Puppies Adoption and pet store issues

Puppies adoption and pet store issues

Puppies adoption and pet store issues. Enjoy my mums article

Who doesn’t love a puppies  Most people love the companionship and love they offer as well as the pure joy they bring to our lives. Their zeitgeist and ever constant wonder as they encounter new smells and toys and other animals is astounding to watch and interact with. And being a guardian to a dog or cat can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and add meaning to our lives.


Twin adopted puppies twice the love here

Dogs and cats can provide solace and comfort to those in need and enrich our lives as well as our appreciation of all living things. But this world can be rough on such sentient beings and there are many pups who start out their innocent lives in squalor and very poor conditions in puppy mills or at the hands of greedy back yard breeders. Most people are unaware of the harrowing lives these tiny pups they see in a pet shop window have already endured in less than two months.

Bulldog museum Brighton

Please consider adopting puppies don’t use pet stores listen my mum

Good citizens of the UK have enacted and passed laws aimed at eliminating these horrors with Lucy’s Law. Similar efforts are being made in the USA with Harley’s law. Even with all of these global efforts, puppy mills and backyard breeding still continues.


Most of those who know me from social media, know that I love all animals but puppies and dogs are my life. I currently have six and four are rescues. One was rescued from an inhumane pound in NYC; one was rescued from a person who shows dogs and because of his dichromatic eyes (one brown, one cerulean blue) was disqualified in the show ring, and I recently saved two bonded sisters from an Amish puppy mill in NY state.

Bulldog museum Brighton


Puppies Adoption and pet store issues Continued

The rescue team was going for the entire litter of these tiny Boston Terriers and I asked for the males, but when the day came for the rescue, the rescue group called me to tell me that the two boys didn’t make it and would I take the two girls. ‘Of course I will take them’ was my reply. So the tiny bonded Boston Terrier sisters made their way from NY State to my home on the coast of Maine. Oh did I forget how much work puppies are! But they are so worth it.


One of the pups held her ears high and proud–very bat-like. I named her Minnie Bat after Bat Girl, another NYC rescue, who passed in September 2017. The other pup did not hold her ears pointed to the sky but sort of lets them droop a bit. She also a black front leg that looks like a stocking, so I named her Sox. They turned 8 months old July 17, 2019. These pups bring such joy to the home and if I had to do it all over again, I would. But these girls are fighters. They are tough to have survived freezing conditions in barns without heat or electricity.


What was that you will adopt puppies brilliant news thank you


If you want to get a puppy or dog or cat or kitten, please adopt or rescue from an established organization. Sterilize your cat or dog.  You can even help a pup or cat who may be surrendered due to circumstances where the guardian can no longer care for the animal. Be a hero to a dog or cat in need. You won’t regret saving a life–besides, it may be you who is saved. Please pass this on to all you know.

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