Proud of dads Bulldog collection passion


Proud of my dads passion for bulldogs

People usually say ‘Home is where the heart is’ but our catchphrase is ‘Home is where the Bulldogs are situated’. The typical house is usually full of abstract art, paintings of places in the world, or wall art of popular quotes but not my home we have bulldog memorabilia everywhere


Our home is full of beautifully designed and well looked after bulldog antiques and collectibles from silver and pottery to books and art, as soon as you walk through the bulldog wonderland of our home, you’ll feast your eyes on unique bulldog pieces everywhere, even as you wander up the stairs and along the hallway.

Proud of my dad


I love art and Art isn’t just about drawings and paintings, art is a passion for something you love, something you can collect, cherish and feel proud about and my dad must be an artist of sorts he’s put together this fantastic collection and I am truly proud to be the daughter of the BULLDOG GUY !

Life can be anything you make it and passion comes from imagination and inspiration, it can be based on anything you want it to be, so whatever you have a passion about, create your own work, or collection. Start up your own website, or record your artwork and video it for youtube, my dad did and his slowly building up interest.

Showing dad some support?


i Have cats and mum n dad have a dog


I’m young compared to some others but have done my history not only do I not understand why the bulldog gets such bad press it’s the breeders fault not the breed and also there seems like dads doing all this by himself, I thought the bulldog community would be behind dad no not just them but his family friends other collectors and any doggy owners I’ve seen him asking for support and feel sorry when I go onto the website to see none.


If you take a peak into our magnificent and magical bulldog land you’ll see vintage pieces from all over the world that dads collected over the years ! The Magnificent to the miniature and all organised into a unanimous pattern to show different meanings and perspectives. Primarily, starting up your own collection starts off as hard work and requires a lot of focused dedication. If you saw dads collection you’ll think he has this by the bucket load.

Proud of dads passion!



The most important part about my article is to let my dad know “I’m extremely proud of what you’ve achieved and created” and most importantly other than me you found something in your life to love and cherish, this has given your life meaning and purpose, your so different when your focused and I hope someone notices Collectibulldogs and comes help you make what I know will be an even bigger success than you already have


Lastly I wish to thank you dad I know your life was hard you have not had many opportunities and spent your time and money these past ten years making sure you leave me a nest egg, after seeing how much there is and just how much you’ve put into this dad I’ll never forget the love and generous nature that’s always been shown to me.

Love you dad. Chloe mai

An article about fathers day ! 

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