To sell up would be sad for Bulldogs


Where’s all the support gone dad don’t want to sell I mean I’m on here lol

Hi there readers, I had a dream once that was to open the worlds first bulldog memorabilia museum but it feels more like that was just my dream and is it time to finish and sell up, its been a fantastic decade this end but apart from that we do not seem to be grabbing the attention we need to continue.

Achievements are great and putting our RSS feed on your servers is appreciated but due to the lack of viewer participation the idea to finally finish and sell up springs to mind, I had thought that Brighton Museum and the mentors group would of done more to help as well but that wasn’t to be.
Bulldog memorabilia is a great niche if you want to sell especially these days prices asked for definitely are not what I paid so a profit would be on the cards, I’d have no more online bills to pay no more having to chase up the host too.

Do not sell say the family


If I were to sell there is tonnes and the profit would be amazing


Do not sell say my family you’ve worked to hard

My daughter and Debbie do wish for me to sell I’m not quite sure what they want me to do with a website that seems dead in the water I’ve explained it was an unrealistically thought out idea and even though originally made not good enough to catch people’s attention and imaginations.
The girls do not understand visitor duration and article hits they just see a well made website and a huge bulldog collection, they do not see my frustrations when there’s no one commenting on the blogs no ones joined the community and started chatting no ones contacted us about their collections.

I cannot sell the idea on my own


maybe I shouldn’t of tried to put my DREAMS on others !

We do not get many social sharing buttons used and if we promote ourselves it’s classed as spamming, our call to action campaigns fall on death ears and no one wishes to come forward and write articles for Collectibulldogs it’s all a bit of a shame at the moment.
Negativity from newspaper articles no replies from so called interested media groups no replies to emails sent out to our niche it all just seems like I’m wasting my time these days, I know there’s a few that will miss the website but if I decide it’s the best idea to quit and sell up I’ll leave contact details.
The idea to start the website wasn’t to sell but to get bulldogs on the Internet in the public eye more and whilst doing so advocate mental health and add my own experiences to our articles making the website a bit more factual or give more understanding of those suffering with mental illness I thought this was a brave move on my part.

Maybe my dreams should stay that way



I know so many bulldog owners I thought starting the website would have folks in a frenzy a brand new site that’s not selling you dog products or endorsing things we should not we’ve not asked for a penny since starting and even our ebook and PDF were made free.
Not expecting to go viral any day soon we did expect you good folk to make more use of the icons that share our content, lee made it so most formats could be added to yet only a few Facebook shares have been achieved so far.
In your defence our comments section did come go and come back again but it’s here to stay so if our blogs really are getting read then where’s the comments to accompany the article? Is it because you cannot be bothered to sign in or cannot for some reason! Any issues there please contact us ASAP.
Getting comments is not a problem the problem comes from those that do not care about the content and just want a blog comment backlink it’s black hat search engine optimisation and we blank or block them WE NEED COMMENTS that relate to the article published.

Where is everyone gone ?



The websites dedicated in scruffy louises memory so it will be a tough call

The reason behind the pessimism is warranted we have a community that’s not used we have won awards who cares we got endorsement by top magazine so what ! That’s my thought process at the moment and why I ponder about 2019 and wether to sell up or not.
It’s not going to be an easy decision as we do get the occasional writer or comment but we need much more viewer participation more than we currently get and if this were to happen our popularity would get picked up and the ball would just start rolling.
If it was just a Dream and I need a dose of reality then there’s time, I have my wedding coming up on Nov the 2ND then there’s the honeymoon and also Christmas to think about after, this gives me some down time and to find some relaxation for a while.

Help me to sell my idea not the collection

Things may pick up they may not it’s in the the interest of the people that utilise the website WEBSITE REVIEWS, BLOG COMMENTS, TIME ON WEBSITE, SHARING TO SOCIAL MEDIA, ACTUALLY WRITE US ON A POST YOURSELF, blog comments and reviews over 30 words are seen by google as a recommendation or good trust flow on our articles.
As previously stated I’m no good with call to action campaigns am of mental illness and do all my own self promoting if anything I should be commended for making it this far alone lol, the proof is in the pudding so to speak and there’s still 3 months till 2019.
if your a blog writer and do not wish to use our facilities then could you give us the good courtesy to come and guest on your blog / website this would help us to get our venture out more without spamming and you’ll get new keyword aimed at your website due to our content.
Please write in at if you have any opinions on this subject all contact is confidential even if you agree with me I’d like to hear what you think, failing that and I know it’s a BIG ASK but you could leave a comment instead, until my next blog article peace ✌️
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