Putin on the pressure helping Ukraine stay democratic

Putin on the pressure

A perfect Putin analogy

Hi readers here’s the first place to start on my blog  Crowd funding for Ukraine 🇺🇦 It’s the official crowd funding page, I wanted to do a blog article on PINTEREST and our achievements there but instead I find myself adding a blog Putin on the pressure helping Ukraine stay democratic


I am surrounded by reminders of the Second World War even the first with pieces in the bulldog collection but I never thought we would go through this European mess again with Putin wanting to tame the Ukraine and who knows where else.

Live : Ukraine live cameras | 7 Live cameras | with sound #kiev #ukraine Day 2

Seeing the country get steadily worst it’s encouraging to see the Ukraine prime minister and his cabinet leading from the front I do not want to dash hopes but even though the Ukraines are fighting the Russian force hard it’s fighting a super power with an untold war chest.


Putin has now and for some mad reason has put himself at hells door and joined Hitler in the annex of hell ! why does land matter so much when you have so much of it already and what’s the point of alienating your own peoples from the face of the world.

Putin on the pressure helping Ukraine stay democratic

Why is there no learning from the past we’ve now had the biggest exodus of European refugees since the Second World War and I think after what other countries experienced in 1939 the welcome to the Ukrainian people I feel is due in part to this.


Families taking in families they have never met, there’s clothes banks and food for the weary refugees as they sit and take stock of what their neighbor Russia has done to the their lives their loved ones and their homes, the world watches on as the no fly zone over Ukraine is denied in fear of another global war.

It’s hard to take in that just 1500 miles away Russian forces are firing their weapons at nuclear power stations this must worry anyone not just me it’s nuts to think that a tank 500 meters from a station is pounding it with shells that’s like un clipping a hand grenade and just standing by it as it blows.


Putin on the pressure helping Ukraine stay democratic At the moment seems like the Ukrainian forces are pushing back the Russian forces but as we have all seen on the news the Russian forces have taken cities and power plants as it slowly encircles the capital Kiev.

What’s next in the mind of Putin


Most of the issues go way back to when the Russian state wasn’t even the USSR and Kyiv a couple of hundred years ago was a big part of Russian life, there’s a statue in Moscow of a saint but it’s not the original that’s back in Kyiv and why Putin thinks Ukraine belongs to him

Russia and Ukraine: How their military forces compare


Some of his lies to invade have been mind blowing accusations of nazi type chat to saying the Ukraine if joining the EU will be another hub for American nuclear missile silos this of course is just a rouse to except in his own mind the atrocities that are going on in his name in a country he’s never needed strategically this for Putin is personal



Unfolding in front of our eyes is a war with no mercy it seems civilians are targets of Russian aggression as cities and people are being destroyed, why attack a country this way it seems more like a trophy kill even more than a dictator taking ownership of another country.


Where will he stop ? There are countries now like Finland and Sweden two neutral countries wanting to join the umbrella of NATO now as their borders feel threatened by their Russian neighbors and if they join will he attack them too imagine the country where kids go to see Santa under attack by a foreign power who would of ever thought it.

The world wants peace Putin

Reversing such actions is not possible even for Putin now so what is next for the world do we allow this dictator wrongly elected and personally skint to continue blowing up what he likes how do you approach such a man to ask for peace


Watching on the news that he is in silence for the men lost so far is fake he obviously knew these men and boys were going to die, there’s even reports that the Russian forces bought their own mobile crematoriums so the soldiers going home dead cannot be seen by family or know they died in the Ukraine most probably fighting distant cousins.

Ukraine armed forces say Russia has suffered 'heavy losses'

When I was little I’d watch TV and see the news showing older Russian people queuing for a loaf of bread I had no idea what or why at the time but now understand the idea of sanctions but do not understand why one man that for a while to the world seemed peaceful has pushed his own country back 40 years.


Im all for peace this is terrifying even for us so far away and we are not the ones dealing with an unhinged power hungry nut job there’s no information on any retaliation Russia might deal out to the NATO countries even a nuclear power plant hit can have an impact on half the world our life’s would be in the hands of nature and which way the wind blows

Emergency numbers


Given that the country is going through a period of political unrest, expats may want to obtain more information on emergency numbers in Ukraine in case the unexpected happens. 112 is an emergency number used in Ukraine and throughout the European Union. It’s the general hotline number that can connect you to the fire brigade, police department, or ambulance service. If you need emergency help, just dial 112.

Ukraine declares state of emergency, readies troops

Operators can speak in English as well as other languages used in Europe such as German, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian and other European languages.


You can dial 112 from a cellphone even without a SIM card. A 24-hour call center is on 24-hour shifts ready to take emergency calls and route it to the appropriate department. This universal number can also work with national numbers in a specific country, like the emergency numbers in Ukraine. These are 3-digit emergency numbers like 101 for fire, 102 for police, and 103 for ambulance services. It would help if you can learn a little Russian or Ukrainian for emergency purposes.


The 112 hotline was developed to avoid confusion in using several emergency numbers like 101 for fire,103 for police or 103 for ambulance services, although these numbers are still working. Other emergency numbers include 104 for gas emergencies, 057 for water and electrical emergencies, and 086 for an elevator.


Other useful 3-digit numbers are Doctor’s advice -083 and Pharmacy infoline -067. Expats will need to note that some medical services may not be available in areas such as Donetsk and Luhansk as well. Having international health insurance can be very helpful for expats who are living in dangerous zones in the country, as it can cover any medical needs as well as provide emergency evacuation services.

No turning back

If there no turning back then the face of Europe will change forever if the Ukraine is taken it’s surrounding countries will have Russian power as a new neighbor and with the idea that no more countries are allowed to join Nato then this could be the start of something long.


The laws of war make it harder for allied countries to do more it’s unfair that the no fly zone is seen as a war starter when Putin has already started one, the UN has sent arms to Ukraine supplies from around the world are trying to get into the country but with no fly zones Russians can just use jets to hit humanitarian aid as this jets indiscriminately Bombing citizens

Ukrainian armed forces 'blow up bridge to stop Russia's advance on Kyiv'

most of us will start feeling the effects of this war soon energy prices oil and gas has already skyrocketed and as the Ukraine is besieged none of it’s important exports like wheat can get out of the cities ports this will effect food prices around the world and your shopping list will become more expensive.

Use Google and other servers to find community and government based initiatives to try and help the people of Ukraine and the refugees that are pouring into neighbouring countries I’ve added information I found on emergency numbers and there’s the crowd funding link too


Join in with collectibulldogs in condemning the Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Russian war machine in its unlawful and disgusting and horrific takeover of the Ukraine, join collectibulldogs in its condemnation of the countries around the world have abstained from this Russian aggression not condemning it


join with collectibulldogs in its support for Ukraine and the brave Ukrainian people whom are fighting and willing to die for their independence join with collectibulldogs in supporting the resistance of the Ukrainian people and it’s willingness to fight back and join Collectibulldogs in supporting the ordinary Russian people that are protesting against this war that has been brought on in their name