in 1897 and put forward the idea for the teddy bear, this was agreed and the first proper bears were made and came along in 1902.
Amazingly 974,000 bears were made by 1907 alone and sold to German families with a devision set up for export making them world known right up till today, Collectibulldogs is humbled to have an original and very glad too

As quoted by Margrete Steiff

Steiff bulldog

Margarete Steiff the inventor of this plush toy dinisty

AS STATED BY THE COMPANIES OWNER The company motto, as styled by Margarete Steiff, is “Only the best is good enough for children”. Steiff products are subject to meticulous testing and inspection.

They are required to be highly flame resistant and, among other things, smaller pieces such as eyes must be able to resist considerable tension, wear and tear, etc.

These plush animals are made using alpaca hair,felt woven hair and plush,eyes are made of wood or glass,stuffing is wood shavings

The button in the ear is to stop counterfeits being made


This animal has like all its relatives, the famous button in ear 👂 it’s a mark of finest quality, artistic design and attention to detail.  Steiff’s philosophy “ only the best is good enough for children” is reflected in every Original character this is why animals are so popular with children and adults alike.

Oh yes oh yes oh yes

Steiff bulldog

Wiggles with churchie bulldog

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Now when I first started I never thought I’d be making friends with churchie the bulldog from the insurance company and due to this bulldog bond they are sending a surprise which I’m guessing will be their latest churchie plush toy but who knows

I’m going to try my dang hardest to see if they would be interested in any kind of indorsement or swap I doubt they would want us showing up on their front page but for a hidden link exchange to improve our DA I sure would put them on my front page. Happy collecting folks and more blog articles coming soon.

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