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Bulldogs from a collection I’m helping liquidate
How’d you there readers I wish you all well on this lovely eve, Please not photos are courtesy of Brian young an ex collector whom I’m helping to liquidate his collection and a nice flow into the blogs beginning…

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When I first started out oh around eight years ago I never once looked forward for more than a day or so and the main reason back then, was the inability to be able to handle or manage my mental health disorder, which is categorised as unstable emotional personality disorder borderline (not sure what the borderline means) and was told my upbringing was to blame and it’s something I’d have to live with for the rest of my life.

Moving forward eight years not am I only proud of the fact I’m a survivor of my illness but I can better manage it these days with the help of medication and some professional help.

I wanted to mention that part first as now I’m in such a different place it’s a little bit scary but exciting at the same time too, firstly about the student journalist whom I thought was just interested in the collection, has emailed to ask wether I’m ok with her taking her story further and making it a feature.

I’m not a journalist and also more used to reading other stories so it’s weird to be the story and I hope her feature goes some way to dispelling mental health stigma not just in work places but across the board, it’s 2016 and mental health stigma should now be out dated and I can’t be a patron like princess Kathryn is to the youth mental health services but anyone highlighting it for good I will always help out.

So from the collection and why it started through what I do at Brighton museum to wanting to interview the manager at Brighton toy museum about the old growler that is currently loaned to them, finally the student is wanting to interview a visitor of my website to get some outside prospective on the site and what I do.

I hope that the student finds enough content to create a great feature for her portfolio and fingers crossed it gets published because self promotion by myself is not easy and I want so much for the collection to be seen by someone high up willing to invest in something like a bulldog museum (I’d have to sell half if not to create that dream) one day.

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Help I need SEO

If your reading my blog and have SEO experience and would like some work I’m currently having minor issues I need help with and in need of a one off fixer upper with errors such as htmls on my titles etc and others I won’t bore readers with but if you could help please get in touch.

Speaking of help I want to mention the compassion assistance advice and encouragement I’ve been getting recently from a gentleman called Jools Stone, this fella is a freelance journalist and blogger and is in residence at Brighton museum where I first got lucky enough to meet him.

Jools works along side my art mentor and includes the groups achievements in he’s museum blog.

It was a week or so a go I starting feeling hopeless and about to give the website and everything around it up I was shattered and to be honest a bit fed up for varying reasons.

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Jools has no certificates for mental health no degree etc but what he does have my team at the hospital that I attend could really learn from, compassion!!!!

Firstly he talked me out of scrapping my site and taking a break from it all I was spending days trying to understand SEO and was getting no where. He taught me internal linking to text (words that are links) this helped to make the site look much neater as the visible URLs (links to pages) looked crude and ugly which in turn made me feel better about the layout of the website.

Kindness!!! The fellas freelance this means self employed he has to fight for his bread and butter and go looking for a wage and he wants to help me, yes I did offer payment but he respectfully declined and I do not know a journalists fee but arrangements have already been made for Jools to come to my home to help with my website and to get a look at the collection whilst he’s here.

In return I have agreed to let Jools pitch a proper feature to mainstream media on myself the collection and the story I don’t want anything from this next venture other than him to be successful with the pitch and some exposure for the website.

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Now I have new media outlets (thanks again to Jools ) and more are viewing my blogs I would like to take this opportunity to offer other bloggers the idea of guest blogging, if not in the know it’s where we guest feature on each other’s blogs making blog links to increase internet views on each other’s posts/stories or passions.

I’m yet to guest blog on other sites and cannot wait but have had a collector or two guest blog on collectibulldogs for me.

Finally I have achieved a goal I set out to do and feel I fulfilled my obligation quite well, when I first started out well till quite recently actually I had no help from anyone not one person offered any kind of help and even the website host I used wouldn’t help so I vowed I’d try my best to freely help others out where I could.

I see the success I make when the people I help are getting commission sales and recognised for their work.

Lou Hales the amazing artist that does the sugar skulls is now well known around the world with her trademark pieces popping up on people’s walls and posts and I believe she is even trying new styles GREAT WORK LOU!

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Another artist and the first I helped is monty bower this artist did black and white drawings not feeling worthy of moving on to colours and pastels I encouraged this lady, till she started using colour and monty now draws some of the best pieces I’ve ever seen and was meant to of been a resident artist of collectibulldogs with the hope she will or at least leave a link to a page one day so you can see her work.

I continue this vowel even as we speak I’m bouncing from media to media either helping pages get a bigger following or helping groups get past the first starting hurdles, I help folks from differing medias with a little product placement and I do my normal assistance with the collecting and currently helping a gentleman that recently contacted me to help liquidate his collection and if interested his details are on my Facebook profile but this is in no way a sales pitch.

This blog was not about bulldogs for that to collectors I’m sorry but as the title states there are some even if just to admire, I think if we all helped out each other more we wouldn’t have to pay fat cats for the privilege just to save us five extra mins here and there I’ve proved by spending time assisting others it does have a positive effect both for myself and the individual I’m helping and all I ever ask for is that one day they pay it forward and help the next person in need.

Happy collecting folks

Thank you to Brian Young for the loan of his pictures. His pieces can be purchased through Facebook or by contacting me to obtain hiss details he uses PayPal and ships world wide.

Please share with your medias if you like my website I would be humbled by the gesture thank you…