Poorly wiggles poorly me
Poor wiggles poor me

Hi there you great folk how are you ? All good I hope, same may remember when I blogged about wiggles being lame well YEP ! It’s happened yet again and this time it’s not healing as well as the first. 

And that’s where this story lies really wet nursing a chunky bulldog whom should be on total bedrest, I’ve established what she requires by her body language and get what she needs accordingly. 

When wiggles does not need a number one or two and you ask her she just flops down like a cantankerous little toddler but if she needs to go she will remain seated, when her head is on me with her looking at me that means it’s time to turn the futon into a waterbed come diner. 

Hand feeding wiggles so that she takes her painkillers properly means that she enjoys being fed by hand 🖐 yeah fair enough but sitting there hand feeding a totally capable bulldog her dinner is a bit of a slap in the face especially when wiggles can just eat from the bowl, guess she’s a cheeky one. 
The water on the other hand is a different matter when she was fine she hardly touched her water due to the fact she was to lazy to go get some, BUT now that I’m bringing it to her she’s lapping it up like crazy 😜 yet this means the bed gets a soaking too with us drying out the duvet over and over !. 

She ain’t heavy she’s my bulldog 

Getting her to the vets is no mean fiet it’s nearly impossible well I say that but we do manage to get her there, we live on the top floor of a building that has no lift so I carry her down into a taxi and hold her till we arrive at the vets then carry her in and sit with her on my lap. 

I do not get a relief break until the vet takes wiggles off me to be weighed and go through the prognosis, for people that not only pay for their pets care but rescue too we did feel a bit put down last time we went like it’s our fault bulldogs exist which as people know I will always champion. 

Do not get me wrong we usually get a nice vet that sees our notes first sees we adopt and approach’s us with a bit more dignity rather than a couple bringing in their latest status symbol, I’m hoping we get a nice one when wiggles goes back very soon. 

Poor wiggles

Getting better with poor old wiggles 

It’s true to say all the wet nursing 🤱 of wiggles has helped her paw 🐾 and as she has lost some pounds too she can now put weight on her front leg, this gives me a bit of a break but I’m still up and down as I think wiggles is. 


So since this first draft I have taken wiggles back to the vets whom want her on strict bedrest for 8 weeks with 3 weeks before she’s seen again, using our noddles we got a pen off Facebook from a kind donator and I used a leather waterproof headboard and made wiggles bedrest pen.

This means if the buzzer goes or wiggles jumps up for any reason she then cannot catch her paws on anything, there’s special matts underneath and she has her Pee Pee Matt right by her, it’s been tough but it’s for the best.

Poor wiggles
Poorly wiggles has a cool pen

So with this contraption I’ve created wiggles cannot feel like her paw 🐾 is better and run around when that’s actually doing more damage, it’s not nice seeing her looking at you through the bars so I have to admit I’ve watched many a TV program from inside the pen.

Christmas with my poor wiggles 

Yep 👍 Bulldog for life me, Debbie and Chloe went to the family for Christmas Day but I stayed in with my poor wiggles, this started from 1am right through to about 6-7pm when I crashed out.

It was not fair (well in my eyes) to leave wiggles not only alone but penned up all day even with the TV on I’m sure she would of spent the day sitting insecurely till someone came home and I weren’t having that so we had a nice peaceful day together. 

Lastly and firstly ? 

Before I publish and see what happens this is in fact my first article under our new host squareone digital, I think the size of my website hit their server hard as I lost two days viewing with some of you seeing a 509 screen this means the servers not strong enough to handle the bandwidth. 

Admittedly the website has only been migrated twice and the first was not a complete overhaul but a cut up version of what I made, part of the deal with squareone digital is to compact the website down without losing any important content.