Room to move Collectibulldogs our collection

The collection

Our collection now in its own space

Hi there readers, before telling you all about the new space for Collectibulldogs in the article room to move I’d like to wish you all well and hope for those watching your enjoying the World Cup of Russia 2018.
A few weeks ago the decision was made to create a whole room for Collectibulldogs the collection I remember i put my heart and soul into moving the collection from the old house so to uproot it again was not an easy decision.

Our collection more room than us lol

It’s true the collection now has more room than us lol it’s worked out better though and now the front room just has objects relating to that space as now all the pieces are in one room well except the artwork which we have up on the main walkway
The cabinets fit perfectly around the room and for now there’s a small table in the middle but I’m hoping to replace that with a couple of new shelving units back to back, the reason for this need of space can be found in another up coming article.

Our collection keeps on growing


I have this collection coming which in turn will become part of the sub collections we have there’s plenty there we don’t have and as for seconds they will go with the others in our charity box, some of the pieces even if doubled up will be kept but for the good of the collection and not just greed.
The Steiff bulldog fluffy toy will be a great addition as will the bronze medal 🥉 and the brass pieces that we do not yet have, it’s not easy to say what will be kept yet until the box arrives next month.
Third time lucky

More pieces coming

Our collection more plans

The collection

The collection from ceiling to floor

Once all proper bills are paid for I’m going to get in a carpenter or buy some more storage and add this to the middle of the room, that will give the room dimensions and once the pieces are then sorted it should resemble one amazing display room.
I enjoy walking in every time now and just glance at what’s been achieved since I started all them years ago and just how much I know now about this wonderful niche that I’ve created online

Bring the collection to us

The collection

The collection looking great

If like others that have been in contact you have a collection to liquidate then even if we do not buy from you Collectibulldogs is happy to advertise on your behalf, we can introduce you to other collectors BUT that’s where we stop we do not take any money for hooking up a seller with collectors.
I have blogged before on how best to liquidate your collections if your at the point you wish to finish, this collection was bought as we do not have certain pieces and the seller was realistic with he’s pricing and also knows Collectibulldogs is a great home as the collection is not sold.
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