Bulldog Spirit

Bulldog Spirit

Hello readers I do so hope your all good and well where ever you maybe and for at least some of you out there, I hope finding new pieces to add to your upcoming fabulous collections is coming along nicely and I thought in this blog we could have a chat about the stances and poses that you see with bulldog figurines and the poses you don’t see that often.

In the real world it takes training for many breeds to do what comes to the bulldog naturally even if it means they do it through stubbornness I never find my personally ever having to ask my bulldog to do any of these commands except stay when at road sides the rest seems to come naturally.

I’ve noticed when collecting that there are three main stances that artists have been drawn too over the past two centuries when recreating their own variations of the bulldog and as a collector, I do feel for the breed as the stances used mainly show the bulldog as a lazy animal and here’s my opinion on what I’m trying to say, so there’s the bulldog standing (not so lazy) the bulldog seated, and of course the bulldog in laying position.


Without wanting to sound bias I think out of all the stances the standing bulldog figurines are about as much as you will see as in the bulldog pose showing all of its strength power and energy, the bulldog is always standing proud sometimes looking on and others with tilted heads but never any that show any motion in this stance.

There are some beautiful pieces that I will show that have caught the bulldogs looks spot on yet the pieces still lack motion and I do remember these are just figurines it’s just a point I’ve picked up whilst collecting.

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Ok so admittedly, bulldogs do sit on their bottoms I know of no dogs that do not but here’s a prime example of the point I’m making and you can see it in every cabinet I own and many in yours too.

There are many bulldogs in my collection that are seated, some up seated properly and many with that lazy back leg sticking out look where they seem to be leaning like they are to lazy or cannot remember how to sit.

I have added some pics to show this stance with the different variations on the same seated bottom look.

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So the third of these stances and one that’s not as popular as far as I know compared to the first two is the bulldog that’s lying down but saying that there are a few variations of this stance that can make the bulldog seem more fun like.

One example and a famous one is Doris Linders lying bulldog bronze figurine, instead of having the dogs legs Lazing to one side they are out stretched behind the dog giving it a waking look yet comfortable.

Again I’ve added a few variations from my collection to show what I mean.

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Now comes the hard part and that’s finding stances not often seen in our field of collecting and if I can manage to find some bulldogs in motion it will wrap my point up quite nicely.

I have noticed that many figurines that have none of the three top stance attributes are normally the comical looking bulldogs made from resins and are more modern than their older counterparts.

I great example of bulldogs at play is a very expensive piece by a top artist from Denmark working for Royal Copenhagen this piece may be found on eBay unless since sold and shows two bulldogs playfully fighting.

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So that is my opinion of the stances we get to see in the world of English bulldog figurines I would think that some other collectors may of picked up on this point when putting out their pieces for display, some may have the standing in one cabinet and so forth.

For those that haven’t noticed why not go through your collections and see if you have many of the top three and some of the other rarer stances you may be surprised at just how right this observation is.

The bulldog as a breed does like to snooze and reserve their energy due to size and weight and like to be cuddled a lot but I can say from personal experience that when a bulldog does decide to excerpt energy they can run with strength and speed a poor fox found this out one night when our last bulldog chased it round our local park for ten minutes.

Lastly I hope that my blogs are becoming more readable I have learned not to block text I’m getting better with my presentation but I still struggle as when to start new paragraphs so please bare with me, this poor fella had to leave school early so everything I do is self taught.

I think my blogs are getting a little better even if just presented better so till the next one happy collecting folks…