The photos look great the packing sucks !


Taking photos with friend lee for the collection

Hi readers, how are you ? I’m exhausted myself and I have not even done to much physical work, you see The photos look great the packing sucks ! Is definitely sucking the life out of this English bulldog collection owner, who knew taking snaps was tiring.


The main reason for the packing away of the collection is to make room for baby utensils and products relating to the new baby coming early next year, yes it does feel like I’m packing away my very existence but the best way to see it is I’m getting ready early for when we move.


The museum graciously let me borrow one of their cameras but the screen was hard to see so I popped out and came back with the Nikon A1000, it’s a nice compact piece with a good zoom ease of use (after reading instructions) and more importantly has the raw format type needed.


I also kind of cheated too,The photos look great the packing sucks !, Well the photos look great part are thanks to my amatuar yet skilled photographer Lee, Lee is used to taking pictures of the formula one cars when they go to the races so found focusing seated antiques quite easy.

The photos look great the packing sucks !


Highly recommend the Nikon A1000


The Royal Doulton The Beswick and the Royal Copenhagen pieces are all now photographed and in crates, I’m sure I saw over 300 pictures of the bulldog collection and Porscha get uploaded to the Mac book and yet I sit here with a room still filled.


European pieces club silver, trinkets, the metals, books and art, Snapping it then packing it is all I’ve been doing for the past few days it’s only the connection I have to my collection that makes it just that little harder, I will not be giving up though oh no.


One lonely cabinet or curio will left left standing and I’ll be filling this up slowly, I’m going to take my time after the new website is showcased that way I can save my funds better and add pieces to the collection that you’ll see showcased on our relaunch.


Hardest part of all this has to be Porscha and her willingness to help, she’s a scamp that you’ll end up treading on or tripping over if not careful but she’s loves to get involved wether it’s cooking moping hoovering anything that requires me moving she joins in.


The photos ! photographer verses Porscha


Let us start in reverse, the photo selection now is more random long gone are the days where galleries of pictures take up page after page, grouped together in their sets and random pieces visually placed makes for a more wholesome photo.


We can go again once our housing situation changes and we find a bigger place we can take on board any critic and change if it’s necessarily warranted or just a plain old good idea, this means once we move and I unpack (yet again) I can retake photos and change the websites pics.

Porschas photography shoot

Until then please excuse any substandard service in bringing you quality pictures there’s two photographers here both myself and lee both using different cameras and I obviously carry on when alone, the game plan was to just use a white back background but we have mixed things up a bit.


No matter how your pure white antiques are or the background your using its neon impossible to see white on white so some pictures are sporting different colours in their backgrounds, I’ve seen the homepage layout and there’s enough of both just white type photos ie white sheet and I’m currently to the point 8 crates are now filled.


Who said selfie ?

Photo of a selfie one of my best photos so far

My little selfie for Lisa

lucky for myself and collectibulldogs lee is a friend he did the music at our wedding and I’ve known he’s wife since I was younger Lisa and lee educate all over the country about reptile safety, they believe all animals should be wild but teaching the next generation about this niche keeps them busy and out on the road.


Lees the selfless type if its in his power to do so he’s your man could be why Lisa married the fella, anyway I digress, Lisa and lee turn up and make such a fuss of Porscha she pees on them both out of sheer excitement, they do bring it on themselves making Porscha go all attention mad.


Neither mind of course I know Lisa adopts pooches and both have had their fair share of snake poo and other kinds of animal number 1s and 2s, Porscha calmed down then had some shots taken and then myself and lee went to photograph the collection.


Lisa had spent over an hour trying to get a selfie with Porscha to put up on Facebook, getting this selfie was one of the funniest things I’ve seen Porscha do and she loves it when Lisa and lee come to visit, we are scheduled for at least one more photography session before I submit my work ready for the build.


A mixed bag is better


Better quality photos


After the relaunch you’ll have a chance to see what pieces have been put together the first idea was that I just show the best of the collection I did not like this idea as not all can or want to strive to be buying the expensive antiques only, bulldog collecting should be more about educating and the love of the passion not just showing lots of investment pieces.


Some photos are purposely put together this is mainly for our own websites keyword research tool but not even I can find every sub collection piece use photography and then not find the same niche after, this gave me the idea yo mix things up a bit.


You can now see more than just one antique in a picture maybe stop to zoom in for a closer look, back stamps dates makers and other such answers will be revealed after we’ve worked out wether I have the skill set to create an informative monthly newsletter using these subject matters and others to reach out to the collecting community.


LeAnn Rimes was wrong in coyote ugly the film when she saying you can’t fight the Moonlight as that’s what I’ve been doing, once on my own I try to continue this runs normally into the wee hours of the morning and playing twister with the light bulb as not to shadow the photography your taking.


Photos picking the best !


New collection pictures


Myself and lee have taken hundreds of photos these now need to be sent to our website designer whom will pick through the best except  exceptional photographs of exquisite places that we wish to showcase the new website with.


Trusting others to create what you envision is not an easy task and as there’s no other English bulldog memorabilia collection online our designer is working from scratch, everything is new even the written content and new pages that we wish to add so maybe I had it easy compared to digital Wulf.


If the new website has a cool modern feel there’s a chance it could stay put for about 5 to 10 years, our current website is about four years old but does look poorly made compared some of to today’s outstanding website set ups with that jaw dropping effect.


maintenance is one great thing about our host I’m with so once the auto posting and social sharing is added to the new website I can leave it in his capable hands whilst I do my dad bit, my articles maybe a little less frequent yet I do hope to bring pieces I’m yet to know off.

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