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Sculpto review by COLLECTIBULLDOGS

Hi readers I hope your well, no offence to the YouTube reviewer but I think I can review this module a little better Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review is to show off this turntable style 3D printer


It’s true it’s like someone looked at a record player and thought right how can my record player turn that record into a different object, that’s the impression you get when watching Sculpto work.


I’m currently working on a project overnight to show you the capabilities of the 3D printer it’s ease of use and how it just goes and goes, we have experimented with a couple of smaller builds but if I’m to convince you it might be a good idea to invest in one then you might want to see a bigger build completed


Before I commence telling you how the magic works I have been in contact with the company this is because the box on YouTube contained 3 different plates and 1 kilo of filament whereas mine came with just the one plate and 500 grams of plastic filament.

Sculpto is so captivating

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review It’s certainly captivating

So let’s start with my first impressions of this brilliant little printer first of all there’s no pc or desktop you sign up to Sculpto app add Thingiverse and your set to print well nearly anyway.


Box printers of the 3D kind ask for a few different manual calibrations this is usually by placing a piece of paper around the plate of the printer with this one there’s only two, one with the paper for the nozzle calibration and there’s a test that’s automatically done to set the plate right.


Once you have you x and y axis set up there’s a tiny hole at the back, hit the feed filament icon and the magic machine grabs the end and starts to feed it through all you have to do is make sure it reaches the nozzle ok.


That’s it your ready to go now no re calibrations or finding a more level surface the Sculpto has done all the hard work and now it’s time to get captivated! Our collection is about bulldogs and projects will revolve around the collection as a whole but you can type in anything to copy.

The magic of iOS and android

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Thingyverse and Sculpto combined to bring thousands of creations

My first thought is WiFi it’s so easy to set up just let the 3D printer into your WiFi network and once fully connected with thingyverse your all set it’s as easy as starting up a new smartphone but for youngsters please provide adult supervision, not only for WiFi or celebration the nozzle gets hot and no one wants to burn their fingers.


I think if it’s for four years up then adult supervision should be present until around aged ten I’m no expert on age limits but there’s many small things that may need adult help, the plate is magnetic and needs a little force, the finished piece may need the sharp parts and wastage cleared.


Thingiverse is child’s play though you select what you want to 3D print it jumps over by the magic of android and or iOS and is ready to be printed out, this part you can let any age be a part of, there’s both great visuals and a search bar making finding that next build that much easier.


With nothing but a simple game of Simon says a clever way to show the Sculpto module you are close by before the nozzle starts getting hotter ready to be at the right temperature to melt the filament and off it goes.

Applications that were not mentioned

3D printings apps - One click and remote printing


I do not know just how much the YouTube reviewer was paid but if he’s job was to convince people that it’s a good idea to buy one then he must of gone with how much he was paid as there’s applications to this piece that were not mentioned.


It’s not a toy yet may have a toy like look, this piece of kit could change a young persons life, from being popular by taking your own builds to show friends it has its educational and fun to learn by aspects too.


Youngsters worldwide get homework, can you imagine a teachers face if a child walks in with a 3D version of the topic being taught ! There’s also the mathematical side regarding the weight of the pieces the grams of plastic needed and how many grams are left on a filament.


Yes of course most builds will be dinosaurs reptiles and other imaginative ideas but showing how to properly use the Sculpto and the skies the limit, teach youngsters about recycling and the issues regarding plastic in our world today.

For the adults 

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Calibration is done just by turning the middle back screw up and down until the piece of paper catches the nozzle, plus there’s the handle proving how portable this is


Demographic wise I would not know where to start curators collectors taxidermy teachers universities startups even weekend stall holders could utilise this printer, even just for domestic home use (my wife loved the black rose created) you can recreate many household objects.


The first few demographics chosen would be for educational purposes as stated in my last blog article on how museums use 3D printers to recreate objects that then complete a project (I used the T. rex as an example) museums want their customers to imagine what a skeleton looked like not just a partial reconstruction.

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Easy to feed filaments through and has dust catcher too

Teaching implementation would be a great idea 💡teaching a geography lesson as the machine works quietly away and produces a finished piece on Earth angulation for example, maths sure would be more interesting too if you learnt algebra from a 3D printed object you can watch being made.


Small startups and weekend sellers, what better than creating whatever you like and selling it after, there are no laws against selling objects made by any 3D printer yet there are laws to what you can make, most technologies can be used for bad as well as good.

Help save your planet

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Do your bit learn about plastics and recycle your filament scraps

3D printers are not new but not a popular feature in everyone’s home at the moment maybe they are not advertised so much and you only see them whilst surfing amazon or eBay, the whole industry has now moved on and you can play your part in a big way with little effort and that’s recycling. 


Yes it’s true that if you do not use the makers filament you void any help after but what if you could recycle the left over plastic, you can now if you search on the internet you’ll find machines that melt down the plastic and churn it out ready to be used again.


I haven’t seen anything saying you cannot use their filament recycled but you can also use these machines to melt down many household plastics and can be used as filament but you need to know your plastics first.


Melted down filament that cannot be used with this particular printer can be given away or even sold I’ve seen remade filament being sold on popular auction sites but I must say you need to know what your doing but what a why of disposing of at least 50% of all your plastics.

For use around the home

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Not usable but got me some brownie points

The only thing stopping this magic piece of hardware is it’s width of the plate and the height the nozzle climbs too, there are bigger box 3D printers but if you want an easy ride whilst creating then stick with a Sculpto or Sculpto plus.


