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Are prices being passed on to your clients yet

Howdy Readers I remember when we knew Brexit would have an effect on our own economy wether or not The Conservatives lied to us there had to be a point where prices would rise and prices passed on to clients


So as we start this article can you say wether or not you’ve increased your prices and passed this on to clients, if you haven’t already passed on those prices I’m guessing that the pass on will soon happen for many companies both in England and around the world.

This website has often offered to do advertising both local and international for most companies it is my own business relief more clients would mean that you wouldn’t have to raise your prices as much because you will bring in more interest in the products that you are selling.


The only problem is the fact that businesses do not get to read articles like this and it would have to be down to something like my own footfall to go out and introduce myself locally to businesses and show them how to advertise through blogging and get more clients interested in what they are selling.

Prices passed to clients

it’s inevitable and you cannot fight inflation but what you can do is spread out the cost of your business by passing on the prices to existing clients but to attract new clients people that you can sell your products to and keep your prices as minimum as possible to keep your business going.

there is no way that I am a business expert or I have any expertise other than what I have learned over the last 11 years and the last seven years online, it’s the little people like myself and this website that could get you noticed online as well as all over social media which is a perfect place for picking up clients that have not yet seen what you are selling.


prices passed to clients can be minimised even if just a little bit Just by attracting some new people and going through a website Like Where are we take individual businesses and pair them up with either the right groups or pages on social media as well as online and we also make sure that our blog articles are permanent as well as recycled.

this means you can contact Collectibulldogs at any time and ask for your blog article to be re-published and pushed back out into the public this can be done as many times as you wish with different tags different keywords and put into different groups or pages depending on what you’ve asked for.

20% businesses will fail in the first year and around 60% will go bust within the first three years now put on top the fact that the prices are being passed on to the client which means smaller client numbers buying the same products which in turn means to keep in business you need to put up your prices yet again and this will


Some big numbers fall



before we talk about websites let’s look at some facts there are over 500,000 700,000 new businesses that start up every year now out of those businesses 60% are said to fail within three years. That’s 420,000 start ups that will not make it



businesses that do make it have a tough choice to make already without all the kerfuffle that comes with starting up an online business start-up or organisation,we now live in a world where adverts make you think that you can create a website one day and be a entrepreneur within a few days after they do not tell you what you really need to run a website and to get views visitors and that’s without even getting clicks and sales.


many businesses are not indicative of each other this means that there will be quite a few people that have come up with the same idea for example there is a massive online presence for plumbers this means each individual plumber has to try and get work by advertising as best they can and if they do not have a website or someone to help them then it is down to the side of the van and word-of-mouth this is Just an example of a business that is copied a lot.


not for one minute am I saying that everybody that has a website cannot use it or does not make an income from it all I’m saying is it takes a lot more than just a front page and a phone number to get your website seen in the first place you need to have good search engine optimisation even to be seen on one of googles pages.


I have fresh ideas 💡


I only have seven years experience with advertising online and free my articles but I have reached out to 4,400,000 people so far and that’s from a website that only has a 69% search engine optimisation score I have a YouTube channel and Facebook pages and groupsi’m also on Instagram and Pinterest these are all great places to advertise.



my website goes out to other formats but these are all old ways of advertising and I don’t really want to give too much away about my fresh ideas of getting your company or your business seen by more people or advertised in a place where thousands or millions of people are going to see or read your advertisement.


One idea I am happy to share it just to show that I am using my synapses and that I have experience in this area of advertising and that is to advertise in the meta verse this is the new Facebook for oculus quest where Billions of users are in a 3-D augmented reality where they play games or visit places like the rec room.


just like the real world when you are using a format you have your own area where you can add things and I have learnt so far to add photos into 3-D reality so I am sure I can do the same with a business logo that would get seen by millions of people, it’s these kinds of new ideas that will be pushing advertising in the next decade I’m just getting ahead of the pack with some of the ideas that I have already


Advertise properly and keep prices lower !

advertising comes in different forms can be a blog article it can also be a visual article for instance a YouTube clip or even a two second Gif ! Also coming from a man that doesn’t understand most concepts let alone the concept of commercialism I can say I didn’t think advertising would be a way forward but as we look at the TV every day we are bombarded by them


Not all can afford to advertise on tv nor the radio so where else do people go to escape Reality when they are on their phones each day it’s the online world of course, whether it’s a 16-year-old sitting in the bedroom playing on the oculus quest or a 45-year-old mum on her phone whilst waiting for the bus the world has changed and advertising pops up everywhere and if you have a good following you’re going to get good hits on the content creation you put out


again being honest it is a bit like the swings and roundabouts because if I can get the funds to get my website fixed I can get more visitors I’m rank better on Google which in turn would make your articles more appealing to Google crawlers and reach more people however I am open to negotiation when it comes to helping or collaborating with others.


let’s leave it here for now why not have a think I have given a little information on just how businesses are doing how many survive how many fail and the fact that advertising plays a very big part in not having to pass on prices to the clients of your business when you can create more clients instead.










Characterising collections what does yours say about you? Saturday 17 sept



i’m not too worried about the website making money at the moment but I would like to fix the website issues which means that I will have to create some sort of funding somehow one idea is to town with my iPad and offer on the spot blog articles for businesses and companies.

I would just roll up explain using a generic form and hope that they agree to a 600 or 2500 word blog article that will get published there and then as well as recycled as stated before and added to the Collectibulldogs interesting links page


maybe every other nine businesses will say no but I am hopeful that the 10th one who understands the importance of advertising and invest in an article or visual YouTube clip or even more so compromise about advanced advertising from Collectibulldogs right across our formats and further.

once the website is fixed my domain authority will rise my Google rankings will rise and everybody’s articles will get more views than ever I’m hoping to get the website fixed sometime this year and anybody willing to collaborate would be helping to get it fixed quicker as well as helping others with the advertising venture.

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