Our new kennel at square one digital

Square one digital

At home with Sean at square one digital

Hi readers out there I hope your all well and safe gearing up for the festivities but I hope keeping warm, so we’ve been going round in circles until we found a square is an introduction to our new host square one digital  Check them out right here
A couple of months back there was a issue with our old host I’m not going to dis him but as stated it did feel we were just going round in circles with the website and it’s issues, every technical no whilst I had Seo on page was met with a proof showing link to said issue


This resulted in what I think is very over worked and underpaid fella whom lost he’s professionalism just for a second and sent curse words out, I have not retaliated and I have waited for an apology so we could of moved forward but one never came. Correspondence after that was done through debs.

Square one digital

So Collectibulldogs meet square one digital (I’ll leave links) and hey square one dig thank you so much for willing to take on the huge and unstructured yet amazing Collectibulldogs a website you’ll grow to find is like no other you’ve worked with and gained so much in such a small amount of time.
As long as there’s no personal information ℹ️ added to this article (it stops it ranking well) my host is called Sean and he’s from Sussex just like myself yet I believe he’s business is set up along the coast a few square miles from our little place in Brighton.

Our new home at square one digital

So what’s our new square one home like I hear you say ! Well with a contract being drawn up Sean has invited us with open arms we had a good chat and worked out a budget that suits our needs, he has also let us start our payment plan with some time General they due to the festive season and our just getting married.
If I’m correct then Sean is going to tailor our fixed budget and as we save more then of the site will get scrutinised and fixed until it’s 100% but Sean is not stopping there he wants to help us any way he can to improve everything from brand awareness to visitors per day but all this comes over time, a Free gift was the correcting or changing of our main pages title.

Scared of change me no never !!!

Square one digital

We are diving in with square one digital I have worries !

One thing I will say here is I’m not feeling very optimistic at the moment I’ve explained my mental disorder state which Sean had no issues with and the bulk of talking was done by Sean and Debbie if it were me I do not think I’d have the courage to just get up and go, with what Sean’s offered the anxiety seems worth it.
I put this to Sean expressing my concerns of where do we go if this doesn’t work out, Sean was honest he told us about the only one fall out they have ever had and it was not even a spat the client just wanted to up and find a new host to me that’s the clients issue not the fault of square one digital


Speaking with Sean for such a brief amount of time I’ve not yet worked out he’s courtesy and manners twinned with he’s technical ability some businesses are your best friend in writing or on the phone until you pass on the work then in my experience there’s been a lot of I’ll do it later I’m working as well as other off putting phrases to shake off a client wanting answers lol.

And lastly with thanks to square one digital

Square one digital

Square one digital helping us to reach further than before

Now with square one digital we will look for improvements over time our money will pay for the process and I have a good feeling Sean will make some quick changes at first and then keep me up to date with what he’s done for say said monthly or quarterly money amount but whatever goes on I know I will get to know first.
I want to thank my wife Debbie for this host change the offer of fixing us up helping us reach further potential was debbies wedding gift to me bless her she gave me Sean for a wedding gift 🎁 hahaha sounds funny, we welcome Sean to Collectibulldogs family and I will be advertising square one digital as part of the team now. Happy collecting folks.
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