In my home TEASPOONS seem to just disappear well it does not matter anymore the 3D printer can replace as many as is needed, other ideas could be plug holes or plug safety push ins, you could create plastic safety corners for sharp ends like corners of tables.


Vases cups plates for picnics plastic storage boxes you can even print out makeup holders remote holders stands for your phone the list is endless as long as it fits the Sculpto plate and height dimensions then give most things a try.


Apple have got involved quite heavily with the 3D industry and produced a quality 3D sensor, the price is quite high yet I feel is worth it not only to complete your own set up but use it in conjunction with an apple app to turn everyday objects into coded downloadable and printable printouts.

Geometric bulldog by Sculpto


3d print out check before you print or see finished build


After setting up and spending hours making a few smaller builds I thought it wise to show just how smart this machine is, on thingyverse there’s patterns / builds that are not verified this could be due to age of build submitted or how many downloads it’s had.


It’s now the day after and the build continued overnight I stayed up to oversee the module for safety until my wife took over this morning, with the spool used up we changed the filament half way through the build giving the piece a cool two colour look.


When you thread through the filament you’ll notice the hole is protected by a thin outer wall, this pushes off any dust that may settle on the filament as it sits out in the air, also be mindful filaments come vacuum packed and this is because once Un packed the plastic can start to become brittle.


Sculpto does not come with multi spool fillers so you can only use one colour at a time but if you get used to the filaments it’s mechanical workings you can do as we have done and add different colours as the make is building, maybe leave a comment for us and the maker on what you think of their product we are unofficially reviewing.

What can happen if you do not set up right

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review When it goes wrong even half way through

As stated this is an official review of the makers piece and to prove just how wrong it can go I did not calibrate the geometric bulldog on purpose to show if you do not follow the simple easy steps then things can go wrong even if you think differently.


The piece that i am showing here was the geometric bulldog but without me setting up the axis, now that’s a lot of plastic to waste, i am hoping that Sculpto read this and maybe send out a new spool you never know, I’d strongly suggest working out what to do with wastage even perfect builds have wasted filament that was just used to create a bed to build from.


Another suggestion thats quite popular and does not waste to much filament, is a spool holder it’s essential for holding the spools so that they rotate and feed the Sculpto it’s plastic in a timely fashion, Remember only unwrap filaments if using ASAP and a cup might come in handy to catch the webbing when the nozzle cleans itself.

The end results may differ to picture

Sculpto magic our Collectibulldogs review

The original from thingyverse

The Sculpto plus does a magnificent job of creating magic in front of your eyes but the end results may differ to the picture you thought WOW IM BUILDING THAT ONE, it could be that your unit is not collaborating properly so the nozzle cannot do its job properly


Another reason could be you chose an unverified build that no one else has used yet and clicked successful build after, if you can imagine the objects like keywords that’s how the most popular builds reach the top, bulldogs are low as not many have printed out any yet.


Special non abrasive sand papers with a very thin finish is ideal to get the lines out or if your an advanced 3D enthusiast you will know there’s a chemical way of smoothing out the pieces you build but I’ll leave that to readers to either google or YouTube we are not going to promote the use of chemicals here.


Either way with a bit of love you can get your creation looking more how it should look with no sharp bits and ready for those that paint to get the brushes out and start giving the piece some colourful definition, Sculpto could of thought of creating its own colours to sell along side its module filaments and plates.


Lastly keep it clean


Use YouTube clips and follow the instructions to learn how to clean your module there are moving parts that will need cleaning adjustments even replacing, all this is covered on YouTube just subscribe to To this YouTube channel for all info and the latest on what this magic maker is now capable off.


With updates theres always something new to find, challenge yourself and download apps that allow you to create your own ideas then send them over to Sculpto to start printing out, there’s enjoyment to be had by buying a 3D printer but if you want a get up and go no hassle printer this is the one.


3D printed bulldog love is also related to the Sculpto review we’d love some views and there’s YouTube clips there showing the printer doing its job, the downsides to the Sculpto overall are the price of its own filaments and review confusion it states plus and the reviewer seems to get 2 spools and 3 different plates our did not ?


Now all that’s left for me to do is wait a few hours and catch the end of our present build, bulldog owners will love the outcome especially  compared to the piece that didn’t work out, anyway I hope I’ve proved that getting a 3D printer can be both fun and educational, I hope some out there grab one and come try beat my building hours score.

Collectibulldogs suggests

Firstly the price of filament ! Aiming a module at 4 years and up and then charging £350 is a good retail price for the hardware but then to pay £15 per 500 grams is a little steep especially compared to other 3D printers out there the filaments for most others are about a third cheaper.


Different sizes, I believe if Sculpto could create a smaller version with fixed axis and more nozzle protection it would be ideal for the little 3D maker, and then also a larger module, the simplistic nature of this 3D printer could be made larger and put into universities hospitals schools wherever there’s a chance to educate.


As the owner of a museum I know the applications this brings and many paint their pieces after I believe if Sculpto had a problem selling models they could break into the model paints market selling toxic free paints to use after a build.


If like me you thought that the youtube reviewer received the right contents and collectibulldogs got an opened box maybe contact Sculpto just to make sure or buy your model and  accessories from a official stockist, I’ll see what they think to the review before adding any links to stockists our the Sculpto instagram page.

Non sponcered video for COLLECTIBULLDOGS reviewing sculpto

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