PInterest Creator ideas and group boards

PInterest Creator ideas and group boards

PInterest Creator ideas and group boards

Hello readers I’m back again ! After speaking with my wife she stated not everyone wants to watch or hear about the war so I decided to tell you about our PInterest Creator ideas and group boards


So we have had a Pinterest account for a few years now our most famous pin is not bulldog memorabilia like you would think but it’s actually a video of melted chocolate, it’s had nearly 80 thousand impressions and saved nearly 600 times.

The reason I mention this pin is because I’m still learning how to use the PInterest Creator ideas and group boards, the group boards I’ll talk about in a bit.  The account is bouncing between 350 thousand and 380 thousand impressions at the moment


These are mostly from our creator pins a new feature on Pinterest where they have emulate is formats like TikTok where you get to make your own videos or photos clips with added copyright free music the only difference being PINTEREST seem more happy with creator pins showing a project or knowledgeable pins.

PInterest Creator ideas and group boards

Pinterest creator pins and group boards

Pinterest creator pins and group boards COLLECTIBULLDOGS HOME PAGE

Do not get me wrong there’s creator pins from across the world with thousands of different ideas it all depends how far your pin can go, I’ve found ways to enhance a creator pin to push it further just like adding the icon (new takes allowed ) which for some reason when off hinders the impressions.


Our PInterest Creator ideas and group boards have improved since I did some research into how this format works and to get the best out of what I post here, since researching I’ve had three or four notifications to say a pin has reached 10 thousand impressions this does not happen with them all.



collectibulldogs has money pins on the creative section these are random pins as well as bulldog memorabilia clips, I have added videos of my axolotl the dog the cat and even gadgets that are around the home I’ve also added DIY projects and gardening with differing results when it comes to the impressions



impressions are how many times your post has been seen but you want more that’s how all this works ! Do you want to have people look at your pin but you also want people to click on it so to go to your profile or two go to the link added to it you also want followers and new followers after seeing your post


PINTEREST  is one big search engine with a small social media like format the format itself has 70% female users to the 30% male users this has been the way for years and you do need to understand the format a little bit especially when it comes to keywords and hashtags.


as a format that has a massive female following the hashtag system and the keyword system for this format is mainly aimed around females and female lifestyle don’t get me wrong I have found many keywords that I can use but most usually bounce back to female keywords

Bulldog Humidors antiques and collectibles

there are a lot more hashtags or keywords for Beauty hair and make up painting nails and other female ideas I haven’t found too many keywords attached to words like sheds antiques Bulldog memorabilia you do you have to search around when adding your hashtags to try and find the right combination to help your pain get seen by the right people.


This format  is great for websites like mine I don’t have to spam to encourage people to look at my website from Pinterest Pinterest is one of the only formats that do not mind you bouncing off to a blog or article or even a sale as stated before it is a search engine where you can buy things and advertise to

Group boards

Pinterest creator pins and group boards

Pinterest creator pins and group boards THE IMPRESSIONS SECTION

Group boards Is the term given to a board that has a theme and that has contributors and members attached to it these members that contribute to the board are invaluable this is due to the boards score on Pinterest and the more people that join and the more people that add Their own pins help the board to rank higher on Pinterest



we have started a few group boards with our top board having nearly 1400 members this is not the biggest board by far on Pinterest but we are slowly growing and there are other group boards on the Collectibulldogs page that people are following and contributing too


Whilst researching I found that I was being told to join other group board before starting my own to get used to them and to boost my pins I found out that the app pin groupie was the perfect place to find group boards to join.


so after joining around 60 of these Pinterest group boards I decided to start my own I think that advertising/promoting group board is an achievement in itself it has 350 subsections where other people are adding their own sections and people are joining every day to post this board‘s ranking.

Come join us

Pinterest creator pins


Are you on Pinterest or thinking about new ways to advertise then our collectibulldogs page on PINTEREST is just for you there’s people waiting already to check out your pins click on your profiles and dare I say it some may make a sale.

there’s everything and everyone from all walks of life there and there’s no rudeness either I should of done a segment on just how peaceful it is using Pinterest and it’s only downfall is the hours you get lost on it instead of doing other things like the chores lol.


For those that wish to advertise on Pinterest but do not want to join then collectibulldogs will happily work with anyone wanting more eyes on their business brand or craft skill just email us to get a collaboration going we are here to help as much as we can.

For those that want a slice of this pie I’m making then just HIT THIS LINK TO OUR PINTEREST PAGE come join the group boards and gain your own way it’s a brilliant format with buyers sellers social media buffs and millions more people so why wait start a new campaign today.

Collectibulldogs Bulldog blog back once more


Pinterest creator ideas 💡

Collectibulldogs is updating its blog articles like Pinterest creator ideas we are now using a new format that requires we boost our SEO (search engine optimisation) and have it up to scratch, this has no bearing on the quality of the article we just need to add extras to rank a certain score and to upgrade the keywords used so we start ranking when they are used

Thank you and we hope to see you over at Pinterest amongst our 37 thousand followers adding your own Pinterest creator ideas pins and opinions to what is a great format to showcase on.